Reporter Wireless Driveway Alert System
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Reporter Wireless Driveway Alert System

Be Alerted When Someone Approaches Your Home!

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  • The expandable Driveway Alert security system comes with one sensor and one receiver. Up to three additional transmitters (each sold separately) may be added to each receiver, allowing you to cover four different locations simultaneously, each with four distinct beeps.

    Other features of the Reporter Wireless Driveway Alert System include:
  • Amazing range; the sensor has a 30' range and can transmit a signal to the receiver up to 900' away
  • Detects humans and vehicles, but ignores animals
  • Waterproof sensor assembly
  • Weather shield included to protect sensor from the elements
  • Receiver features sound control and has an output to trigger external alarms or bells
  • Microprocessor code-learning technology eliminates false alarms — receiver responds only to transmitters assigned to it

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:RWA-300R
    Battery:4 AA batteries required (not included). Receiver is AC powered.
    Transmission range:Sensor has a 30' range and can transmit a signal to the receiver up to 900' away
    Dimensions:Less than 4" x 3" x 2"
    Warranty:1 year

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    has worked for 25 years great Review by mac
    has worked for 25 years great

    I have never had problems with this unit .only had to change batteries on the sensor 3 times. now hope new one lasts that long cause a car lost control on highway near our driveway an took out fence and of coarse our driveway sensor

    Posted on 3/25/2015

    THEE Best Review by DM
    THEE Best

    Working 10 years and counting. Super peace of mind. Also...if you have these and they continue to buzz repeatedly, there's two possible problems. 1. Spider/bug in the eye. (bug spray on a q-tip) 2. Batteries need to be replaced. (The constant buzzing means low batteries).

    Posted on 11/11/2014

    Review of 7317 Review by GUIL.
    Review of 7317

    i have to tell you i had mine for a few years and it just gave out.and im ordering another one.for the front of the house or the back it works good and its nice to know who is coming before they get to your door or window.

    Posted on 12/6/2013

    Review of 7317 Review by Chuck
    Review of 7317

    Had mine 9 years and not happy because can't get anotherone with relay switch. Very satisfied with mine.

    Posted on 7/3/2013

    Review of 7317 Review by Sherri
    Review of 7317

    I've had my reporter for several years and I wouldn't be without it! I'm ordering another one for our property next door. We've had no poblems with it and the batteries last a good year before we need to change out. We have a long driveway and have no problem for the signal to reach. My son in law has one and it's a good 900' from his house and it works every time! I highly recommend this product!

    Posted on 11/23/2012

    Review of 7317 Review by Chief
    Review of 7317

    Have 3 reporters,one works part time and no repair facility to have them repaired not happy camper..............

    Posted on 10/5/2012

    Review of 7317 Review by darkoh
    Review of 7317

    Essential piece of equipment for a long private driveway. The motion sencing/sender unit uses minimal battery life they will last a good couple of months. & it has great range to the reciever & is quite sensitive to movement, it does seem to ignore animals but on a windy day its not shy in letting you know the trees are blowing around.The reciever makes a hell of a noise when it goes off & it only has three volume settings, EXTREME!, LOUD, or muted it came be quite frightning on or quiet night in front of a decent horror flick. But that is its only flaw. Earning itself a healthy 4 stars from me. Well done.

    Posted on 8/5/2011

    Review of 7317 Review by Lisa
    Review of 7317

    Worked great for 3 1/2 years, now keeps constantly buzzing. Time for a new one!

    Posted on 6/12/2011

    Review of 7317 Review by Maria T.
    Review of 7317

    Love this driveway alarm. works fine,and alerts me when the deer are about to pound on my rings, the dog barks, and the deer run away. Yay!
    i have 2 one in the driveway, one on side of my house where my plantings are..
    Maria T.

    Posted on 5/15/2011

    Review of 7317 Review by Joe N.
    Review of 7317

    First of all, I'm not one to do reviews on products that I've bought. But I thought after purchasing the Reporter well over 5 years ago, it was time to give that rare review. Along with the monitor, I have two motion detectors. One mounted on front of my barn and one mounted on a trunk of a tree, between my barn and my house which is 80' away. One monitors the 150' driveway to the barn and the other monitors the side entry to my barn. Up in my house, the monitor is located in my kitchen which is located at the opposite end of my house, another 45'! I live in a two story Colonial. When the monitor beeps, its so loud, I can hear it in my master bed room up stairs with no problem. FACT, I have never had ANY PROBLEMS with this system period. It has performed as well as it did over 5 years ago. The best part, I HAVE NEVER...NEVER replaced the batteries in either motion detector EVER! For the money, it cannot be beat! I would highly recommend the Reporter for your monitoring needs.

    Posted on 11/23/2010

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  • Reporter Wireless Driveway Alert System - 1 Sensor & 1 Receiver
  • One year warranty
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