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Summer Sale


 Summer Sale

Blast a Stream of Water up to 25 Feet!
Jet Streamers
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If you want to blast a stream of water up to 25 feet away — without relying on a battery-operated super soaker — you need the Jet Streamer!

A Flood of Rain in Your Hands
Waterball Launcher SL-175 Translucent
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Soak up the competition with this WaterBall Launcher, a one-of-a-kind water launcher that hurls golf-size balls of water as fast as you can crank 'em out!

Solar Powered Pool Purifier
Solar Powered Pool Purifier
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Enjoy swimming in the cleanest, softest water imagineable, without the smell or taste of chlorine, with this solar-powered pool purifier.

Grill Your Food Perfectly Every Time!
Cooking Fork & Thermometer
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See doneness level AND specific temperatures with this cooking fork and meat thermometer in one!

Barbecue Meat to Perfection -- Every Time!
Wireless BBQ Temperature Probe
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Barbecue meat to perfection every time with this wireless BBQ temperature probe that lets you keep an eye on your food with a wireless display!

Pet Washer Sprays Water and Shampoo for One-Handed Grooming
Pet Jet Washer
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By squeezing the trigger on this easy-grip dog washer, you'll be able to wash and rinse your pet with one hand, leaving the other free to keep your pet steady.

Solar-Powered Illuminated House Numbers Provide Easy Address Visibility
EZView Solar Powered Address Number
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Using only solar energy, these numbers light up each evening and turn off at night, without electricity or help from you.

Never Fear Talking in the Tub Again
Uniden 900 MHz Submersible Cordless Phone
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It used to be a generally accepted fact that telephones and water just didn't mix. If you dropped the phone in the tub or your teenager dropped it in the pool, that was pretty much the end of it. Until now.

Don't Worry About Your Fish Being Fed While You're Travelling!
Aquarium Fish Feeder
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Use this quality-made feeder for convenience while you are away for up to 14 meals.

Hit It! Kick It! Smack It!
Kick Dis w/Lights & Sounds Hovering Disk
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Play hockey, soccer, or create your own game with the light-flashing, sound-blasting Kick Dis™ Power Puck that hovers on air.

Get Down with Sound while Swimming in the Pool!
Aqua Underwater FM Radio
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Your pool will be the hit of the summer with a radio that plays above and below the water and games that will have your kids entertained for hours!

Help Protect Kids from Swimming Pool Hazards
Safety Turtle Pool Alarm
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Protect your children from swimming pool accidents with an alarm system that emits a piercing tone if they fall into a body of water.

Elegantly Illuminate Pools, Fountains or Koi Ponds!
Floating Solar Lights
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Add ambiance to pools, fountains or koi ponds, without the trouble of installing a power cables, with these floating lights that charge by day and illuminate at night.

Create Snow Cones Out of Ordinary Ice Cubes!

Ice-Cube Sno Maker
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Enjoy snow cones and other frosty treats all year long with this Sno Maker that uses ordinary ice cubes from your freezer!

Help Prevent Deadly Swimming Pool Accidents!
Above-Ground Pool Eye Alarm PE13
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Help protect your kids from catastrophic swimming pool accidents with this easy-to-use swimming pool alarm system!

It Charges By Day, and Lights By Night!
Sol-Mate Floating Pool Light
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Illuminate your pool or pond with solar-charged floating lights that last for virtually, forever.

Modern Garden Lantern is Powered by the Sun
Stainless Steel Solar Powered Lantern
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The striking, modern garden light runs on rechargeable batteries that are powered by the sun, so there are no wires needed or electricity wasted. A photo sensor turns the lantern on at dusk and off at sunrise, so you only to flip the switch to "on" once.

Keep Your Dog Cool and Comfortable
Canine Cooler
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This bed gives dogs a constant cool spot in summer and a relief from furnace and fireplace heat in winter.

Add an Underwater Light to Your Framed, Soft-Sided Pool
Nitelighter for Framed Soft Side Pools
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This pool light for framed soft side pools resides under water, illuminating your entire pool with a single UV-coated 50-watt long-life halogen bulb, so you'll be able to swim after dark or entertain by the pool all evening long.

Clean Your Pool Quickly and Easily With a Hoseless Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaner
Pool Buster
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This hoseless, rechargeable battery-powered pool vacuum cleaner works totally independent of your pool's filtration system and contains its own reusable large filter bag, which virtually eliminates the need to backwash your main filter.


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