Scalewatcher 3 Star Residential Water Descaler
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Scalewatcher 3 Star Residential Water Descaler

The Green Alternative to Salt Based Water Softeners
  • Provides your water with soft water characteristics without the addition of salt or chemicals
  • Helps control algae & bacteria: Limescale inside pipes and tubing provides a breeding ground for bio-growth
  • Reduces water spots on dishes and fixtures

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  • The Scalewatcher 3 Star Residential Water Descaler works great with cold water in 1.5" main piping. For homes with tankless water heaters or hot water tanks. Ten year extended warranty is included. The system consists of the energizing unit and a coil which is wrapped around the pipe of the incoming water supply. The Scalewatcher electronic device treats the hard water with a patented technology by inducing variable electric fields with a continuously changing frequency. This forces the dissolved minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium to crystallize and remain in suspension in the water instead of adhering to walls of piping, faucets or heating elements of water heaters. The hard minerals now in suspension flow with the water and are discharged through the drain. This action stops any build up of hard scale. The capability of the water to dissolve minerals is also increased and this is the reason why hard scale layers will be softened, will slowly enter into the water stream, and will disappear down the drain. This effect will clean up all your piping, water heating element, including showerheads and faucets. The now unsaturated water will dissolve existing scale and remove it from the water system. Even deposits on the outside of the water system, such as around faucets and bathroom fixtures, will soften with regular contact with the treated water resulting in easier cleaning without the use of chemicals.

  • Supply Voltage: 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Current Consumption: 8 Watts (0.008 kWh)
    Power Supply: External adapter
    Application Voltage: 12 V / DC
    Coil cable: 16 AWG stranded
    Maximum Coil Temperature: 180 F
    Capable of Driving: Two double layer coils
    Protection Rated: NEMA 2
    Output Reading: LED Bar graph
    Max. Enclosure Temperature: +149 F
    Min. Enclosure Temperature: -20F
    Unit Dimensions: 9.5" x 6" x 1.5"
  • 3 Reviews

    Review of 32441 Review by Frank
    Review of 32441

    The Scalewatcher 3 works great for us! It dissolves the scale and grime in our kitchen sink and works better than our salt-oriented water softener at keeping things clean. Taking a shower leaves you with great soap formation and a very clean feeling. Don't listen to what the purported scientists say; they are likely people from the regular plumbing industry who are worried about losing many customers that depend on their traditional/antiquated systems that need constant upkeep and salt. Besides, there is a full-money back guarantee with this system. If you don't like it after 6 months, you get your money back. It's also guaranteed for 10 years functionality wise.

    I looked online... and found that the Scalewatcher Company has an A+ rating with the BBB i.e., the Better Business Bureau. No second-rate company could do that!

    We're more than glad that we purchased ours, and we wish we did so sooner!

    Posted on 2/8/2014

    Review of 32441 Review by mike
    Review of 32441

    he Scalewatcher purports to operate on the impressive-sounding principle of DDMF - Dynamic Disturbance of Molecular Forces whatever that is supposed to be!

    The principles of Magnetohydrodynamics MHD are applied by passing Scalewatcher's patented signal through a coil wrapped around the pipe to be treated. The signal consists of a frequency modulated FM wave form within the audio frequency AF bandwidth. This inaudible sonic frequency signal sets up a dynamic field around and through the coil, pipe and water, and modifies ... the nature of the electrical charges and this ionisation effect thus alters the growth rate and pattern of the crystals in general and on specific planes.

    Nobody apparently has told these people that MHD phenomena have only been demonstrated in plasmas ionized gases, not in water. They claim that it not only makes lime scale precipitate out of solution before it can coat the pipe, but it causes existing scale to dissolve. Unfortunately, the UK Advertising Standards Authority the British analog of the U.S. FTC disagrees:

    The Authority told the advertisers to remove claims from their advertising that stated or implied Scalewatcher could eliminate lime scale [link]

    Posted on 1/10/2014

    Review of 32441 Review by Scientist
    Review of 32441

    This is the usual hoax. Smarthome please remove all such snake oil items from the Smarthome website - or else change your name Home of Dummies.
    None of the electronic descalers ever worked.
    The dead giveaway is NO RETURN policy on them. Just an exchange - really - explain intelligently why? You do not have a good explanation, because the objective of the snake oil sales is to grab the money and run before the customer realizes that it is junk.
    Stand behind the product - offer 2 year warranty - and if at any time we do not see any change in the water - take your junk back.
    Of course the falsehood in the enthusiastic ratings must be removed.

    Posted on 11/16/2013

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