Skylink SC-10 Total Protection Wireless Alarm System Basic Kit
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Skylink SC-10 Total Protection Wireless Alarm System Basic Kit

DIY Wireless Security System - Easy to Install and Ready to Use, No Programming Required
  • This system is good for most small to medium size house (i.e. approx. up to 3000 feet).
  • Rolling Code Technology - Leading edge technology, provides maximum security and reduces false alarm
  • Works in conjunction with up to 15 SkylinkHome security accessories
  • Arm/Disarm using Keychain Transmitter
  • Includes a piercing 110 dB siren
  • Low battery indication
  • AC power with 9V alkaline battery backup (included)
  • Up to 100 foot range
  • No monitoring fees

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  • The Skylink SC-10 Total Protection Wireless Alarm System is one of the most reliable and up-to-date Wireless Security Systems on the market today. Skylink's innovative rolling code technology provides increased security and trouble free wireless connections. It guarantees that the Audio Alarm will only recognize radio waves from it's remote sensors, (Door/Window Sensors and the Keychain Transmitter). The Audio Alarm is water resistant so it can be installed indoors or outdoors within access to an electrical outlet. We recommend that you install the Audio Alarm close to the front door so you can hear when the unit is activated/deactivated. If your premises has two entrances, you may want to put a Door/Window Sensor on each door. You may choose your main door and a window that is hidden by some bushes and is not visible from the street. If you are securing a small business, you may choose the front door and the warehouse door as locations for your sensors.

    Additional Door/Window Sensors, Motion Sensors and more are sold separately (see 'More Info' section).

    Additional Accessories
    • Smoke Sensor (SS-433)
      • Detects sound frequencies of existing smoke, carbon monoxide alarms
      • Activates Security Control Panel (SC-001) or Emergency Dialer (AD-433S) when the preset sound frequency is detected
      • 9V alkaline battery included
    • Temperature Sensor (TS-434)
      • Monitors temperature of a specific area (i.e., greenhouse, horse farms, laboratory etc.)
      • Activates Security Control Panel (SC-001) or Emergency Dialer (AD-433S) when the temperature of the monitored area is above or below a preset temperature
      • Temperature range: 0° F (-19° C) to 159° F (69° C)
      • Operates using lithium batteries (included)
    • Flood Sensor (FS-433)
      • Place sensor along basement wall, near water heater, washing machine etc.
      • Notifies Security Control Panel (SC-001) or Emergency Dialer (AD-433S) when water is detected
      • 12V alkaline battery included
    • Security Control Panel (SC-001)
      • Four alarm modes (Day, Night, Away, Chime)
      • Four zones, each zone controls up to 6 devices
      • Reliable design with microcontroller
      • 110dB siren
    • Silent Alarm (SW-433)
      • Plugs into any AC outlet, then plug light into Silent Alarm unit
      • Light flashes when sensor(s)/transmitter(s) is (are) activated
      • Silently alerts occupants including the hearing impaired
    • Vibration Sensor (VS-433)
      • Activates Emergency Dialer when vibration is detected - attach vibration sensor to valuables, (stereo system, antiques)
      • 9V alkaline battery included
    • Water Resistant Panic Button Transmitter (PT-434)
      • Activates Security Control Panel and Emergency Dialer by pressing the panic button when under duress
      • Ideal for Seniors, Handicapped and Disabled
      • Water resistant, carry transmitter all the time
      • Operates using lithium batteries (included)
    • Keypad Control (KP-433)
      • Functions as an external keypad or secondary control location
      • Use the keypad to arm/disarm the Audio Alarm (AA-433)
      • Eliminates the need to walk through your premises to your Security Systems Control Panel
      • Operates using lithium batteries (included)
    • Motion Sensor (PS-434A)
      • Monitors area in a 110 degree ARC and up to 40 feet away from the sensor
      • 9V alkaline battery included
    • Door/Window Sensor (WT-433)
      • Attaches to all doors, windows, entrances
      • Add on as many magnetic switch (MS-001) as needed
      • 12V alkaline battery included
    • Magnetic Switch/Magnet (MS-001)
      • Used in conjunction with Door/Window Sensor (WT-433)
      • Add on for additional doors, windows
    • Keychain Transmitter (4B-434)
      • Activates Audio Alarm (AA-433) instantly by pressing panic button
      • Reliable design, crystal base transmission with microcontroller
      • 12V alkaline battery included
    • Emergency Dialer (AD-433S)
      • When the alarm is activated, the Emergency Dialer automatically sends a preprogrammed voice message to as many as nine different phone numbers
      • If any numbers are busy or there is no answer, the Emergency Dialer will go back and redial each number nine times or until there is an answer
      • No need to pay monitoring fees
      • Ideal for home, small business
      • Operates by AC adapter with battery back up
  • 3 Reviews

    Review of 7307bk Review by GARY
    Review of 7307bk

    Installation was a breeze. Base unit emits a mild tone whenever a sensor is tripped. When the alarm is activated it will emit a signal loud enough to startle an intruder or alert/wake the homeowner. Great bang for the buck.

    Posted on 2/27/2012

    Review of 7307bk Review by JIM
    Review of 7307bk

    This product is one of the simplest alarms to install, and it's quite reliable too! I added this to a system I already have and it was so simple to do! The instructions are easy to understand, batteries are included and the price is right. If you live in an apartment then this is the perfect product! Great seller too, product came packed well and delivery was to the day! Go for it!

    Posted on 5/9/2011

    Review of 7307bk Review by EMMANUEL
    Review of 7307bk

    Basic Alarm - Works very well.

    Posted on 6/13/2010

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    • One (1) Audio Alarm
    • Two (2) sets of Door/Window Contact Sensors
    • Two (2) 4B-433A or 4B-434 Keychain Transmitters
    • AC adapter, and all DC batteries
    • Instruction and all mounting materials (Hook & Loop and screws)
    • Warning stickers
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