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Bluetooth Audio Solutions

Bluetooth Audio Solutions

Bluetooth is not just something to help you drive safer while on the phone, it can empower you to cut the cords when it comes to playing music at home or on the go. Follow this guide to understand the ways to let Bluetooth help you play music in any scenario.


Distracted driving is dangerous and potentially deadly, the last thing you need is to be fumbling around looking for your cell phone when a call is coming in. The Scosche motorMOUTH II lets you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road when it matters most. Without the discomfort of shoving something into your ear, this unique device plugs in to your stereos AUX port and sticks to a convenient place on the dash so you won’t drop it between or under the seat. The DSP echo cancellation eliminates wind, road noise, and your voice from echoing through your car speakers. The motorMouth II also supports A2DP audio streaming so you can stream you favorite audio app from your smartphone.


Parts Required

  1. Scosche motorMOUTH II (SKU # 43271)
  2. Bluetooth enabled phone


Easily pair your Bluetooth enabled phone after you plug in the motorMouth II and LED light blinks blue. After charging, power on the Bluetooth speakerphone. If the microphone seems far away, use the provided cable and mount to relocate it closer to your talking direction. Next time your phone rings in the car, select the AUX source and answer the phone by pressing the multifunction button on the mic.

Shower in Sounds

Some people sing better in the shower and some just want to listen to their music library. Now by harnessing the power of Bluetooth from your tablet or smartphone you can wirelessly stream your favorite songs right into the shower with the FRESHeTECH Splash Shower Tunes Speaker. This waterproof speaker allows you to take calls and hear your favorite music while you shower without getting your smartphone wet.

Parts Required

  1. 1x - FRESHeTECH Splash Shower Tunes Speaker (SKU # 78310)
  2. Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop


Use the provided USB cable to charge before using for the first time. Power the Shower Tunes Speaker on for the first time by holding down the power button for 6 seconds. The indicator LED should be flashing red and blue to indicate it is ready to pair to your Bluetooth enabled device (smart phone, tablet, laptop). From your device proceed to the Bluetooth settings and choose BTS-06 using the password 0000. Your device is now ready to stream music and make calls. Use the suction cup attached to the back of the speaker to attach to a smooth surface or just rest on a shelf.

Home Theater System

Bringing your digital music library to your home theater or stereo system doesn’t mean having to replace them to gain compatibility. Simply add Bluetooth. The Smarthome SELECT Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Audio Receiver gives you the power to stream music from your smart phone, tablet, or laptop directly to your existing audio setup.

Parts Required

  1. 1x - Smarthome SELECT Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Audio Receiver (one speaker per package) (SKU # 59513)
  2. A/V Receiver with available inputs (AUX or RCA)


Installation is straight forward, so no need to feel overwhelmed. On you existing stereo system identify an available input, either a small hole that reads “Aux” or two red and white hole that read “Audio/Source In”. After choosing, use the provided cables and plug in. Plug the Smarthome SELECT Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Audio Receiver into the other end and plug the power into the wall. From your stereo, select the input source to match where you placed the cable. The Bluetooth receiver is now in pairing mode and can be seen by your smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Go into the Bluetooth settings and select Audio Adapter, the pin code is 0000, and you are ready to hear your music without loading in another cd. With a range of 30’ between the receiver and your Bluetooth enabled device, you can enjoy the comfort of your home and control your playlist and some volume without having to touch the stereo. Up to 8 devices are supported to play music from so there is no need to reprogram each time you want to listen.



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