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Smarthome Employees' Gift Recommendations for Pets


 Smarthome Employees' Gift Recommendations for Pets

Gift Recommendations for Pets

Don?t leave Rover out this holiday season! Our employees have used and approved these products for your pets. Here?s what they have to say to recommend them:

Talking Bone Plays Your Voice for Your Dog's Amusement
Talking Bone
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"With a lifetime warranty on the canvas, you just can't beat it." -Mike P., New Products

Keep Your Dog in Your Yard Without Ugly Fencing or Painful Shocks
Virtual Fence Outdoor Containment System
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"I highly recommend this product. It's great for your mischevious dog or cat." -Thi N., Marketing

Electromagnetic Cat Door Only Lets Your Cat or Small Dog Inside
Electronic Pet Door
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"My mom has one, and she loves it. She can keep the neighbor's cats out." -Garrett S., IT

Drive Off Stray Animals
From Your Property

Ultrasonic Motion Sensing Animal Repeller
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"Our rose garden has remained clean ever since we purchased the Ultrasonic Motion Sensing Animal Repeller. Now there are no more cats invading our space!" -Rob S., Sales

A High Capacity Water Bowl For Your Pet!
Auto Pet Oasis
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"Keeps water fresh, and holds enough water for several days (for a typical pet). My pops says it's the best present I've ever given him!" -Jason R., Operations

Stop Bad Kitty Behavior Humanely
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"One of my cats has a habit of running out like an escaped convict when I open the door to my home. So, I tried the SSSCAT by the door, and now my cat is free to roam the house but knows to stay away from that entry. It's great." -Eric U., Marketing

Plush Pup Talks to Your Dog and Dispenses Treats
Talk-to-me Treatpup
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"I think my dogs would love it." Bill M., Engineering

Gift Guide for the Pet Lover

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Still searching for that perfect gift? Visit our gift guide for the pet lover.


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