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TouchLinc Software Update


TouchLinc - Application Software Download

Updating TouchLinc Application

  1. Click the download button above and save the file to your desktop
  2. Ensure that the TouchLinc software on the device is not running
  3. Connect TouchLinc to PC with provided USB Cable
    • TouchLinc will display blue boxes over black background
  4. Open My Computer from the computer
  5. Click on the drive named “Part01”
  6. Delete all items in that folder with the exception of the Favorites Folder
  7. Right mouse-click on “touchlinc-app-v1.17.zip” from the desktop and select extract all
  8. Browse to My Computer
  9. Click on the drive named “Part01”
  10. Click OK and Extract All
  11. When extraction is complete, unplug TouchLinc USB cable
  12. On the TouchLinc, click My Computer->NAND then double click on the TouchLinc Setup File
  13. After the TouchLinc Software has launched, click on the settings icon and verify the version number v1.17 and that the ID of the USB Dongle is present.

Adding TouchLinc to HouseLinc

  1. If not already on TouchLinc Settings screen, open the TouchLinc Settings screen (icon located in lower left of main screen)
  2. In HouseLinc, on the menu choose Devices->Add New Device option and click on the Auto Link tab.
  3. On the TouchLinc Settings screen, click the button to activate Linking Mode TouchLinc should appear in the Auto Link list
  4. In HouseLinc, click on the Add New Device window, click OK and select NO to synchronize later TouchLinc USB stick should appear in the Devices list in HouseLinc
  5. In HouseLinc Devices List, select "TouchLinc Insteon USB Stick", open the Properties tab on the right
  6. You can now start configuring TouchLinc 

  NOTE: When you first use TouchLinc, make sure you are within clear range of an Access Point.


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