Smart Tips

Audio & Video Security Home Convenience  

Did you know you can watch multiple surveillance cameras' feeds on any TV in your house? Connect a modulator to transmit audio and video over your existing coax cables onto any unused channel.

If you're concerned about thieves trolling your neighborhood with garage clickers, hoping for a match, you can add an extra level of security to the largest door to your home by plugging your garage door opener into an INSTEON ApplianceLinc: The garage door will not open again until the associated ApplianceLinc is turned on from an INSTEON command.

Add automation control to your security system. The Web-Enabled SecureLinc Family Kit can control up to 30 zones, so you can set it to turn on your porch light at sunset or illuminate your house if a trespasser steps onto your property.

Installing a DVR surveillance system is a snap with the Outdoor Wireless Camera System DVR Kit. The wireless surveillance camera sends images to the wireless receiver, and records to an SD card via the programmable DVR.

Hate carrying your keys when you go for that morning jog? Enter your house keylessly with a touchpad lockset.

Installing a camera in a location where low lighting conditions can occur? Infrared (IR) cameras are now available with built in IR emitters that will allow the camera to "see" within a specified range even if no light is present.