Programmable Touchless Light Switch
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Programmable Touchless Light Switch

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Control Lights with a Wave of Your Hand or with Your TV Remote Control

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  • Designed to control incandescent lights, the Programmable Touchless Light Switch is ideal for a variety of applications. Use it in your bathroom or kitchen so you don't have to worry about turning the lights on when your hands are wet. Use it in your garage to avoid spreading around grease while you're working on your car. Use the pre-programmed timer feature if you typically come home late at night. Touchless operation is ideal for people with reduced or limited mobility.

    Its IR remote control abilities are great for controlling lights when you're watching your home theater system. Because the light switch can be activated by any IR signal, you can turn lights on or off with the push of any button on any IR remote control. Simply point the remote to the switch, press a button and your lights will alternately turn on or off.

    The switch can be installed in just 10 minutes, even by the most elementary do-it-yourselfer. Just turn the power off at the circuit breaker, remove your existing wall switch, reconnect the wires to the Programmable Touchless Light Switch and mount the new switch housing to the wall. Restore power and you're ready to enjoy easy control of any incandescent light, whether it be a wired-in ceiling light or a stand-alone lamp controlled by a wall switch.

    The light switch is also completely programmable, offering several options to adjust it for your needs. For example, you can set the switch to activate with a wave of your hand from 2 inches away from the switch to as far as 8 inches. The unit's programmable timer can set lights on or off automatically, and can repeat every 24 hours. You can also program the distance from which the switch can accept IR signals - from as far as 25 feet away. If you only want to use one or two of the switch's abilities, you can enable or disable any of the switch's functions at any time.

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    Elan Electronics Product No.:US-3
    Rated:400W, 120V AC/60 Hz Incandescent only
    Remote Distance:Up to 25 feet
    Remote Use:For incandescent, indoor lights only

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  • One Programmable Touchless Light Switch
  • White Wall Plate
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