U.S. Solar Heating DHSH Double Hung Window Solar Air Heater - 27 x 18
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U.S. Solar Heating DHSH Double Hung Window Solar Air Heater - 27 x 18

Reduce Heating Costs and Provide Soothing Air Warmed by the Sun
  • Heat a room with the sun
  • No installation required
  • Digital Thermometer
  • High quality aluminum and polycarbonate / clear fiberglass

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  • The U.S. Solar Heating DHSH Double Hung Window Solar Air Heater is a solar air heating unit designed to heat the air for free by using the sun's energy, no installation required. The Solar Air Heater is made of high quality aluminum and polycarbonate / clear fiberglass that can hold up to 277°F. Simply place against a window with a southern exposure. Unlike your window AC unit you do not need to open or remove the window. The panel has a built in digital thermometer which allows you to see the temperature of the air that the heater is blowing out. The fan in the panel operates on an exterior 120V to 12V in-line adapter, plugged into the nearest standard electric outlet.

    • Flow Rate:70 cfm
    • Weight: 10 pound
    • Power: 12 volt
    • Temperature: up to 130°F
    • Control: on/off switch
    • Temperature Display: digital thermometer
  • 4 Reviews

    Review of 33755 Review by V
    Review of 33755

    Easy to install and works well for our small one level home. On a sunny day our heater doesn't run at all from mid AM to early PM. We've had ours for 2 months now and we've seen a reduction in our heating bill of $50/month. We are very pleased with that, this panel will pay for itself in one heating season. I'm planning on purchasing a small solar panel to run the fan so that the panel will need no electricity either!

    Please note that the panel does not have a built in thermostat that you can set to a desired room temperature, as the previous reviewer seemed to think. The digital display on the panel is simply to show the inner temp of the panel.

    Posted on 2/7/2012

    Review of 33755 Review by Bill
    Review of 33755

    To Ms Katherine of Kingston, PA: I am surprised that nobody, not even the manufacturer, has advised you on the product. First, you do not seem to be fully aware of the expectations that you should have concerning the product. It is, quite simply, a device that absorbs the heat from the sun and distributes it into your room via the fan. Second, there is no way to set the temperature. What you get from the product is ALL of the heat that the unit is capable of extracting from the sunlight. The amount of heat will depend on the angle of the sun and any clouds that may be blocking the sun. It should go without saying that you will get no heat from the unit at night. Instead of spending about $300 for the unit, you could have painted a liquid laundry detergent bottle flat black, filled it with water and placed it in your south facing window. It would have absorbed the heat from the sun and that heat would have been passively radiated into your room. To get an idea of what you are getting from the water filled black bottle, stick a thermometer into the water after the sun has been heating the bottle for a few hours. Anything above room temperature is free heat that will be absorbed into your house. Hang some black curtains in that southern window and you might even capture a few more degrees of heat.

    Posted on 1/11/2012

    Review of 33755 Review by James
    Review of 33755

    Plug-in power? Why not run the fan off solar energy too?

    Posted on 1/3/2012

    Review of 33755 Review by KATHERINE
    Review of 33755

    We like your product and so easy to install.
    However, it came with no instructions. How do you set the temperature you want? We even contacted the manuf who ignored our inquiries.

    Posted on 2/25/2011

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