SmartLabs' INSTEON Wins AeA High Tech Award for Innovative Technology of the Year AeA Orange County Council Selects INSTEON Wireless Home Control Technology For its Consumer Appeal Irvine, Calif. - May 22, 2006 - SmartLabs, Inc.�, the world's leading authority in home control and automation, has won the AeA High Tech Award for Innovative Technology of the Year for its INSTEON� wireless home control technology. The AeA Orange County Council made the announcement at its 13th Annual High Tech Innovation Awards ceremony on May 18. SmartLabs' INSTEON home control networking technology uses a simple, low-cost combination of wireless and power line communications to link core home systems such as lighting, security, comfort control, consumer electronics, appliances and safety sensors for remote monitoring and control. "With nearly 14 years of consumer feedback about how people want home control to work in their homes, for security and energy management for example, SmartLabs created INSTEON for the homeowner," said Joe Dada, founder and CEO, SmartLabs. "We are honored that the AeA recognizes how important INSTEON will be in fulfilling our vision of making home control available to everyone." Ultimately, INSTEON makes home control readily available for adoption by the mass market. Because the technology is affordable, it keeps the product price for consumer devices down. And, because it is simple for the homeowner to install and it is reliable, products with INSTEON can be sold in mass market retailers like Home Depot as well as by dealers, distributors and installers (e.g. electricians). For more information about SmartLabs and INSTEON home control technology, please visit www.smartlabsinc.com and www.INSTEON.net. SmartLabs is headquartered in Irvine, Calif.