Sensaphone Cottage Sitter (4 Inputs/4 Number Dialout)
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Sensaphone Cottage Sitter (4 Inputs/4 Number Dialout)

Easy Remote Vacation Home Monitoring and Temperature Control!

Item #: 7005CS

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  • It Contacts You If Something Goes Wrong
    With a built-in temperature sensor, microphone and an AC power failure sensor, this system has the ability to call four phone numbers and report the conditions with voice-synthesized English if temperatures go above or below certain levels, if a smoke alarm or security system siren goes off, or if there's a power failure (if the system is backed up with a battery). You can also call your vacation home at any time to obtain a status report, or to listen in to on-site sounds, for total peace of mind.

    The system can also be expanded with up to three additional status sensors to detect other conditions of your choice, so long as the sensors use normally-open or normally-closed contacts. These can include:
    • Water Sensors (to see if there's flooding in the basement)
    • Wind Sensors (to get an idea of what the surfing conditions are at the beach house)
    • Rain Sensors (in case you want to postpone the trip until a dryer weekend)
    • Freeze Sensors (in case you want an idea of what the snow conditions are like for your snowboarding trip)
    • Temperature Sensor Just like the one built into the Sensaphone® so you can monitor additional temperature-sensitive areas of the property
    Remote Thermostat Control
    The Sensaphone Cottage Sitter remote thermostat feature even lets you control the thermostat with a phone call, which is great for getting the vacation home to your preferred temperature hours before you arrive. And if you forget to turn the thermostat down before you leave, you can easily do it from any phone, wherever you are. The Sensaphone Cottage Sitter works with most standard thermostats or set-back thermostats. Thermostats are sold separately. The relay outputs are controlled by a low-voltage relay that can handle 30V AC/DC up to 2Amps (max).

    Built-In Features
  • 4 user-selectable inputs, temperature or dry-contact
  • Microphone monitors high sound alarms and enables remote listen-in
  • AC power failure sensing with variable recognition time
  • Battery condition monitor (uses 6 "D" cells)
  • ClockAdvanced Capabilities
  • User Programmable: alarm recognition time, call delay, inter-call delay, message repetitions
  • Temperature sensing in Fahrenheit (-20

  • Specifications

    Sensaphone Product No.:FGD-1104-CS
    Battery:Uses 6 "D" cells (not included)
    Inputs:4 phone numbers, up to 32 digits each
    Temperature sensing range:Fahrenheit (-20
  • 2 Reviews

    Review of 7005CS Review by SCHIELE
    Review of 7005CS

    I connected and programed the sensaphone today and am very pleased with its capabilities. S. A. B.

    Posted on 2/15/2004

    Review of 7005CS Review by CHARLES
    Review of 7005CS

    We live in the Metro-Detroit area that was blacked out recently. We bought our cottage sitter with the thought it would call our home and notify us of problems that arise while we are not there. It also has the capability call in and listen to all the preprogramed functions from home. Among temperature and other various settings is a setting that tells us if the AC power is on. With one call we knew the cottage was not effected by the blackout. We packed-up and went to our cottage with all the comforts of home during the great black-out of 2003. The cottage sitter paid for itself within the first month of owning it. Your innovative items really can save the day in a pinch.
    Chuck B.

    Posted on 8/19/2003

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  • FGD-1104-CS Sensaphone Cottage Sitter (4 Input/ 4 Dialout)
  • AC Power Adaptor
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