Sudden Stop Flashing License Plate Frame
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Sudden Stop Flashing License Plate Frame

Prevent Rear-End Collisions With a Flashing License Plate Frame That Activates When You Slam on the Brakes

Item #: 92825

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  • Easy Installation
    The Sudden Stop Flashing Frame installs as easily as putting on a license plate: All you need is a screwdriver. This protective device is not part of your car's electrical or braking system, so there are no wires to attach.

    Click here to see the Sudden Stop in action.

    How it Works
    This flashing license plate frame uses ultra-bright LED technology to attract attention so tailing drivers can stop before it is too late. The Sudden Stop Flashing Frame does not flash on normal braking, only hard panic stops, when its LED lights flash on and off rapidly for three seconds.

    Note:Check with state and local laws on specialty lighting products before installing on your vehicle.

  • Specifications

    Woodford Industries Product No.:SS200601
    Dimensions:13 5/8" x 6 1/4" x 5/8"
    Lights:Super-bright LEDs
    Power:Pre-installed batteries
    Battery Life:15,000 hours

  • 10 Reviews

    Review of 92825 Review by JAY
    Review of 92825

    Don't know if it works correctly. No one has seen it flash when I stop. I've stopped abruptly and it still did not work. It works at times when I open and close the trunk.

    Posted on 11/26/2011

    Review of 92825 Review by SCOTT R
    Review of 92825

    Cannot even describe what a relief it is to have this on my son's car. He drives to school at Georgia Tech in Atlanta from Richmond and if you've ever taken that trip you know what I'm talking about . . . you are driving directly into the sun and the people behind cannot see your brakes because of it. Coming up over a hill you don't know the person ahead has hit the brakes until you are over the hill as well and by then it could be too late. This puppy does the trick!! It's wild how it does not light up during normal driving (I was skeptical) and only when you apply the brakes suddenly. It really works!!

    Posted on 8/16/2009

    Review of 92825 Review by CARL
    Review of 92825

    I'm very happy with the product, it's price, and the speed pf delivery.

    Posted on 11/6/2008

    Review of 92825 Review by STU
    Review of 92825

    Easy to install, but longer screws may be needed. They were not available from manufacturer as stated.

    Posted on 8/27/2008

    Review of 92825 Review by PLW
    Review of 92825

    I bought one of these for my Crown Vic patrol car. It wouldn't fit because it's too wide and I had to return it. Too bad because it's a great idea just need to redesign it a bit.

    Posted on 8/18/2008

    Review of 92825 Review by EUGENE
    Review of 92825

    Shipment was excellant, and the installation was very easy. I have not had time or a reason to test the items performance, but that is a good thing.

    Posted on 4/1/2008

    Review of 92825 Review by JEFFREY T.
    Review of 92825

    Funny...the lights "pulse" whenever I open the trunk. I do not know if they do that while I am driving and hit the brakes, though. It's a great idea, but I'll have to test it more thoroughly this winter before I buy more for our other cars.

    Posted on 12/12/2007

    Review of 92825 Review by KURT
    Review of 92825

    Does NOT fit on ALL cars!! Of rear bumper recessed for shape of plate, forget it.

    Posted on 12/2/2007

    Review of 92825 Review by DENNIS
    Review of 92825

    Seems to work OK - it may take TOO MUCH of a sudden stop to activate. The batteries are sealed into the frame and non-replaceable. Once they die, you have to toss the whole frame and buy a new one.

    The LEDS are bright and the frame works automatically when you panic stop - and hopefully keeps the driver behind you from hitting you. Worth the small price charged, I guess.

    Posted on 10/12/2007

    Review of 92825 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 92825

    Your product was received quickly. No issues with shipping to Canada.
    The product was easy to install. Seems to be working, but can't tell, as it is in the back of the car. I have not gotten it to work with just stopping quicky beside someone. RS

    Posted on 8/17/2007

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