Skytech 3301P Programmable Fireplace Thermostat/Remote
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Skytech 3301P Programmable Fireplace Thermostat/Remote

Gain More Control Over Your Fireplace with a Programmable Thermostat
  • Schedules a fireplace to turn on/off automatically
  • Determine days and times to start fireplace
  • Included remote can manage system from 20 feet away
  • Can be programmed seven days a week with four periods in one day
  • Efficient design with a 12 month battery life

Item #: 91371P


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  • The 3301P Programmable Fireplace Thermostat/Remote from Skytech adds the convenience of a programmable thermostat to your gas fireplace. Designed to provide a safe, reliable, and user-friendly experience, this thermostat allows you to program your fireplace to automatically turn on and off at specific times on select days. Programmable for all seven days, this thermostat provides scheduling for up to four separate periods in one day. For additional convenience, the included remote control works from up to 20 feet away and includes a snap-on wall plate for easy placement. A child-proof lock, 18 inch wires with attached connectors for ease of installation, and 12 months of battery life complete this premium thermostat and remote control system.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Skytech
    Manufacturer Product No. 3301P
    Power: Transmitter: 2 AAA Batteries;Receiver: 4 AA Batteries
    Battery Life 12 Months
    Dimensions: Receiver: 2 9/16" x 2 5/16" x 1 1/2";remote: 6" x 2 5/16" x 15/16"
    Operating Frequency: 303.8 MHz
    Remote Range: 20 Feet
    Security Codes: 1 of 1,048,576 (pre-programmed)
    Compliance: FCC approved

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    Review of 91371p Review by SUZANA
    Review of 91371p

    Product was received in good working condition. Very satisfied.

    Posted on 4/21/2013

    Review of 91371p Review by CONSTANCE
    Review of 91371p

    Easy to program. Works efficently.
    Accuracy confirmed.

    Posted on 3/10/2012

    Review of 91371p Review by PETER
    Review of 91371p

    Excellent product, shipped quickly and arrived in perfect shape.

    Posted on 3/4/2012

    Review of 91371p Review by LARRY
    Review of 91371p

    Excellent product! Upon receipt of product, I simply plugged the remote box onto the stove's connections. Then, though programming the thermostat took some very careful reading of the instructions, it took me but about 15 minutes to complete the process. I then entered the desired temperature on the termostate and the fire ignited and has worked perfectly since.

    Posted on 1/12/2012

    Review of 91371p Review by Mark
    Review of 91371p

    Awesome product. Arrived in just a few days and was exceedingly simple to install, just as others have said. It's literally two wire connections and putting batteries into the receiver & remote. It took me well more time just to read the instructions and that's only because I'm slow and methodical. The instructions are very straightforward and/or easy to read otherwise.

    The receiver is ready-made to install 'as is.' If you have even a basic knowledge of your fireplace switch how to get behind it mainly, you can connect the receiver in about 4 seconds. If your switch is on the wall or you're planning to run wires to make the switch on a wall, it'll take more time naturally to mount the receiver and/or run the additional wires. Even then, if you have even half a brain, you can do this in little time.

    Where the issues come in for me, or why I've given a 4-star rating, is something with the programmable thermostat causes my wireless Internet connection to be disabled. Someone else had mentioned this on a review I'd read somewhere else but I didn't experience the problem until today. I think it has something to do with the remote signals being sent to the receiver.

    When my Internet first went out, I tried placing the remote far away from me 10 ft or so and turning off the fireplace. That seemed to work but the Internet went out again a short time later. I repeatedly then tried to 'repair' my Internet connection and use a wireless adapter to boost wireless signal receptivity. Again, the Internet came back but went out shortly thereafter. So I went upstairs to a different part of the house to see if distance from the fireplace would make a difference, but it didn't. The Internet came back only momentarily. I then went back downstairs and removed the batteries from the remote, thinking it would 'break' the connection, but my Internet still wouldn't come back. At this time, all I can say is: With the batteries out and the fireplace off, only because of restarting my computer was I able to regain Internet access and type this review.

    I will continue to play with things & see what works and what doesn't. I'm just not sure why the programmable thermostat remote would be all that different from other remotes in the same room TV, stereo receiver, ceiling fan, which've never caused the Internet to go out in the past. Our landline phone connection causes the Internet to go out, but it only does so while the phone is ringing. The Internet promptly comes back once the call is over.

    My wife's computer also is on a different operating system than mine Windows XP and I don't think she's had any of the same Internet connection problems so far. Or if she has, she hasn't told me. I'm not sure if that would make a difference but thought it was worth mentioning. Maybe I'm the problem..

    Awesome product though, nonetheless. Very excited to have something that finally solves the heating problem in our house, which is another long story. Thanks Smarthome

    Posted on 11/4/2011

    Review of 91371p Review by THEODORE
    Review of 91371p

    Many programming options. Instructions, which are easy to understand. Wall mouunting for the remote control and for the receiver. I needed to replace the cables with longer cables.

    Posted on 4/20/2011

    Review of 91371p Review by ROBERT
    Review of 91371p

    I received the item that I ordered on time. It was the correct model and it was new and working correctly. The web site explained the features and the price was very reasonable. Nice job!

    Posted on 3/11/2011

    Review of 91371p Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 91371p

    Unit works excellent. Would have given the unit 5 stars except programming is cumbersome and time consuming.

    Posted on 1/23/2011

    Review of 91371p Review by JARED
    Review of 91371p

    Works well. Could be a little more robust feeling in the hand.

    Posted on 1/2/2011

    Review of 91371p Review by GEORGE
    Review of 91371p

    Easy install, lots of features, great value.

    Posted on 12/18/2010

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