Smartenit EZSrve INSTEON / X10 Home Automation Gateway
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Smartenit EZSrve INSTEON / X10 Home Automation Gateway

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Control Your INSTEON and X10 Devices Remotely Without a Dedicated Computer

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  • EZSrve is a stand-alone appliance that lets you access your INSTEON and X10 home automation devices through an Ethernet connection. A built-in web server lets you organize and control the devices in a logical and intuitive way. In addition to direct control, EZSrve provides the ability to act on scheduled events and to take actions based on device conditions. EZSrve can also be used with other web and PC based applications by allowing client connections through an IP socket. The unit is self-contained and interfaces to the power line network through a built-in INSTEON PLM.

    MiCasa - Native iPhone App for Use with EZSrve Now Available
    Using EZSrve, MiCasa allows for remote control of all switches, outlets and dimmers on your INSTEON network. Control dimming and On/Off device operation using your iPhone or iPod touch (currently does not support advanced control with thermostats, I/O controllers, sprinkler controllers, scenes, or timers).
    • Note: MiCasa does not currently support the more advanced INSTEON devices such as Thermostats, I/O controllers, sprinkler controllers, scenes or timers. Future releases may add functionality for these devices.
    • Available through iTunes: $.99 for each device you wish to control - after 30 devices it supports unlmited number of devices)

    PC Free Operation
    The EZSrve does not require a PC for operation and maintains schedules to control devices at specific times of the day on particular days of the week. Schedules can even be based on sunrise and sunset times which are automatically calculated based on geographic location. As long as it is plugged in and connected to the Internet, the EZSrve will engage your home automation network at appropriate times, activate your macros when triggered, search the internet for time servers to make sure the current time is accurate, and obtain the most accurate times for sunrise and sunset based on your zip code. The EZSrve can easily be set up to take action on events from your home automation network acting as triggers.

    X10 to INSTEON Translation
    Increase the reliability of your INSTEON / X10 hybrid network by utilizing the EZSrve to translate your X10 commands into INSTEON commands via macros. Define the X10 commands that you wish to have translated into INSTEON commands and store them in the memory of the EZSrve

    Initial Setup
    Initial setup of the EZSrve is very simple and only requires the setting of the geographical location, time zone, and time (if not connected to the Internet). By default, the unit gets an IP address from your router or server to which it is connected allowing you to communicate with it remotely.

    Managing Devices
    EZSrve recognizes and can communicate with INSTEON and X10 enabled devices. Devices are manageable as soon as they are added to the EZSrve through the "Devices" screen.

    A logical grouping of devices that can be activated simultaneously to a preset level. Similar to a "superdevice" that consists of all devices in the group. Once set up, a group/scene enables a single action to set, for example, a group of lights at different brightness levels (scene) such as for viewing a movie or reading. A single command could also turn off all devices in the group.

    Defining Areas of Control
    Name physical or logical places where devices reside such as a living room, a back yard, a kitchen, etc. The EZSrve allows for the naming of an area, and the addition/deletion of available devices. The area does not have to be physical and the user can simply define a grouping for the convenience of having devices in a logical location.

    Timers and Schedules
    Schedules for a given device to perform a certain action, such as turning on or off at the same time several days of the week.

    Macro Capable
    Events for a given device to perform a certain action such as turning on or off, in response to another device performing a certain action such as the motion detected by a motion sensor, or the water level in a pool reaching a certain point, etc. The condition triggering the event can also be time-bound, thus providing scheduling flexibility.

    EZSrve Operate with Third Party Software
    EZSrve works in bridge mode through an IP XML socket and allows up to 20 client applications to be concurrently connected. This makes possible the availability of third-party web and PC applications to effectively use the EZSrve. Once support is added by a software manufacturer, your EZSrve can be used in conjunction with home automation programs including Smartenit's free downloadable Utility Suite.

    Voltage: 120 Volts AC +/- 10%, 60 Hertz, single phase
    INSTEON Minimum Transmit Level 3.2 Vppinto 5 Ohms
    INSTEON Minimum Receive Level 10 mVppnominal
    X10 Powerline Frequency 121 KHz
    X10 Minimum Transmit Level 3.2 Vppinto 5 Ohms
    X10 Minimum Receive Level 20 mVppnominal
    X10 Messages Repeated No

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:EZSrve 5010L
    Patent No.:U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Dimensions:4.0" H x 2.5" W x 1.5" D
    Weight:9.5 oz.
    INSTEON Address:1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216 possible
    INSTEON Links:1024
    INSTEON Messages Repeated:Yes
    X10 Primary Address:1 optional (comes unassigned)
    X10 Messages Repeated:No
    Operating Temperature Range:Indoors, 32 to 104
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  • Smartenit EZSrve INSTEON / X10 Home Automation Gateway
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