PowerHome2 Insteon-Compatible Home Automation Software
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PowerHome2 Insteon-Compatible Home Automation Software

Automate and Integrate Your Lighting, Appliances, Security and Home Theater
  • Empower your home with PowerHome
  • Control your home automation system using your PC or the web
  • Perfect for Insteon, UPB, X-10, Infrared, audio/video devices and more
  • Highly customizable - use with Elk M1, HVAC, Caller ID, Weather
  • No plugins needed
  • Unlimited licenses for your home's computers
  • EZ SetUp Wizard gets you up and running in minutes


REWARDS: 99 points
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  • PowerHome2 Home Automation Software offers the ability to automate all your home systems from your home computer. You can integrate lighting and appliances with security and home theater. When used with the appropriate control hardware, sold separately, PowerHome2 supports Insteon, X10 and UPB home automation technology, Elk Security systems and control of infrared audio and video devices. With PowerHome2's programmable Windows based interface, this control can be achieved via keyboard, mouse, touch screen, web, email, X-10, Insteon, UPB, IR, RS-232, voice recognition, socket communications, Windows Messaging, and even your Internet enabled cell phone. PowerHome2 includes four Wizards that help you get PowerHome2 up and running quickly: Controller Wizard, Device Wizard, Timed Event Wizard and Control Center wizard.

    PowerHome2 includes support for all Insteon controllers and devices including:
    Dimmers and switches
    Wire-in / outlet modules
    Plug-in modules
    Occcupancy & motion sensors
    Handheld & tabletop remotes
    Thermostats & HVAC control
    Sprinkler & low voltage
    IR Control

    The PowerHome 2 Software requires the use of a controller(s) to communicate with your devices, sold separately.

    Smarthome does not accept returns on any opened software.

    Compatible Controllers
    PowerLinc Modem - Insteon Serial Interface
    PowerLinc Controller - Insteon Serial Interface
    PowerLinc Controller - Insteon USB Interface
    PowerLinc Serial/TW523 X10 Interface
    PowerLinc Controller USB X10 Interface
    UPB Serial Interface Module
    Elk M1 Lighting & Thermostat Interface

    Additional Features
    • Fully programmable interface via your choice of languages. You can use the internal
    • Macro and formula scripting or any language supported by Windows Script Host (for example: VBScript, JScript, etc.)
    • Internal Web server for remote control and monitoring. Supports user defined dynamic content via PSP (PowerHome Server Pages)
    • Voice Recognition
    • Text to Speech
    • User definable remote layouts allow for virtually any keystroke combination
    • Touchscreen friendly interface
    • Customizable display allows you to show floor plan layouts and place controls over actual photos
    • Insteon control using USB or Serial PowerLinc V2 and the SmartHome Device Manager. Full support for Insteon including software link discovery and building as well as KeypadLinc support
    • UPB control using serial or USB PIMs. Complete support for UPB devices and links
      X-10 control via CM11A, CM17A firecracker, MR26A Mouse Remote, CPU-XA/Ocelot, W800, W800RF32, PowerLinc RS-232, PowerLinc USB
    • Infrared control via CIR, Multi-CIR, RedRat2, RedRat3, CPU-XA/Ocelot, USB-UIRT, Slink-e
    • Digital Input, Digital Output, and Analog Input control with the CPU-XA/Ocelot and additional Adicon modules
    • Full DI/DO and AI/AO support for the Velleman K8000 controller
    • New Controller module allows you to use a virtually unlimited number of controllers.
    • Use multiple X10, IR, and other controllers. Don't limit yourself to a single controller.
    • CD jukebox player control with playlists and autoprogramming
    • CD database with freed support
    • Video database
    • Macros
    • Triggers
    • Timed Events
    • Full event and Web logging
    • Multi-X control allows a sequence of X-10 commands for control (access 256 macros from your palm pad by pressing 2 buttons, 64 macros from your keychain remote by pressing 3 buttons.)
    • Sunrise, Sunset, and Civil Twilight calculations
    • Socket Server for remote control of PowerHome from other applications and machines
    • Windows Messaging Interface for additional remote control capabilities
    • Windows Script Host Interface
    • Built-in WAP server for remote control via an internet enabled cell phone

      Setup Wizards
    • The Controller Wizard: A Controller connects your PC to your home automation devices. PowerHome2 lets you connect multiple Controllers to your PC. The Controller Wizard takes you through the steps necessary to connect Insteon, UPB, and X-10 controllers to your PC. Other types of Controllers can also be connected but not by using this Wizard. See the manual for further details.
    • The Device Wizard: The Device Wizard lets you tell PowerHome2 what Devices (eg. light switches) you have in your home. This is done automatically if possible, manually if automatic is not available, or a combination of both methods.
    • The Timed Event Wizard: Timed Events is a powerful feature of PowerHome2. It allows you to control a home automation device at a certain day, date and time and to repeat that event at a frequency you choose. For example you can turn on an outside light at dusk or 1 hour and 10 minutes after dusk or at a random time after dusk. You can turn that light off at 1 a.m., at dawn or 35 minutes before or after dawn, or only on Tuesdays. Those types of Timed Events can be easily created using the Timed Events Wizard. The Timed Events Wizard can be used repeatedly to create many Timed Events. To create more sophisticated Timed Events, instead of using the Wizard, from the toolbar click on the PowerHome Explorer button and navigate to Timed Events.
    • The Control Center Wizard: Using the Control Center you can create varied graphical screens depicting and controlling your home automation devices. The Control Center Wizard automatically creates a series of basic graphic screens based upon the home 23 automation devices it finds entered in PowerHome2 either through the Device Wizard or manually. If you later add (or remove) devices you can rerun the Control Center Wizard and it will delete the old screens and create new ones. The screens added by the Control Center Wizard can also be changed by you at any time by right clicking on a blank space on a Control Center screen and clicking on Open Design View. You can choose the size of the Control Center screens created by the wizard to fit your monitor or touch screen.

      Devices Supported
    • Global Cache GC-100: Superb IR Network Adaptor and controller. The GC-100 supports IR, Digital In/Out, and remote serial ports. This adaptor allows for multiple IR output zones.
    • Elk M1 Gold - One of the best DIY Home Automation / Security panels available. Supports Digital I/O, Analog In, Temperature, Thermostats, keypads, etc.
    • CIR - Computerized Infrared Remote. A simple device that records and plays back streams of infrared data.
    • RedRat2 and RedRat3 - Excellent serial and USB Infrared interfaces allowing for the easy learning of a virtually unlimited number of IR commands.
    • CPU-XA/Ocelot - 2 way Infrared and X-10 controller capable of running stand alone. Also supports digital / analog inputs and digital outputs over an RS-485 network.
      Slink-e - Nirvis home automation controller allowing 2 way Infrared and Sony S-link control.
    • USB-UIRT - Superb USB interface for two way Infrared control. Easily learns and responds to a multitude of IR commands.
    • X10 - Makers of the X-10 brand of automation controls. Link directly to the X-10 controllers supported by PowerHome: CM11A, CM17A, and the MR26A.
    • Cepstral - Purchase additional voices for PowerHome and SAPI 5 TTS. Cepstral Technology has created some high-quality SAPI 5 compatible voices for those who are tired of the default ones provided by Microsoft.

      Technical Notes
    • PowerHome Home Automation Software is Written in Sybase PowerBuilder version 10.5
    • All code and data maintained in Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere Database system
    • Custom DLL's written in Microsoft Visual C and assembly
    • Voice Recognition and Text to Speech components licensed from Microsoft (SAPI 4.0a)
    • Remote Access Server Dialup control licensed from SocketWrench

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: PowerHome Automation LLC
    Manufacturer Product No.: PH2
    System Requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista, Pentium With 128MB of RAM
    Serial Compatibility: CM11A Interface, CM17A Firecracker, MR26A Mouse Remote, RedRat2, CPU-XA/Ocelot, Slink-E, W800, W800RF32, PowerLinc RS-232, PowerLinc V2 Serial
    Parallel Compatibility: Velleman K8000
    USB Compatibility: RedRat3, USB-UIRT, PowerLinc USB, PowerLinc V2 USB
    Text-To-Speech Requirements: Sound Card
    Maximum Number of Devices Unlimited
    Maximum Devices Connections: Unlimited

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    The most powerful Home Control software in the World Review by Jeff
    The most powerful Home Control software in the World

    I've been using Powerhome for over a decade. You need to have the patience to do a little coding, but it is the most flexible control software made. Anything you can think of, you can do with Powerhome. Including: Independent control of keypadlinc lights. Infinite levels of if/then/else/looping, etc. In my system, every command succeeds or I get an Email that it fails (and it's logged). Every doorbell press is logged, etc. I branch on outside temperature by integrating a perl script that reads a webpage and extracts the temperature. Writing the script was tricky, integrating into PH was easy. Expecting an early contractor - I can push a button and the doorbell will flash the lights in my bedroom so I surely get up. When my dryer runs out, or my washer runs out and my dryer isn't running, PH sends me a text. You can create a control panel and make it accessible on your local network as a webpage, so I have $40 Kindle Fires mounted on my walls as touchpad controls for my system. It integrates with Alexa, and everything else out there. Again, you need to have some understanding of SW (I'm -not- a SW engineer), but the capabilities are endless. Also, the quality of the SW is rock-solid and the support is from the developer.

    Posted on 7/30/2017

    Review of 1440 Review by Linus
    Review of 1440

    I have an ELK M1 system with Insteon and X10 devices. A lightning storm damaged many components and the system needed rebuilt. Instead of manually re-linking all of the Insteon devices I bought PH2 and used it to upload the information to the ELKM1. In addition I used the PH2 Insteon features to perform some controlled testing of my system which revealed some latent problems with noise and signal strength that had been a problem all along. The system is now sound and working perfectly. PH2 is a solid product and worth the $$ in my opinion. It does take some time to learn how to use it and to figure out the correct data to enter, but the PH blog and help features provide that.

    Posted on 6/27/2014

    Review of 1440 Review by ifjohnnycalls
    Review of 1440

    I love how many things you can do with powerhome. The support and online community are great resources for learning how to program complex macros, etc.

    Posted on 8/16/2012

    Review of 1440 Review by MURRAY
    Review of 1440

    This is what I need to make my home safe. Having the lights controled is a feature that everyone should enjoy, especially if they have different, unscheduled hours. Dependability is something the Home Automation provides along with peace of mind.

    Posted on 9/23/2010

    Review of 1440 Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 1440

    Product exactly as described. Fast shipping!

    Posted on 7/18/2010

    Review of 1440 Review by Tom
    Review of 1440

    Question for Ken above:
    I thought I was competent with home automation using x10 and more significantly Hal2000 from Home Automated Living, which has compatibility with nearly everything. I LOVE programming it's x10 and Insteon wizards.

    On the otherhand, I bought the Ocelot to do Hal's IR stuff and found it more for programmers and the average Joe, and never was able to use it.

    So do you think the system in question here would be beyond me technically?

    Posted on 3/12/2010

    Review of 1440 Review by KENNETH
    Review of 1440

    Support has been great....but this is not for non-professionals. I have used X-10 automation extensively for years, but I am totally lost with this product.

    Posted on 10/30/2009

    Review of 1440 Review by ALIREZA
    Review of 1440

    Presumably quite powerful but documentation and instructions are non-existent. Instructions can only be found by exhaustive searching the online forum which is not very active. The wizards are primitive and don't always work; the interface is not intuitive. The quick-start guide is a joke.

    Posted on 6/17/2009

    Review of 1440 Review by JAMES
    Review of 1440

    PowerHome2 is very powerful, yet somewhat technical. If you would really like to know what Insteon devices are doing, this is the tool.

    Posted on 2/21/2009

    Review of 1440 Review by Ken
    Review of 1440

    This is hands down the best Home Automation program I have ever encountered, and I have been building an ever increasingly automated home since the mid 80's. I have tried many programs and was even a beta tester for a year for the SmartHome HouseLinc software to control X-10 and Insteon devices.

    But nothing has come close to providing the range of control that PowerHome PH does. Utilizing the built-in Wizards one can quickly implement a home automation system on par with virtually any other home automation offering BUT that is just the BEGINNING of what you can do. PH offers way more control over any other program I've even seen, in almost any way you can imagine. The enormous power of PH's macro language, Control Panel options, and integration with Windows Scripting, VB, javascript and others lets your wildest dreams become reality.

    I have now implemented almost total home automation using my iPhone that lets me view and operate including dimming home lights, the heating and cooling system, security camera motion sensing and alerts video shows up on my iPhone and email or SMS messages sent on alert, as well as monitoring our several freezer temps when we are away.

    In short, this is the Cadillac of Home Automation offerings at a Chevy price. I have yet to encounter any hurdles in attempting to achieve anything I have tried.

    In my humble opinion, there just isn't anything better, or even close to the capabilities of this software.

    Oh, and the Forum associated with PH is populated with the most helpful and responsive members of any forum I have ever used. They have really been a huge help, when needed.

    My recommendation: Try it. You'll like it!

    Posted on 2/5/2009

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