Sensaphone IMS-4001 Enterprise Monitoring Host Unit
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Sensaphone IMS-4001 Enterprise Monitoring Host Unit

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Monitor Entire Computer Facility to Prevent Damage

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  • Environmental Monitoring
    Monitor critical environmental conditions such as Temperature, Humidity, Smoke, Sound Level, Motion, Water, Intrusion, and Power Outages with the Sensaphone Host. Each Host unit supports up to eight Environmental Sensors. When a sensor exceeds the threshold you configure - high temperature for example - you are notified by the Sensaphone Host about the condition. Lights on the face of the Sensaphone Host instantly reveal any outstanding problems. With sound level monitoring you can be notified if an audible alarm goes off, and you can remotely listen in, via the Host unit, to the server room to assess the situation yourself at any time.

    IP Monitoring
    The Sensaphone monitors IP Devices through pinging and port availability. When a network component becomes unavailable, the Sensaphone Host notifies you about which IP device is unavailable. You can monitor the status of network links, routers, printers and servers - any device which has an IP address. Each Sensaphone Host can monitor up to 64 devices. When a device does not respond to the IMS query, it contacts you immediately to alert you to the situation.

    When a problem occurs in your network, the Sensaphone Host will find you and notify you of the problem no matter where you are. Multiple communication interfaces - Ethernet port and standard telephone interface - guarantee that you get the message. You receive early notification before a problem turns into a disaster. The integrated modem / voice interface of the Sensaphone Host means network events and environmental problems are sent to you in your own voice. When all you have is a phone, you will still know what
    • Built-in: Power failure, Sound level
    • Inputs: 8 per each host
    • Outputs: 0 (optional Powergate)
    • Notifications: E-mail, SNMP trap, voice phone call, fax, text message, numeric pager
    • Special Features: Live web server, rack mount, expandable, Ethernet with phone backup, IP monitoring
    • Batteries: 12V 2.9Ah Sealed Gel Cell
    • Telephone Connection: FCC approved RJ-11 plug-in modular connector with 6' cord
    • Host Operating Specifications
      • Temperature: 32 to 120
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