Protected Home HS-700 HomeSitter
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Protected Home HS-700 HomeSitter

Temperature-Water-Power Monitor
  • Automatically calls to up to three telephone numbers upon alarm
  • Sounds local built-in siren upon all alarms
  • Monitors for a temperature loss/rise (below 45 degrees F/7 degrees C or rise above 85 degrees F/34 degrees C)
  • Monitors for water leaks or over-flowing sump pumps (water sensor included)
  • Monitors for power outages
  • Monitors the back-up battery status

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  • The HS-700 HomeSitter from Protected Home is the lowest cost multi-functional home monitoring system on the market! The HomeSitter will sound an audible alarm and call up to three telephone numbers to protect your home from damage caused by temperature extremes, water leaks or power failures. Set-up takes just a few minutes and there are no monitoring fees or installation costs! All you need is a phone line and a power outlet.

    The HomeSitter automatically calls out to notify you if there is a drop in temperature (below 45°F/7°C) or a rise in temperature (above 85°F/29°C). This temperature alarm feature can help you prevent frozen/burst pipes due to furnace failure or prevent mildew and humidity damage when an air conditioner stops working in the summertime heat.

    Included with the HomeSitter is a remote wired water sensor that can be placed in the basement, near a water heater, below the kitchen sink, washing machine, or inside your sump pump. Early detection of water leaks with a water alarm can save many thousands of dollars in property damage!

    The HomeSitter power failure alarm will also notify you of a power outage at your monitored property. Knowing the power is out enables you to take action before expensive consequences can occur. You can even select how long the power is out before the unit calls to avoid nuisance calls.

    The HomeSitter offers great peace of mind and protection for your home and requires no installation or monitoring fees! When the HomeSitter calls, it plays an easy to understand message, clearly stating what type of problem (temperature, water or power) is occurring at your monitored location. The HomeSitter will continue to call until the alarm is acknowledged and cancelled.

    The HomeSitter requires a standard telephone line or digital telephone service (digital cable phone service, VOIP, DSL phone service). Two (2) AA back-up batteries are required, but not included.

  • Power requirements:
    Two power sources: 110VAC power adapter voltage stepped down to
    6VDC, 200mA; 2 AA batteries for backup power (alkaline or lithium batteries, not provided) CHANGE BATTERIES after a prolonged AC power failure or yearly.
    Temperature monitoring (DIP switch selectable): Temperature drops below 45° F (7° C) or temperature rises above 85° F (34° C)
    Humidity: 95%
    Dimensions: 5.8in L, 3.5in W, 1.5in H (147.3mm, 88.9mm, 38.1mm)
  • 5 Reviews

    Review of 70036 Review by ANDRE
    Review of 70036

    Easy to install and use. Simple solution to frozen pipes caused by a malfunctioning boiler.

    Posted on 3/20/2014

    Review of 70036 Review by JON
    Review of 70036

    Product has tested out to perform as promoted in all 3 failure modes. This includes dial-out operation over cable system with no problem. GREAT tool to give much comfort while away from home. Recommended to others.

    Posted on 12/17/2013

    Review of 70036 Review by TERRY
    Review of 70036

    Just what we needed. Monitors basement sump pump tank for overflow, monitors electric failure at sump pump outlet, and monitors low temperature in case of furnace failure.

    You can set a DIP switch so that short power failures don't triger warnings - set ours to 90 minute electric failure before alarm. Shorter time can be set.

    Will dial three phone numbers until response and you can test dial each number.

    I ran a phone line from my DSL modem about 20 feet through some stick-on plastic conduit. Works great and looks great.

    I mounted unit at eye level on the wall in a $3 notepad wall holder. I think it is an excellent device, with the only "con" being no wall mount screw slot on the back.

    The water sensor cable length was more than adequate, the manual sys it is only 3' but mine was 10'-12' feet, and you can easily add wire to up to 100' in length.

    I think it is a great device!

    Posted on 12/4/2013

    Review of 70036 Review by Justin
    Review of 70036

    Sensor wires are so short you have to mount the dialer/controller within two feet of the floor to reach. System will not work when plugged into a cable modem for phone access. Great idea, but doesn't work well.

    Posted on 11/19/2010

    Review of 70036 Review by GREG
    Review of 70036

    Great idea but the unit did not perform as advertised. (High temp was 72 instead of 84 degrees resulting in false alarms.)

    Posted on 10/23/2010

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