SECO-LARM SK-910RB2Q Two-Channel RF Receiver
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SECO-LARM SK-910RB2Q Two-Channel RF Receiver

Two-Channel RF Receiver with CODEBUMP Technology
  • 5 programmable output modes
  • Features patented CODEBUMP technology
  • 2 Independently programmable channels
  • Compatible with all SECO-LARM transmitters
  • Use to control garage doors, house lights, alarm control panel, and more via remote control

Item #: 77459B


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  • The SECO-LARM Two-Channel RF Receiver can be used to control garage doors, house lights, alarm control panels, or other devices via a remote control. It has 5 programmable output modes which are 4-second momentary, toggle, latch, validity, and 1 second momentary. It comes with two independently programmable channels and is compatible with all SECO-LARM transmitters. The Two-Channel RF Receiver also features SECO-LARM's patented CODEBUMP technology, plus a Coding IC for rejecting unwanted RF signals.

    SECO-LARM's patented CODEBUMP technology will protect you from the modern day thief. With CODEBUMP, so-called code-grabbers and scanners are rendered obsolete because the RF code changes every time the transmitter button is pressed. In addition, with over 18 quintillion (1.8x1019) codes, the chances of ever repeating a code are virtually non-existent. SECO-LARM's CODEBUMP transmitters and receivers are perfect for controlling garage and gate openers, car and home alarms, plus much more.

    This revolutionary receiver incorporates:
    &nbsp1. Hi-Q Selectivity and a Coding IC for rejecting unwanted RF signals.
    &nbsp2. Higher Sensitivity for greater operating distances.
    &nbsp3. Unsurpassed Antenna Matching Capabilities so the receiver is less affected by where mounted.
    &nbsp4. Greater Tuning Stability so the receiver's frequency remains unaffected by shock and vibration.
    &nbsp5. Two LEDs indicate RF reception, learn mode entered, transmitter learned, memory cleared.
    &nbsp6. Two Mode switches (one for each channel) for easy transmitter learning. Learns up to 30 transmitters
    &nbsp7. Accepts SECO-LARM fixed code or CODEBUMP transmitters.

    • Operating Frequency: 315MHz
    • Operating Voltage: 11~24 VAC/VDC
    • Operating Distance: Up to 500ft (150m)
    • Operating Temperature: -4°~162°F (-20°~72°C)
    • Current Drain: 8mA@12VDC (standby) 60 mA per channel at 12 VDC (activated)
    • Sensitivity: -87dBm (typical)
    • Data Format: PWM
    • Compatible Transmitters: 68 billion codes (SK-919TD1S-UP, SK-919TT1S-BU, SK-919TDWS-BU, SK-919TD2A-UP, SK-919TP4J-NU, SK-919TP1H-BU, SK-919TP2H-NU, SK-919TP4H-NU).
    • 18 Quintillion codes (SK-917T2A-U, SK-917TP4J-NU).
    • RF Channels: Two
    • Number of Stored Transmitter Codes: 15 per channel, 30 per receiver
    • Receiver Outputs: Two Form "C" dry relay contacts
    • Output Modes: 4-Second momentary, toggle, latch, validity, 1-second momentary
      VConnectors: 8 Quick-connect screw terminals (+, -, with NO/NC/COM for channel 1 and NO/NC/COM for channel 2)
    • Case Construction: High-impact ABS plastic
    • Size: 31/4"x33/8"x11/8" (83x85x28 mm)
    • Weight: 4.1-oz (116g)
    • Approvals: FCC
  • 7 Reviews

    Review of 77459B Review by BERNARD
    Review of 77459B

    Secolarm changed this product from the previous version I am used to. Now the MODE is software programmable with buttons as opposed to cutting jumpers. I hope it retains the setting long term. Time will tell.

    Posted on 7/9/2014

    Review of 77459B Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 77459B

    I have a solar operated pump (~24 volts as fed directly from the solar panels). I use the SECO-LARM SK-919TD1S-UP 1-Button Wireless Transmitter together with this receiver, to turn the water on/off when I am watering the garden, or when using the water for processing produce at my wood fired stove. I don't get more than about 150 ft from the receiver and this system works great for me. Programming and installing the receiver was very easy.I bought two of the transmitters and could use one to control a different device if needed. I programmed them both to control the same pump though. That way if I forget to bring one transmitter, the second one is kept in the shed where the pump is and I don't have to make a trip back to the house (garden is remote from home and utility power).

    Posted on 7/23/2013

    Review of 77459B Review by JOHN
    Review of 77459B

    Nicely packaged unit and quality components as well as easy to connect. The one drawback, is the one second delay of relay deactivation after the button is released, so if you need an instant deactivation of power while in the momentary mode, this is not the receiver for you. I tried to use it for my wheelchair lift but was unable to because the lift would keep moving for one second after button was released...something that is just not acceptable as the lift would move 3 or 4 inches in that time. So, for that reason I gave it only 4 stars.

    Posted on 12/5/2012

    Review of 77459B Review by DAVE
    Review of 77459B

    Awesome product! Easy to program and install. good connections on the PCB, simple instructions. Good range on the transmitter.

    Posted on 2/6/2012

    Review of 77459B Review by PATRICK
    Review of 77459B

    Installed and working fine.

    Posted on 11/24/2011

    Review of 77459B Review by MARTIN
    Review of 77459B

    The only issue I have with this item is when set on toggle it often only works in one second increments. It won't stay on until released. This is frustrating as I'm using it on an air suspension on a custom motor cycle.

    Posted on 10/14/2011

    Review of 77459B Review by MATTHEW
    Review of 77459B

    This item is working good so far.

    Posted on 9/1/2011

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