Sensaphone 2800 Wireless Remote Monitoring and Alarm Notification System
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Sensaphone 2800 Wireless Remote Monitoring and Alarm Notification System

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Protect your Property with a Powerful Wireless Home Monitoring and Alert System

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  • Programming
    The unit is programmed using the built-in keypad and voice response menus. All programming is stored in nonvolatile memory so that all programming is retained even without power. The unit is capable of performing alarm event logging of all eight Zones, power, and sound. The event logging (history) is also stored in nonvolatile memory. A battery-backed real-time clock is also included to time-stamp logged events. The alarm event history can be heard through the built-in speaker or remotely over the telephone. A complete status report of all monitored conditions can also be heard simply by calling the 2800.

    Place you Sensors Almost Anywhere
    Most of the Sensaphone Wireless Sensors run on batteries for up to 3 years. You can literally just place a sensor on the wall and start monitoring right away. The 2800 will scan, find the sensor, self configure and do most of the work for you. All you need to do is to record a custom voice message and fill in a few parameters.

    Just like the other Sensaphone products, the 2800 uses the reliability of a standard phone line to make phone calls to the appropriate personnel to announce alarm conditions. Each monitoring condition, both wired and wireless, can have a custom voice message attached to it. Each message is recorded in your own voice for easy alarm identification. Alarm notification will repeat out to eight people until acknowledged.

    Self Diagnostics
    The Wireless Sensor Network is always being watched by the 2800. In addition to looking for alarms from the sensor values, it is also looking to make sure that each wireless sensor is fully functional and its batteries are full. If there are any problems with the wireless sensors, the 2800 will initiate a diagnostic alarm and notify the appropriate personnel immediately.

    Backup Battery
    The Sensaphone 2800 includes a 6V 3.4AH sealed lead-acid gelcell rechargeable battery for system back-up in the event of a power failure. The battery will provide approximately 16 hours of backup time. Actual backup time will depend upon the temperature, battery age, dialing activity, and state of the relay output. The battery is located behind the main panel.

    Telephone Line
    Connect the 2800's phone jack to a standard 2-wire analog phone line. The unit dials using pulse or tone, with loop start only. The 2800 will recognize ringer frequencies from 16 to 60Hz and will operate with all standard analog telephone systems that accept pulse or tone dialing.

    Line Seizure
    Line seizure gives the 2800 the ability to "seize" the telephone line when it needs to dial out. For example, if an emergency occurs which puts the 2800 in alarm mode, the unit will be able to dial out even if a telephone has been left off the hook. To the right of the LINE terminals is another set of terminals labeled EXT. These terminals can be used to share the line with other devices (telephone, fax machine, modem) and to give the 2800 priority in the event of an emergency. To make use of this feature you must have all the extension devices originate from the EXT terminals. Whenever the unit must make an alarm phone call, the unit will disconnect any current phone calls and seize the line for its own use. The unit will continue to seize the line until the alarm has been acknowledged.

    Use the 2800 to monitor multiple greenhouses without wires, multiple barns, coolers, freezers, or a wide variety of remote equipment. The new Sensaphone 2800 can be used anywhere you would use our other Sensaphone products. The 2800 just makes installation and expansion faster and easier. Extend your reach and monitor your critical remote locations with the new Sensaphone 2800.

    Wireless Sensors
  • Wireless Temperature Sensor: Can be wall mounted with screws or double-sided foam tape. Measures temperature from 32° F to 115° F (0° C to 57° C). Adding FGD-0101 temp sensor extends range down to -109° F (-85° C).
  • Wireless Dry Contact Sensor: Can be wall mounted with screws or double-sided foam tape. For Normally Open or Normally Closed contacts.
  • Wireless Power Failure Sensor: Can be wall mounted with screws or double-sided foam tape. It comes with an AC adapter for sensing power failure. Monitors power failure from wherever the AC adapter is plugged into.
  • Wireless Humidity Sensor: Can be wall mounted with screws or double-sided foam tape. Measures humidity from 0 to 100% RH.
  • Wireless 4-20mA Sensor: Can be wall mounted with screws or double-sided foam tape. Works with any 4-20mA transducer. Custom table range so monitoring is in real engineering units. Built-in 24 volt power supply for providing 4-20mA loop power.
  • Wireless Motion Detector: Can be wall mounted with screws or double-sided foam tape. Detects movement in a specific area for unauthorized entry or intrusion.
  • Wireless Spot Water Detection Sensor: Must be placed directly on floor. Detects the presence of water on the floor.
  • Wireless Zone Water Detection Sensor: Detects the presence of water on a floor or in a false ceiling. Comes with 10 feet of water rope to cover a larger area than WSR-0106. Includes
  • Wireless Repeater: Can be wall mounted with screws or double-sided foam tape. Extends wireless sensor range up to 4,000 feet line-of-sight.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:FGD-2800-CD
    Certifications:FCCNRTL listed for compliance with U.L. Standard 60950-1
    Warranty:3 year manufacturer, limited
    Hard-Wired Environmental Inputs
    Number of Zones:4
    Zone Connector:Terminal block
    Zone Types:Geo N.O./N.C. contact, 2.8K (-109° f to 115° F; -85° C to 57° C), and 10K thermistor (-87° F to 168° F; -66° C to 76° C), and 4-20mA (-10,000 to 10,000)
    Zone Characteristics:28K Ohms to 2.85V (temperature/contact) or 250 Ohms to ground (4-20mA)
    A/D Converter Resolution:10 bits +/-2 LSB
    Zone Protection:Metal oxide varistors, and fast-acting diode clamps
    Wireless Environmental Inputs
    Number of Sensors:4
    Operating Frequency:ISM 2.4 GHz
    Receiver Sensitivity:-100dBm
    Transmit Power Output:60mW
    Internal:Fr recording custom voice messages
    External (Optional):For listening in to on-site sounds and high sound level alarms
    External Microphone Connector:Terminal block
    External Microphone TypeElectret Condenser
    External Microphone Impedance:2.2KOhms
    Phone Interface
    Terminals:For connection to a two-wire analog telephone line
    Line Seizure:Terminals for connecting extension telephone devices
    LED Indicators
    LED Indicator Types:(4) Hard-Wired Zone Alarms, (4) Wireless Zone Alarms, Sound, Power, Battery OK, Phone in Use, Output On, and System On
    Relay Output
    Type:2A 120VAC/2A 24VDC-Programmable for automatic or manual switching
    Power Supply
    Power Supply:120VAC/9VDC 60Hz 10W wall plug-in transformer
    Power Consumption:5 Watts
    Power Protection:Metal Oxide Varistor
    Battery Backup:6V 3.4 AH sealed gel cell, provides up to 16
    hours of back-up time
    Operating Temperature: 32° F - 122° F (0° C - 50° C)
    Operating Humidity:0% - 90% Relative Humidity (RG) non-condensing
    Storage Temperature:32° F -140° F
    Dimensions:12.1" H x 7.3" W x 4.5" D
    Weight:5 lbs

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  • Sensaphone 2800 Wireless Monitoring and Alarm Notification System
  • Power Adapter
  • 3.4Ah Sealed Rechargeable Battery
  • Owner's Manual
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