Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Wireless HD IP Security Camera with Pan, Tilt and Night Vision
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Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Indoor Wireless HD IP Security Camera with Pan, Tilt and Night Vision

Remotely Monitor and Record Activity at Your Home or Office in High Definition
  • Capture and remotely view 720p, High-Definition (HD) video and images
  • Wireless range of up to 30 meters
  • Pan (Horizontal Control): 355° - Tilt (Vertical Control): 110°
  • 12 IR LEDs with IR cut technology, captures clear images in the dark
  • 2-Way audio communication - built-in microphone and speaker
  • Remote access from iOS/Android Devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • Simple Plug-n-Play installation - no programming or port forwarding required

Please Read: For best results on your smartphone, use the App links located on this page below (the links in the Owner's Manual are incorrect) - for PC use and Firmware Upgrades, download the zip file(s) located in the 'MANUALS' tab below

Please also review Remote Access and Wireless Network requirements below



List Price: $99.99

Your Savings: $40.00

REWARDS: 59 points
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  • Home Monitoring

    Easy Remote Access to Activity in Your Home

    The all new Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Indoor HD IP Security Camera offers the latest innovations in secure home monitoring, improving on the our super successful previous generation of Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Indoor HD IP Security Cameras. It uses many of the greatest features available for IP Network cameras on the market along with the best available technology to deliver a quality camera at an affordable price. Combine that with a user-friendly installation and remote access to view and record everything that happens in your home or office, all from your smartphone, tablet or PC. For outdoor monitoring, consider using the all new Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Wireless Outdoor HD IP Security Camera. Both cameras can be used and accessed together as a whole home solution for monitoring your property both indoors and outdoors.

    What's New

    Making a Customer Favorite Even Better

    •  Supports Mulit-Stream capability for multiple users at one time
    •  Supports ONVIF/RTSP protocols
    •  Improved Lens, now using a [email protected]
    •  Increased storage recording capacity to support a 64GB Micro SD Card
    •  Increased Viewing Angle to 56°
    •  Increased number of presets to 16 in PC Desktop Client Software (5 in App)
    •  Increased pan range to 355°
    •  Upgraded App for iOS and Android

    * all new features are as of February 2015

    Get the App

    User-Friendly Apps Available for ioS and Android







    Everything You Want in a Network IP Camera - At the Right Price

    720p High-Definition Resolution

    Remote Pan / Tilt Control

    Capture Images in the Dark

    The Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam offers an excellent video resolution at 1280x720 pixels (720p) High-Definition (HD) for crystal clear video, so you an always see exactly what is going on while you're away. Via the ioS or Android App, remotely move the camera left and right (355° pan) and vertically (120° tilt). Use up to 15 different presets to automatically go to specific areas you have designated for viewing. There are 12 built-in infrared (IR) LEDs with IR Cut technology that will capture images in darkness down to 0.8 lux (equivalent to the light from a full moon on a clear night) - in other words, you'll have night vision!



    Motion Alerts

    No professional installation, no crawling into the attic, no drilling holes to run audio/video cables and no opening walls is required - once setup, this camera simply requires power. Connect the camera to a wireless router, power it up and install the app. Follow a few steps and in minutes disconnect from the router and take full advantage of the wireless connection. Receive an email notification, capture a screenshot, or record high-definition video of activity when motion has been detected using a built-in, motion sensor with adjustable sensitivity.

    2-Way Communication

    Local Storage


    Use the built-in microphone and speaker (or the optional 3.5mm microphone input and 3.5mm audio output) to remotely communicate via audio with someone at your home or office. Not only can you store video and images to your phone or tablet, a built-in Micro SD card slot allows you to add up to 64GB of data. This can be used to capture video and images just like a DVR. Remotely view 4 cameras simultaneously. This eliminates going back and forth within an app to find a camera. You can conveniently see all the activity from each camera on a single screen.

    Not Just for Your Smartphone and Tablet

    The Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Indoor Wireless HD IP Security Camera is primarily designed for use with your smartphone or tablet to quickly and easily keep track of activities wherever you are via an App on your mobile device. You can record directly to your device and even capture snapshots of anything taking place. However it is not limited to these applications.

    This camera, as well as the Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam Outdoor Wireless HD IP Security Camera, can also be setup to act as a more typical surveillance system, using your computer as a DVR. PC software is available (see Manuals tab above) that will allow you to install a desktop program, giving you access to all of your cameras (up to 81 cameras are viewable). From this program you can monitor activity, schedule recordings, and upgrade your camera firmware when needed, all from the comfort of your computer.

    * Please note: the desktop client is for PC computers only at this time and is not compatible with Apple/Mac computers.

    Installation and Use Considerations

    Mobile Device Apps

    When using an app for your smartphone or tablet to access your cameras, any video you capture locally will only be playable from that device. These video files are not intended to be sent out or emailed for use other than with your mobile device and is not recommended.

    PC Software

    Please download/install the PC Desktop Client Software zip file located in the Manuals tab of this page (above) instead of downloading the files from the website indicated in the owner's manual supplied with your camera. The files on this page have been properly formatted for use on all PC computers.

    Image Focus Adjustment

    Depending on where you install your camera, the focus will likely need to be adjusted to dial in the optimal image for monitoring, taking snapshots and recording video. The image focus is done manually on the front of the camera. The black dial located on the outside of the lens spins both left and right. Once your camera is installed and functioning, simply rotate the dial in small increments, give the image a moment to adjust on your screen to see the change, and continue to make adjustments until you get the best clarity. There is quite a bit of movement allowed both left and right as you adjust, so take the time to get the picture in the proper focus.

    Firmware Upgrade

    Please download/install the Firmware Upgrade Software zip file located in the Manuals tab of this page (above) instead of downloading the files from the website indicated in the owner's manual supplied with your camera. The files on this page have been properly formatted for use on all PC computers. If upgrading the firmware wirelessly, it may take more than one attempt.

    MicroSD Card Video Files

    If you decide to use a MicroSD card (up to 64GB) to record video files locally on your camera, you will need a separate video player to view the files. Please download/install the Video Player for MicroSD Card zip file located in the Manuals tab of this page (above) instead of downloading the files from the website indicated in the owner's manual supplied with your camera. The files on this page have been properly formatted for use on all PC computers.

    Common Applications

    •  Home Owners / Renters - keep tabs on any activity taking place in your home, at any time, day or night
    •  Parents - watch over your little ones as a baby cam - as a nanny cam you can make sure your kids a being cared for properly
    •  Traveler - see what your loved ones are up to while you are away, you can even communicate with them
    •  Business - ensure that your property is safe, customers are being taken care of and that employees are working
    •  Pool - avoid disasters by receiving an email alert when motion is detected in around your pool and/or spa are

    Important Notes

    Remote Access

    As with most IP / Network cameras, the Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam IP cameras are designed to work with a specific set of applications for iOS and Android as outlined in the Owner's Manual.
        •  These apps are for use with smartphone and tablets, and are not currently intended for use with a PC or Mac computer
        •  Smarthome SELECT Vstarcam IP cameras will not work with Insteon for Hub, MobiLinc, or any other 3rd party software or application

    Wireless Networks and IP Cameras

    The strength of any wireless connection between an IP camera and a wireless device such as a smartphone or tablet, especially when transmitting HD 720p or greater resolution, is directly related to the quality of several things:
        •  your wireless networking devices (modem, router, access point, etc.)
        •  the bandwidth you have selected from your Internet Service provider where the camera will be located
        •  cellular signal strength or the bandwidth available from the Wi-Fi connection you are remotely connected to
        •  for an HD 720p video stream, your wireless device must also be capable of displaying video in HD 720p resolution

    Legal Considerations

    Smarthome recommends that you research your local and state laws related to audio and video surveillance before implementing this product. Also, if your network uses a wireless router provided by your cable or satellite provider this IP Camera (and most other IP camera's that allow remote access to your network) may not be compatible. This is because wireless routers provided by your cable or satellite company often restrict port forwarding and other wireless router configurations. Please contact your cable or satellite provider for information regarding this.

  •  General Specifications

     Brand  Smarthome SELECT / Vstarcam
     Manufacturer Part #  75773 / C7838WIP
     UPC Code  813922015416
     Operating Temperature  -10° C ~ 50° C
     Voltage  5VDC (±0.3V)
     Power Consumption  • Rated power: 3.5W (IR opening )
      • Maximum power: 7W (P/T working )
     Construction  Plastic


     System Security  Account, password authority management
     Free DDNS  Free DDNS, supports dynamic IP
     View by Phone  SupportsHD pic ioS, Android mobile view (iOS 4.3、Android OS 2.3 above)
     Local Storage  Support up to a 64GB MicroSD card,24-hour loop recording.
     PnP  Plug & Play, 99% penetration rate
     Easy to setup:
      • 1. connect the network cable and power adapter
      • 2.install APP, scan UID code to add camera
      • 3. Click online camera to view the camera
     Server cluster  Using Amazon Cloud PnP server cluster, intelligent application and super stable
     UID Technology  UID scan technology applied, easy to operate, and highly confidential


     OS  Embedded Linux OS
     Control Protocol  ONVIF 2.0 protocol, high interoperability
     Video Coding  Multi strea - [email protected][email protected][email protected]+720P @1fsJPEG capture
     Bit Rate  CBR/VBR, output bit rate range of 128~4096kbps
     Processor  Hi processor, built in ARM926 @Max. 440MHz and high-speed video co-processor


     Compression Format  H.264 baseline [email protected]:3.1/Motion-JPEG
     Frame Rate  30fps/24fps (720p)
     Resolution  720P (1280x720), VGA (640x480), QVGA (320x240)
     Picture Adjustment  Contrast, Brightness and Saturation are adjustable
     Sensor  1/4 720p Progressive CMOS sensor
     Minimum illumination  0.8Lux/F1.4 (color mode), 0.3Lux/F1.0 (black & white/ b&w mode)
     SNR  ≥39dB
     IR Control   • IR turned on: night vision view enabled, infrared Ray, ICR auto detect.
      • IR turned off: night vision disabled, infrared ray off, ICR stay in day view mode.
     Electronic Shutter  1/50s(1/60s)-1/100, 000s
     CMOS  Supports AWB, AGC, BLC
     Lens / Viewing Angle  [email protected] / 56.14°
     Night Vision  Dual IR-CUT Filter auto switch, 12pcs 850nmΦ5mm LED, 10m IR distance


     Compression Format  ADPCM/32kbps
     Input   • 1 Channel Line in (3.5mm phone jack)
      • 1 Channel Internal -48dB Microphone
     Output   • 1 Channel Line out (3.5mm phone jack)
      • Internal speaker (8Ω1W)

     Pan / Tilt

     Range  Pan: 355°, Tilt: 120°
     Preset Postions  Supports up to 15 preset positions


     Network Interface  10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet Interface
     Network Protocol  TCP/IP, HTTP, TCP, UDP, SMTP, FTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, UPnP, RTSP, P2P
     Wireless Network Security  WPS encryption
     Online Visitor  Supports 4 online visitors simultaneously
     IP Address  Dynamic IP and static IP address
     Wi-Fi  Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

     Other Specifications

     Motion Detection  Supports motion detecting based recording
     System Requirements  iOS4.3 or Android version 2.3 or higher
     Certificatations  ISO FCC CE RoHS
     Wireless ange  Up to 30 meters line of sight
  • 1 Review

    Poor Quality Review by Vic
    Poor Quality

    This is a classic Chinese POH (piece of hardware) powered by POS (piece of s… software). The firmware upgrade software triggers a red flag with my antivirus which marks the software as malicious and removes immediately. I have 3 of these cameras and they all work unpredictably, unexpectedly rebooting themselves from time to time. Lost almost $250 on this garbage.

    Posted on 11/22/2016

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  • •  Installation Guide
    •  Owner's Manual for PC Desktop Client
    •  PC Desktop Client Software (Zip FIle)
    •  Video Player for MicroSD Card (Zip FIle)
    Visit for latest firmware updates
  • •  1x - HD IP Security Camera
    •  1x - Antenna
    •  1x - Power Supply
    •  1x - Ethernet cable
    •  1x - Mounting Bracket
    •  1x - Set of Mounting Screw
    •  1x -Installation Guide
    •  1x - Manufacturer Warranty Card

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