Wireless Cable TV

Options for Sharing Your Cable Box with Another TV Without Wires



Wireless audio/video systems consist of two main parts: Transmitter and Receiver. The transmitter sits next to your audio/video source and accepts the video output from your equipment (cable box, DVD player, DVR, etc.). The receiver goes next to the TV in the other room. Once installed, the audio and video signals are sent wirelessly to the receiver.


Changing Channels Remotely

Once you have wirelessly sent the video to the other room, how do you change channels? Fortunately all of the systems listed below include a built-in IR passthrough. This allows you to change channels while watching TV from the other room.


Watching Different Channels

What happens if you have one person in the remote location wanting to watch Seinfeld reruns while you want to watch Mythbusters in the remote location? In these cases you'll want a wireless system that offers a built-in tuner. Only one of the systems below can provide this option.


Wireless Frequency

The frequency that the system transmits on is important to note since most homes already have wireless devices in the home and you want to decrease the chance of interference between them. The systems we offer are 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz and they are noted in the table below.



The final consideration on picking the right wireless video transmitter is it's expandability. This means that if you have more than one remote TV that wants in on the video signal, just purchase an additional receiver.


5.8GHz Wireless A/V Sender With IR Extender

5.8GHz Wireless Cable TV Sender

Terk LF-30S Leapfrog Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter and Receiver System

X10 VK82A Wireless VideoSender
Able to watch a different cable channel on remote TV No Yes No No
IR Passthrough (Remote works in other room) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video Input (transmitter) RCA RCA or Cable TV RCA RCA
Video Output (receiver) RCA RCA RCA or Coaxial RCA or Coaxial
Expandable Yes up to 3 additional rooms No Yes up to 3 additional rooms No
Frequency 5.8GHz 5.8GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz


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