Smarthome SELECT Wireless Mailbox Reminder and Mail Alert System
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Smarthome SELECT Wireless Mailbox Reminder and Mail Alert System

Get an Instant Audible and Visual Alert when Your Mailbox Door is Opened
  • Audible alert
  • Visual alert
  • Wireless communication up to 300 feet
  • Easy installation - sensor comes with double-sided high temperature 3M adhesive strips
  • Works on almost all standard mailboxes*



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REWARDS: 24 points
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  • Unless you make several trips to and from your mailbox every day, or sit by the window watching for the delivery person to arrive, it is next to impossible to know when you have mail...until now! The Smarthome SELECT Wireless Mailbox Reminder and Mail Alert System is an easy to install sensor (transmitter) and receiver that lets you know the instant your mailbox has been opened. This simple alert system will free you up from wasted trips to the mailbox and time spent looking outside, and allows you to get on with your daily routine. It is also a great solution for those with health problems or physical limitations and as security notification device to avoid stolen mail and possible identity theft if the mailbox is accessed during non-delivery hours.

    No Tools Required - Double-sided high temperature 3M adhesive strips with Velcro are pre-installed on the sensor. Simply install two AAA batteries (sold separately) into the sensor and stick it to the inside of your mailbox according to the directions and turn the sensor on. Then connect the power adapter to the receiver, plug it in, and you're ready. A screw and nut is provided if you wish to attach the sensor to your mailbox with hardware.

    Wireless Communication - The sensor and the receiver communicate wirelessly via radio frequency. The sensor identifies when the door has opened from its normal position and sends a wireless signal to the receiver, which then emits and audible and visual alert. Under typical conditions this communication will reliably work on distances up to 300 feet. Please keep in mind that several factors can bring this distance down including a high number of walls, outside radio interference, trees, thickness of metal used on mailbox, etc.

    Audible Indicator - When the sensor transmits a signal to the receiver that the mailbox door has been opened, a distinct audible beep will go off a few times letting you know that the mail has arrived. This can also be a great security tool if you are having problems with people tampering with your mailbox, as you will know the instant it is opened.

    Visual Indicator - Along with an audible indicator, the receiver will also display a flashing blue LED light when the mailbox is opened. If you happen to be outside or miss the audible Indicator or if you are hearing impaired, this light is an easy way to see that you have mail or that your mailbox has been accessed. A convenient reset button is located on the receiver to turn the LED light off.

    * Important Note: This product works on almost all curbside, wall mounted, and slot type standard mailboxes with horizontal hinges that allow the mailbox to open up or open down. It WILL NOT work on mailboxes with vertical hinges that allow a mailbox to open from side to side like a door on your home. Heavy metal mailboxes will also affect performance of this product (as it would most any wireless device) and it is not recommended for use in this instance.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • Question: Is the Mailbox Reminder compatible with any home automation system such as INSTEON or Z-Wave?
    • Answer: No. The Mailbox Reminder is not intended to be a home automation device, rather it is a convenient, simple, reliable solution for letting you know when your mailbox has been opened.

    • Question: Does each Mailbox Reminder have a unique ID so that I don't get my signals crossed with my neighbor's?
    • Answer: Yes. Each Mailbox Reminder has been pre-programmed with different codes to prevent this issue.

    • Question: Will the antenna on the sensor stick out of my mailbox?
    • Answer: No. The antenna is only 3 inches in length so you can position your sensor accordingly and/or the antenna can be bent very easily to fit inside the mailbox.

    • Question: How do does the sensor mount in the mailbox?
    • Answer: The sensor comes with a pre-installed Velcro strip. Simply clean the door of the mailbox well, dry it thoroughly, peel back the protective strip on the adhesive and securely fasten it to the mailbox door according to the instructions. The Velcro Strip now attaches with double-sided high temperature 3M adhesive strips to withstand extended exposure to heat.

  • General
    Manufacturer Smarthome
    Brand SELECT
    Manufacturer Product No. 74771
    UPC 813922016116
    Power Requirements Receiver - 6V DC Power Supply (included)
    Sensor - 2x AAA batteries (sold separately)
    Waterproof No - the Sensor must be mounted inside of a mailbox and the Receiver should be located indoors
    Radio Frequency 433 MHz
    Wireless Range Up to 300 feet
    Smarthome Warranty 2 Years
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    Not Worth the Trouble Review by Wayne
    Not Worth the Trouble

    I have numerous SmartHome devises that work great. I tried and tried to get this to work. It never did so I returned it. I thought the concept was really great, but........

    Posted on 3/24/2017

    It works Review by William
    It works


    Posted on 3/23/2017

    Too basic Review by Walter
    Too basic

    This product worked right off the bat, but the sound produced is shrill. and awful. No choice of sound or ability to turn it off.

    Posted on 1/30/2017

    Works Review by Bruce

    Tie wrapped after installing batteries (same direction?!?!) based on previous reviews. Working great after one week...

    Posted on 1/30/2017

    working great Review by Barbara
    working great

    at 1st, the unit kept going off when ever a car went by. So I went out and looked at it. Dah me. I didn't have it fastened with the Arrow UP!. Now it's working Great! (beeping a bit loud for my ears though) Great item. Works well :-)

    Posted on 1/26/2017

    :-( keeps going off when... Review by Barbara
    :-( keeps going off when...

    This unit keeps going off I noticed, when ever a car or truck goes by! Cause? vibration from street???? This is not good!

    Posted on 12/28/2016

    Works Review by Scott

    As other people have reported, had issues with the need to place in a metal mailbox. I added an extension wire to the antenna, and that was run outside the box, then it started working.

    Posted on 11/21/2016

    Works as Expected Review by J Wayne
    Works as Expected

    Works fine at 100' ... saves needless trips to mailbox.
    Only had it about two weeks.

    Posted on 11/15/2016

    Works great - very happy with purchase so far Review by James
    Works great - very happy with purchase so far

    This worked the first time I tried it. My mailbox is about 100 feet from the house. So far no issues with the battery compartment. Batteries snap in tight and are not loose. Battery cover snaps on tight

    Posted on 11/15/2016

    Works for me! Review by Lobid
    Works for me!

    The transmitter is mounted in the mail box about 120 ft. from my front porch. At first, I had a little trouble with it working consistently. Turns out, it was my fault for not first locating the "sweet spot" in the house to place the receiver. I had assumed the wireless signal would penetrate all manner of metal siding, existing electronics, wood, plaster, etc. at a pretty long distance; and it can if placed correctly. Just experiment with a few different locations in the house until you find the right spot. I'm very satisfied with this unit.

    Posted on 1/27/2016

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    • 1x - Sensor Unit with Pre-installed Adhesive Mounting Velcro
    • 1x - Receiver Unit with Pre-Installed Adhesive Mounting Tape
    • 1x - 6V DC Power Adapter
    • 1x - Optional Mounting Screw and Nut
    • 1x - Owner's Manual

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