Royal Equipment PBER-pi1 PowerBank Energy Recycler Plug-In Unit
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Royal Equipment PBER-pi1 PowerBank Energy Recycler Plug-In Unit

Saves Money by Recycling Energy to Appliances that would be Otherwise Wasted
  • Filters and conditions line noise, reducing line resistance to power returning to the grid
  • Reduces the amp draw from the power source
  • Reduces non-working power, lowering motor temperatures and extended their life
  • Decreases stress to motors caused by voltage surges and spikes
  • Provides surge protection
  • Enhances power factor & suppress amperage surges

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  • This power saving device uses state of the art electrical technology to actively monitor and improve the power factor of your household and office appliances. In addition, the intelligent technology optimizes the voltage and current demands thus reducing the active power/ KwH demands and achieves an average of 10-15% savings on your electricity bill. It also reduces waveform distortions and acts as a voltage stabilizer by storing emery for up to 10 seconds and therefore supplies the load with constant voltage during momentary power surges. As a result, the PowerBank Energy Recycler prolongs the lifespan of electrical appliances.

    How Many Do I Need?
    For homes that are less than 2000 square feet, 2 PowerBank units are usually enough. For homes that are between 2000 - 3000 square feet, use 3 units. For homes larger than 3000 square feet, at least 4 are recommended. The number of units recommended increases if the homeowner has a refrigerator/freezer outside the kitchen or a wall-mount air conditioner. The units come with instructions on where to place the units to receive the most benefit from them.

  • Manufacturer: Royal Equipment, LTD
    Manufacturer Part #: PBER-pi1
    UPC: 713757781831
  • 4 Reviews

    Review of 36650 Review by ANDREW
    Review of 36650

    Waiting to see results on energy bill

    Posted on 7/9/2014

    Review of 36650 Review by Mapper
    Review of 36650

    Couldn't disagree more with these 2 reviews. I have these devices in my own home and saw a significant reduction in electricity more than the 10% they guarantee here. My friend is an electrician with more than 30 years experience and explained all about capacitors, the power factor and the inherent inefficiencies that cause power to go unused once you've already paid for it. As for the return policy: 1 full year to try it out and get your money back if you don't see the result? Sounds great to me!

    Posted on 8/28/2013

    Review of 36650 Review by Professor
    Review of 36650

    Fraud alert. Smarthome please remove this fraudulent item from your offering.
    Do not even think of buying this. The return policy is also the proof. This is a black box without any explanation given how does it do it. There were plenty of such devices before. They claim to do phase shifting power factor correcting devices. You do not have any device in the house that it would properly work on to make any difference, assuming that it is not a fraud.
    Power factor correcting devices are used in huge indusrial plants on huge electric motors and installations on three-phase power supply. The system wide savings of 0.1% might make sense, at home they do not matter. But 100% of plug-in devices offerred to consumers for this purpose are fraud.
    If you do not know what reactive, real and apparent power is - do not buy this thing. It is a fraudulent as it gets. It is even worst than those ultrasonic squirril and mosquito repelants.
    If you have time and understanding read this:

    Posted on 3/18/2013

    Review of 36650 Review by Tony
    Review of 36650

    As a 25 year electrical contractor and electrical administrator, I must agree with this previous comment. Almost all appliances have high power factor ratings, newer ones are mandated to.

    The MOV capacitors are most defiantly for use in large 3-phase power consumers, and can indeed help balance phases to optimize power correction balances.

    Please read the following and save my fingers the typing!

    If you desire entire home surge protection, look into the simple units provided by companies such as Leviton for $50.00

    Posted on 3/18/2013

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