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Smartenit INSTEON EZFlora 8-Zone Sprinkler Controller
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Smartenit INSTEON EZFlora 8-Zone Sprinkler Controller

INSTEON-Compatible Lawn Irrigation System Controls up to 8 Sprinkler Valves
  • Powerline interface delivers individual and programmed timer commands to your lawn sprinklers
  • System is INSTEON and X10 ready for PC or standalone automation controller commands
  • Free Windows XP utility download allows easy PC programming of up to 4 timed irrigation programs
  • Note that this product is not currently compatible with the INSTEON Hub
* A 24VAC Transformer / Power Supply is required (sold separately)


REWARDS: 124 points
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  • Make sure your lawn and garden plants are watered with a programmable timed sprinkler system that can be set up on your PC and controlled with any INSTEON or X10 controller. The INSTEON/X10 EZFlora 8-Zone Sprinkler Controller is an 8-zone irrigation unit capable of controlling up to eight sprinkler valves, either individually or in program sequences in response to single INSTEON or X10 command, from your PC or a standalone home automation controller. This irrigation controller will work with any standard 24V AC sprinkler system (sold separately), and a free software download is available for easy programming. The Controller requires a 24VAC Transformer / Power Supply (sold separately) to power the sprinkler solenoid valves.

    While basic functions can be programmed manually, advanced functionality can be programmed withA PowerLinc Controller - INSTEON USB Interface . If you already have a central automation controller or a software package for your INSTEON network that doesn't have the correct parameters to program the advanced functionality of this device, you can download the free Smartenit Utility Suite which works in conjunction with an INSTEON Powerlinc Modem (2412U, 2413U or 2413S). If you need PC-free operation for simple timers, the SHN Utility Suite also interfaces with the INSTEON Powerlinc Controller.

    Note: A PowerLinc Controller - INSTEON USB Interface is needed for the timer programming.

    Note: This product is not currently compatible with the INSTEON Hub

    Free Windows XP Control and Timer Software Download
    Download the free Smartenit Utility Suite below to set up zone programming and timers. This Windows XP utility is compatible with INSTEON and X10 for flexible remote programming and control. You'll appreciate the program's flexibility in setting up cost-saving, energy-efficient, and environmentally responsible irrigation systems. Best of all, the built-in powerline interface stores your timed programs, so you won't need to leave the PC on in order for the system to turn your sprinklers on and off at scheduled times.

    Flexible Programming Options
    Program the INSTEON/X10 8-Zone Sprinkler Controller to turn your sprinklers on and off at specific times at designated intervals. This will keep your lawn green without overwatering your plants. Set up to four independent irrigation programs for different zones of your yard. One valve is programmable for pump (always on) control, and separate timers are stored to prevent a valve from being left on indefinitely.

    INSTEON and X10 Compatible
    Built-in technology makes the INSTEON/X10 8-Zone Sprinkler Controller usable immediately with INSTEON commands. Additionally, X10 compatibility and easy X10 coding allow the unit to be usable right away with any X10-supported package. The INSTEON/X10 8-Zone Sprinkler Controller will also act as a repeater of powerline INSTEON signals.

    Free Utility Software
    Download the free Smartenit Utility Suite software by clicking here.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Smartenit
    Manufacturer Product No.: EZFloraIV1
    UPC: 793573417756
    Patent No.: U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Dimensions: 4 5/16" x 2 3/8" x 1 3/8"
    Irrigation Zones: 8
    Power Input: 120V AC, 100mA, 60Hz
    Power Output: 24V AC, 400mA (each zone)
    ETL listed
    Warranty: 1 year, limited

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    Insteon = PAIN Review by gg
    Insteon = PAIN

    Beware, you need the SDM Active X software to make this work, and it is impossible to find it, the link to download it is dead, so the program does not work. Insteon is unreliable and a pain to set up. I am so sorry I went this route, stick with Z-Wave or something else.

    Posted on 5/3/2016

    Landfill fodder Review by Dr Q
    Landfill fodder

    When it works great. But like alot of the smarthome stuff it is only good for 1-2 years due to poor build quality and it ends up in a landfill. Charge $5 more and stop being so cheap on components used to keep these out of landfills.

    Posted on 4/30/2016

    Sprinklers Review by Rain1

    works great easy set up and easy to use

    Posted on 4/1/2016

    Reliable for awhile Review by Don
    Reliable for awhile

    I bought two of these and the worked great for a little over a year with Homeseer. You can create very flexible programs and control them from anywhere. Unfortunately while on a 3 month RV trip both died and my yard is a disaster due to record heat this fall. Because I am away from home a lot I need something much more reliable. I won't be replacing the controllers with this product again especially after seeing the problems everyone else is having

    Posted on 10/5/2015

    Poor Reliability Review by Donald
    Poor Reliability

    I'm on my 7th controller and they just keep dying. Not much help with Smartenit support. They see to last about 6-9 months.

    They work well when new, but miss the pass-through outlet - easier to stack with the necessary transformer.

    Posted on 9/9/2015

    Fine while it lasted Review by Scott
    Fine while it lasted

    I have an EZ Rain that has been running flawlessly for years. I added some more sprinklers and needed another unit, so I bought this one. The EZ Rain is still chugging away but the newer model went dead after less than a year. I'm ordering another one, hopefully it lasts longer. :(

    Posted on 9/8/2015

    good when it works Review by op
    good when it works

    not sure what is going on with this unit but unfortunately there aren't alternatives to keep it within my my software using the same technology... but the unit seems to burn out anywhere between 8-14 months. I've bought 3 in a little over 3 years already. Granted the unit get an update but it still seem to burn out. Usually starts by not remembering the programmed numbers and then eventually it stops working.

    Posted on 7/23/2015

    Perfect with Harmony-G1! Review by bobdabuilder
    Perfect with Harmony-G1!

    Bought the EZFlora and then realized the Insteon Hub doesn't support it. So went ahead and bought the Smartenit Harmony G1 with the ZBPLM. It works amazing so far, love it :)

    Posted on 5/28/2015

    Duffer Review by Moose

    Only lasted 1 month

    Posted on 4/23/2015

    Awesom sprinkler controller, the best I've ever owned. Review by Add this item to THE HUB ! .................DAMN
    Awesom sprinkler controller, the best I've ever owned.

    This item has been working flawlessly for 4 years in my home. I have yet to have a problem with it. I use mine with a Smartlinc, which you can still buy on the internet if you look around ;-) I also use the Insteon USB PLM in conjunction with software I wrote for my Windows PC. If you have a computer that runs around the clock, using a PLM with Houselinc is the way to go !!!!! In my case, I prefer to write my own software, but that is not for everyone.

    Posted on 2/10/2015

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