Smarthome SELECT Battery-Powered Motion-Sensor LED Light
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Smarthome SELECT Battery-Powered Motion-Sensor LED Light (Each)

Add Convenient, Automatic LED Lighting to Any Small Area where Extra Illumination is Needed
  • Includes 1 Battery-Powered Motion-Sensor LED Light
  • LED light automatically turns on when motion is sensed within a 10 foot radius
  • LED light automatically turns off after 8 seconds when no motion is sensed
  • Daylight (or ambient room light) sensing capability, saves battery life
  • Long-lasting LED bulb lasts up to 30,000 hours
  • Battery-powered, no wiring or professional installation required
  • Weatherproof design ideal for indoor and outdoor use (must be shielded from rain, snow and direct water contact)


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    • If you have a closet, pantry, cabinet or under cabinet space that could use some extra lighting, the Smarthome SELECT Battery-Powered Motion-Sensor LED Light is the perfect solution. It is also ideal for added safety and security in moving about dark areas around your home such as a hallway, staircase or basement - and don't forget the garage, shed or any other area where it's too unwieldy to shine a flashlight while you work. Adding several of these lights throughout your home can also be particularly effective during power-outages.

      The LED light is battery powered, so no difficult wiring or professional installation is necessary. In a matter of minutes this powerful, motion activated LED light will be ready to automatically light up a small space any time you enter the area. Using the included double-sided adhesive tape or screws, you can conveniently mount this compact LED light to a ceiling, wall or almost anywhere you need light the most - it is even safe for outdoor use in areas free from potential water contact.

      The built-in motion sensor was designed with a specific range of approximately 10 feet, only activating when you are in or near the area to be illuminated. The LED light will automatically turn on once you enter the motion-sensing range and will continue to stay on as long as motion is sensed within that range. It will automatically shut-off after 8 seconds of inactivity. A built-in photocell ensures that the LED light will only turn on in the dark, if daylight or other significant ambient light is sensed, the LED light will not activate. These features all conserve battery life, so the 3 AAA batteries (included and pre-installed) should only need to be changed once a year. The LED light will last up to 30,000 hours - so it shouldn't need to be changed in your lifetime.

      For improved lighting that adds convenience, safety and security throughout your home, the Smarthome SELECT Battery-Powered Motion-Sensor LED Light is an excellent and affordable choice.
    • Specifications
      Manufacturer Smarthome
      Brand SELECT
      Manufacturer Product No. & UPC 25145 , 813922016758
      251453 , 813922016772
      251456 , 813922016789
      Quanity 25415 , 1 count
      251453 , 3 count
      251456 , 6 count
      Bulb Type LED
      Bulb Life Expectancy Up to 30,000 hours
      Power Requirements 3 AAA batteries
      Battery Life Expectancy 1 year
      Motion Activated
      • Yes
      • Upon movement, the LED light will automatically turn on and stay illuminated for approximately 8 seconds - it will then stay on as long as motion is sensed
      • The LED light automatically shuts off after 8 seconds if motion is no longer sensed
      Motion Activated Range ~10 foot radius
      Photocell Sensor
      • Yes
      • Prevents LED light from operating when daylight or ambient room light is present
      Outdoor Rated Yes - it does have a weatherproof design for outdoor use, however, it must be shielded from rain, snow and direct water contact
      Dimensions 3 1/8" W x 1 3/8" T

    • 1 Review

      Wireless motion sensor led light Review by Louise
      Wireless motion sensor led light

      This light will keep you safe for getting up at night walking around your house or yard, greenhouse, porch , RV , especially if your a senior like my husband and I we are both into our 70's, when we get up at night we can see I have them all over the RV and bathroom over sink, just anywhere we need more light it is great goes on and off without a thought need bigger ones this is great.

      Posted on 2/5/2017

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