Samsung SHS-7020XMS Digital Door Lock with RFID Card
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Samsung SHS-7020XMS Digital Door Lock with RFID Card

The Pinnacle of Safety and User-Friendly Technology in One Device


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  • The door can be opened with a card.
    The door can be opened with the card contained in the product package or the ISO14443A-Type card. (up to 250 including the password to be registered).
    The door can be opened with the password.
    A password can be registered and used to open the door without the
    Anti-panic function can easily open the locked door.
    The locked door can be easily opened from inside by just rotating the
    The door does not have to be locked manually.
    The door is automatically locked when it closes, eliminating the need to lock it manually (excluded when the mode is set for Passage).
    Pranks played by children and juveniles can be prevented.
    When an unregistered card or key tag is used, or when an invalid
    password is entered 3 or more times consecutively, an alarm sound is
    generated and power to the lock is automatically cut off for one minute.

  • Number Combination: 4-12 digit number combination
    User Capacity (Maximum Registration): 250 Card Keys
    Outside Dimensions: 86 x 222 x 69 (mm: W x H x D)
    Inside Dimensions: 86 x 222 x 69 (mm: W x H x D)
    Size: UL-Listed Cylindrical Tubular Latch with 2-3/4" Standard Backset
    Material: Zinc, PC (Polycarbonate)
    Color: Silver
    Humidity: 20% ~ 80%
    Power: DC6V (Alkaline AA, Battery 5pcs, option for wiring)
    Battery Life (5 AA Alkaline Batteries): About 12 months (20 uses per day)
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    • Indoor device unit
    • Outdoor device unit
    • Cylinder
    • Rose
    • Latch bolt
    • Strike
    • Cylinder retainer
    • 5 AAA batteries
    • Emergency key
    • Key cylinder
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