Skylink 318KR Wireless Keyless Entry System
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Skylink 318KR Wireless Keyless Entry System

Keypad Access System Provides Extra Garage Security
  • Personal access code provides security
  • Backlit keypad for easy viewing in the dark
  • Garage door receiver installed easily
  • Works with most brands of garage door openers

Item #: 7310ks


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  • Protect the important belongings you store in your garage with the Wireless Keyless Entry System, which requires a personal access code to trigger your automatic garage door opener. The transmitter easily mounts on the wall of your garage and alerts the receiver to send a signal to your automatic garage door opener when you enter your personal access code. The backlight comes on and a beep is emitted when any key is pressed, so you'll know when the signal is being transmitted.

    The receiver is easy to install. Connect the stripped ends of the included wire to the two terminals on the back of your wall-mounted door control, and plug the connector end into the receiver. That's it!

    With an access code in place, all of your family members will be able to gain entry to your garage. There is also no limit to the number of transmitters that can control the Garage Door Receiver, so you can even provide family members with Keychain Transmitters (sold separately) for access they can bring along with them.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Skylink
    Manufacturer Product No.: 318 KR
    UPC: 623459200144
    Dimensions: Receiver: 2 1/4" x 3 1/8" x 1 1/4"; keypad: 5 7/8" x 2 1/8" x 1 1/4"
    Maximum Input Rating: 120VAC 60Hz 2W
    Approvals: FCC/IC compliant; UL listed
    Warranty: 1 year, limited

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    Review of 7310ks Review by CALVIN
    Review of 7310ks

    Works mostly as advertised. One location is suffering from signal strength issues, although the touchpad is about 20' from the receiver. Conduit in the area may be impairing the signal? It takes several attempts before one is successful in opening/closing

    Posted on 3/9/2014

    Review of 7310ks Review by RAYMOND
    Review of 7310ks

    Device works flawlessly. Simple to install and a relatively inexpensive fix to replace the old one.

    Posted on 1/23/2014

    Review of 7310ks Review by ALEXANDER
    Review of 7310ks

    Works, but has a major security flaw. If someone wants in your garage, all they have to do is buy the keychain transmitter, unscrew this keypad off the wall, check the switches to see the code you have it to, and set their own keychain transmitter to the same code. No need to figure out your pin, just bring a screw driver and the $10 keychain transmitter!

    Posted on 12/30/2012

    Review of 7310ks Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 7310ks

    Unit is installed and works well. The mounting screws and screw holes are small. Using other screws may be difficult. I had to be creative to mount this on brick. I squeezed (hammered)small plastic anchors into a slightly smaller hole to compress the anchor so the very small mounting screws had something to catch onto.

    Posted on 9/22/2010

    Review of 7310ks Review by John
    Review of 7310ks

    Arrived D.O.A. Keypad beeped correctly with the factory 0000# code, but the wall ward receiver never blinked, and the two contact wires never closed.

    Double and triple checked settings of transmitter and receiver rolling code jumpers, but no combination would bring the receiver to life.

    Can't tell if it is a problem with the transmitter not transmitting, or the receiver not receiving. In either case, it didn't work for me.

    Posted on 1/11/2010

    Review of 7310ks Review by DENNIS
    Review of 7310ks

    The keypads beeps as we put the code in however does not open the door everytime - maybe once in five times This is a problem for we got this so our teenage girl doesn't have to stand out side, but no matter how slow we input the code or fast it doesnot work all the time.

    Posted on 12/6/2007

    Review of 7310ks Review by AGGIE
    Review of 7310ks

    I liked the way it hooked up and it was easy to install and use, but soem times when i enter the code i dont hear the beeps when I ampressing the code and it doesnt work. I have to do it over and over. Also, the door cover does not close flat when mounting to the wall.

    Posted on 10/28/2007

    Review of 7310ks Review by DARLENE
    Review of 7310ks

    Solved my opener problem. Did not have to rewire one of the opener pushbutton lines that went bad. Simple installation.

    Posted on 7/31/2007

    Review of 7310ks Review by MELBOURNE
    Review of 7310ks

    I was surprised to see that the Tx and RX codes were set by wire jumpers (no learn mode). I guess this means that adding remote keychain remotes will be impossible. It works ok with the keypad. I was just disappointed.

    Posted on 7/5/2007

    Review of 7310ks Review by VANCE
    Review of 7310ks

    It was easy to install and works great!

    Posted on 6/20/2007

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