Thinking Home Mac Software Version 2.1.2 for INSTEON and X10
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Thinking Home Mac Software Version 2.1.2 for INSTEON and X10

Mac Software Uses a Home Computer, Web Access and Voice Recognition to Control INSTEON and X10 Devices

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  • Sherlock plug-in for finding answers in home automation forums, wiki's and newsgroups
  • Web access that fits seamlessly with Apple's built-in Personal Web Sharing
  • Email and iChat/AOL Instant Messenger, even to cell phones
  • Scripting with AppleScript and virtually any language you have installed (unix shell scripts, Python, Perl, etc.)
  • Spoken announcements
  • Logging
  • Operate devices from the Installed Hardware window or the Remote Window
  • Create schedules and have them carried out by the Mac or stored in an ActiveHome (CM-11A) controller
  • The times of scheduled events can vary for security, to make your home look lived-in when you're away. Times can be based on sunrise or sunset, too
  • The Activity Window shows upcoming activities and those in progress

    Built-in Speech Recognition
    Select a simple checkbox and you can control your home with your voice. It really is that easy.

    Setup Assistant
    The new Setup Assistant helps you get started by assisting with importing info from other software so you don't have to type it all in again. It can also retrieve the INSTEON addresses from a Powerlinc for a quicker start. And it greatly simplifies USB access for Mac OS X.

    Gadget Guide
    The Gadget Guide has more than 75 models of INSTEON and other hardware. It is used for telling Thinking Home what you have installed. It also provides shopping links so you can browse for new gadgets at and other sites.

    INSTEON and X-10
    Both standards are supported and Thinking Home is smart about making them work together well. For example, an INSTEON device can have an X-10 alias and both addresses will be available.

    Schedules are made up of Events and Responders. An event performs actions at a scheduled time and a responder performs its actions in response to something, such as a motion sensor. Events and responders can operate gadgets, open web pages, run scripts, play audio, make spoken announcements and send email and instant messages.

    Desktop Remote
    You can operate your gadgets directly from the Finder. Just drag a device from Thinking Home's Installed Hardware window to the Finder and you've created a Desktop Device in the Finder. Even when Thinking Home is not running, you can right-click the Desktop Device and operate it.

    Sherlock Home Automation Channel
    This is great for finding answers in home automation forums, wiki's (including and newsgroups. Sherlock is available on Mac OS X 10.4 and earlier.

    Text Messaging
    Get a text message on your cell phone when a motion sensor has news. The email and iChat/AOL Instant Messenger feature uses your existing settings so you don't have to configure anything.

    Web Access
    It's never been so simple. Using Apple's built-in Personal Web Sharing, Thinking Home's web access feature is a checkbox away.

    Use AppleScript or virtually any language you have installed (unix shell scripts, Python, Perl, etc.). Your Mac can make decisions and make your smart home even smarter.

    Smarthome does not accept returns on any opened software.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer:Thinking Home
    Manufacturer Product No.:Thinking Home software v.2.0
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
  • Non-USB controller models require a USB-serial adapter
  • The Sherlock feature is available on Mac OS 10.4 and earlier
  • Compatibility:Mac; INSTEON; X-10
    Disk Dimenions:4 15/16" x 4 7/8" x 3/16"

  • 1 Review

    Review of 1405b Review by DANNY
    Review of 1405b

    This product is not properly and fully described on the web. It would not function with the existing contoller I had. It could not be returned and I threw it away. I had to waste another $80 on Indigo.

    Posted on 7/24/2010

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  • Thinking Home Mac Software, Version 2.1.2
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