SECO-LARM Enforcer SM-226L Garage Door Contacts for Closed Circuits
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Seco-Larm SM-226L Garage Door Contacts for Closed Circuits

Magnetic Contact for Your Garage Door, Large Doors, or Gates
  • Use on large, loose-fitting doors and gates
  • For Closed Circuits
  • UL listed for security systems



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  • Use this Garage Door Contact Switch on garage doors, roll-up doors and other doors or gates where it may be difficult to mount regular magnetic contacts. Smaller magnetic switches have a small operating gap where the contact and magnet must be within half an inch for reliable operation. While those switches are fine for most doors and windows in a home, they just won't cut it for larger doors. These contacts can be as far as 2 inches apart and still operate. These Garage Door Contacts for Closed Circuits are used for systems that expect a closed circuit when the magnet and sensor are together. When the magnet and sensor separate, the circuit opens. This set is commonly used with security systems.

    This sensor mounts to the floor and is made of a heavy duty polished aluminum die-cast housing. The contact switch is completely sealed with in this housing. On your door or gate, mount the magnet to complete the system. It is mounted on an adjustable L-bracket and is easily adjustable horizontally and vertically. A flexible 24 inch stainless armored cable protects the wires as they run along the ground.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: SECO-LARM
    Manufacturer Product No.: SM-226L
    Compatibility: Use with Closed Circuits
    Housing: Aluminum die-cast
    Cable Length: 24 in.

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    Review of 7455 Review by ISHIK
    Review of 7455

    easy to install on garage door (used pop rivets. good tolerance to separation (works with maybe 1-2 inches distance between magnet and switch). I installed it at the top of the garage door frame, and the top of the garage door itself, out of harms way. works great. i can run the wires along the garage door opener rail.

    Posted on 7/17/2013

    Review of 7455 Review by CHARLES
    Review of 7455

    Product is as described, dealing with Smarthome on the other hand has been very frustrating. Their idea of customer care leaves much to be desired. They will be a last resort supplier for my needs.

    Posted on 6/27/2013

    Review of 7455 Review by HARRY
    Review of 7455

    I bought this to secure a walk through gate. Works really well. Weatherproof and much greater tolerance than door alarm magnetic switch. Had to attach a longer wire to place the door alarm inside the house, but that worked out okay.

    Posted on 6/22/2013

    Review of 7455 Review by BOBBY
    Review of 7455

    Exactly what I needed. Product is very good quality.

    Posted on 6/2/2013

    Review of 7455 Review by RICHARD
    Review of 7455

    Not all holes on the magnet bracket are threaded which made moving the level of the magnet awkward.

    Posted on 4/20/2013

    Review of 7455 Review by FRANK
    Review of 7455

    Excellent product and easy to install. All the dimensions matched the previous sensor that it was replacing. No issues as of three weeks later.

    Posted on 3/12/2013

    Review of 7455 Review by CHEN
    Review of 7455

    Great for the garage door with put on the top of the door. The 2 inches gap between sensor works great. The metal plates does not effect the magnetic sensor.

    Posted on 12/8/2012

    Review of 7455 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 7455

    I tried for some time to get regular sized contact switches to work on my garage door, but they were not reliable because the contacts must be close together. And on a big moving garage door, that level of consistency is nearly impossible. This garage door contact has worked flawlessly for over a month. Had I known that there was a switch like this out there, I would not have wasted so much time trying to get regular switches to work! I did have to modify the brackets somewhat, but anyone with a small amount of handyman skills can find a way for this contact to work on most any door.

    Posted on 10/19/2012

    Review of 7455 Review by GREG
    Review of 7455

    good product fast shipping

    Posted on 9/23/2012

    Review of 7455 Review by GREG A.
    Review of 7455

    good product fast shipping

    Posted on 9/23/2012

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