Remote IR Control

While there are plenty of products that offer to extend your IR remote signals from one room to another, using INSTEON allows you to easily combine lighting control with IR control. Now you can not only turn your favorite station on from another room but also dim the lights down - all from a single remote.


Remote Control for Your A/V Equipment

Use a remote to set a romantic mood by turning on your stereo, setting the radio station and dimming down the lights.


INSTEON Mini Remote sends a wireless RF signal to Access Points or dual-band products which send signals over your existing electrical wires to the IRLinc Transmitter. IRLinc then converts the signals to IR commands to control your A/V equipment. You can also link INSTEON switches, plug-in modules, outlets and more to respond to the same command; creating elegant movie-time scenes.



The RF signals from the Mini Remote can be converted and transmitted to the IRLinc by way of any dual-band device. Choose LampLinc Dual-Band modules for lamp control and you won't need an Access Point.


Parts List

•  1x - INSTEON Mini Remote, White
•  1x - INSTEON Range Extender
•  1x - IRLinc Transmitter - INSTEON to IR Converter
•  2x - INSTEON LampLinc Lamp Dimmer Modules

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Convert and Existing Wall Switch Into an IR Remote

Replace an existing wall switch with a KeypadLinc and be able to turn the lights off in addition to the TV or other A/V gear. This works well for the master bedroom: when leaving your room, turn off the bedside lamp, ceiling light and TV or stereo all at the press of a button.


KeypadLinc transmits commands to other INSTEON devices and to your A/V devices via IRLinc Transmitter.


Parts List

•  1x - KeypadLinc
•  1x - IRLinc Transmitter - INSTEON to IR Converter
•  2x - SwitchLinc Dimmer

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