Sylvania LED Stair & Hallway Lighting Kit
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Sylvania LED Stair & Hallway Lighting Kit

Adjustable Lighting System Interconnects and Automatically Illuminates Stairs or Hallways for Better Visibility and Safety

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  • What About Corners?
    The Sylvania LED Stair & Hallway Lighting Kit includes four flexible interconnecting units that allow you to keep the lights powered around corners and bends in your home.

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    Manufacturer Product No.:72542
    Power supply:Eight AA batteries, included
    Maximum overall length:Approximately 18 feet

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    Review of 46215 Review by ROY F
    Review of 46215

    Easy to install, good quality for the price. A lifesaver if you have white carpet and a white cat that sleeps on the stairs.

    Posted on 11/6/2011

    Review of 46215 Review by GEEK
    Review of 46215

    This light kit is easy to install and works great. Looks great too, I was worried it might look cheap, it doesn't, and the led's are so cool when they fade up.
    My only nitpick is that you cannot adjust the sensitivity of light as to when they turn on. Sometimes my hall light cancels them coming on. It would be nice if there was an "always turn on" switch.

    Posted on 10/26/2011

    Review of 46215 Review by WILLIAM
    Review of 46215

    Awesome. Lazy? maybe. but in the middle of the night I'd prefer not to stumble for the light switch.

    Posted on 10/8/2011

    Review of 46215 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 46215

    I loved it very much it was just what i was looking for

    Posted on 9/15/2011

    Review of 46215 Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 46215

    Works great. I had bought 2 units, thinking I might need all the parts and sensors etc... but one unit works fine on our wrap-around stairs. Easy to install, simple.

    Posted on 8/20/2011

    Review of 46215 Review by armourb1
    Review of 46215

    Just installed today - easy, work as described, and makes our cellar way a lot safer

    Posted on 8/13/2011

    Review of 46215 Review by Kathy
    Review of 46215

    Absolutely LOVE these lights. Look elegant, perfect amount of lighting for dark stairway. Easy to install. One of the best purchases I have ever made.

    Posted on 8/4/2011

    Review of 46215 Review by BILL
    Review of 46215

    Great product! I purchased 3 sets for my church. We used them on a stairway & split sets to place on door frame at entrance into dark hallways. They work slick & are easy to install.

    Posted on 7/23/2011

    Review of 46215 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 46215

    I installed these at my in-laws house on both sides of stairs . They are AWESOME ! They love them ! My father in-laws sight is not very good so it helps him at night . Neat item for the price . We just finished having our floors refinished I cannot wait wait to install ours .

    Posted on 5/5/2011

    Review of 46215 Review by DAVID
    Review of 46215

    This lighting kit is genius! The lights are very bright for a pitch dark staircase and you have generous length. Strangely, the endpiece wouldn't go on to the (upstairs) end of the kit as the instructions indicated. They were both male (or both female?), so I had to put the endpiece at the bottom of the stairs, where I didn't need the extra light as much.
    I had a short wall where my stairs "U-turn" and I only wanted one section on that wall, but the wall was a little too long. It turns out you can connect two of the flexible pieces in a row, which bought me the extra length I needed.
    The sensors are VERY sensitive to light and motion. My movement was setting it off from far away when I didn't want it to. Conversely any light a room away would keep it from turning on when I DID want it to.
    I tucked piece of cardboard (white-to blend in) around half of the sensor which fixed that.
    I really give it 4 and a Half stars and would definitely recommend it.

    Posted on 4/14/2011

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  • Two 18" expandable base unit light strips with built-in photocell, motion detector, battery compartment and super bright white LED
  • Six 18" expandable light strips with super bright white LED
  • One 2.2" end cap unit with super bright LED
  • Four flexible interconnecting units
  • Eight AA batteries
  • 24 pieces of double sided adhesive tape
  • Owner's manual
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