Portable In-Car Dash Mountable Camera with DVR
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Portable In-Car Dash Mountable Camera with DVR

Record up to 5 Hours of Footage From the Dashboard of Your Car or Truck Onto an SD Memory Card

Item #: 75240

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  • In Car Dash Mount
    Mounting the included dash-top camera holder is accomplished using the double-sided foam tape preinstalled on the bottom of the mount. Simply peel the backing from the foam tape and place the camera mount in a prime position on the dash board. Once the camera is connected to the mount, adjust the camera up or down and lock it into place with the mounting screw. Use the red laser pointer attached to the camera to determine the perfect angle for camera mounting.

    5-Hour Record Time
    The portable DVR records color video onto SD memory cards; supported SD memory card values range from 128MB to 2GB. Video is recorded to an SD memory card in AVI format, which is compatible with virtually any PC for easy playback. Up to 5 hours of video can be stored on a 2GB memory card. You can select whether video is recorded to fill the memory card and then stop or to set the DVR to record over previous footage.

    Share Your Trip With Others
    Sometimes the best part of a trip is the beautiful scenery along the way. Now you can capture a video record of the drive in the countryside or the trip along the coastline and share it with friends and family. Parents can use the DVR to monitor their childrens' driving habit. The best part is that the next scenic drive you take can also be captured on video. Not only do you get to experience safety while driving, but you also get to relive those scenic drives you take through the valleys on the way to your favorite getaway. Order today and have peace of mind in your vehicle in just minutes.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer:TS Microtech
    Manufacturer Product No.:CAMCARDV01
    Dimensions:4.0"H x 2.0"W x .75"D
    Resolution:320 x 240
    Max Redording Time:5 hours with 2 GB memory card
    Recording Time Segments:50 minutes (automatic)
    Weight:1 lb.
    Video File Format:AVI
    Power:12V DC or 3 AAA batteries
    Warranty:1 year, limited

  • 6 Reviews

    Review of 75240 Review by LANCE
    Review of 75240

    the device doesnt consistently record;no ability to adjust what it appends for date/time stamp on video files;indicates its actively recording when it isnt. Given the choice, I wouldnt buy this item again.

    Posted on 10/25/2008

    Review of 75240 Review by Chris
    Review of 75240

    I have used the camera a few months and for the most part I have been happy with it. The camera comes with a mount, but I found it a little low. The mount also got in the way of my GPS which I also keep on the dash on a removable mount. Since I've already had one GPS stolen, I didn't want to have something that stayed on the dash all the time.

    I attached my camera to my rearview mirror using velcro. This turned out to be a great way to place the camera and remove it with little problem. This also allowed me to move the camera to another vehicle when I needed to. As some mentioned it is hard to see the laser guide during the day, but I found by putting my hand right in front of the laser, I could see how to adjust the camera.

    The viewing area is a little narrow. I'd like to see a wider angle lens on the camera. Also, viewing at night is poor. The camera is best used during the day, but can get images at night if they are close your camera.

    I commute from Orange County, CA to Los Angeles, so I got this to record my driving. The quality is pretty good, not great, but it does what it is supposed to do for a basic camera device such as this. My first recording I used to a 2 Gig SD card, which I believe was too large, and locked up. I later switched to a 500 MB card which worked much better.

    When I first used the camera I was able to view the images by plugging the camera directly to a TV set. This worked for a while, but then stopped working and I could not get images on a TV anymore, only a blue screen. The video images recorded on the SD card played fine when I viewed them on a regular computer. Once on the computer it would be easy to make a CD or DVD of the images.

    While it has some flaws I think it is worth the price. Getting used to positioning the camera takes a little bit of trial and error. I think for someone who does a lot of driving, and wants to have everything recorded, this device does a pretty good job.

    Posted on 9/8/2008

    Review of 75240 Review by Helen
    Review of 75240

    What a disappointment. It will not record on batteries or plugged into the lighter. Total waste of time and money. Not a single qualified techie could get it to work. The documentation is worthless and I could find no help online, live or automated. I would not recommend to anyone.

    Posted on 8/19/2008

    Review of 75240 Review by CARLOS
    Review of 75240

    The Viewing Area was To Small to really see anything.

    Posted on 5/19/2008

    Review of 75240 Review by HELEN M
    Review of 75240

    It will not record. It is hard to make contact with anyone that can help beyond the poor documentation provided with the camera. I am very disappointed in this product. I would not recommend it to anyone.

    Posted on 4/4/2008

    Review of 75240 Review by WILLIAM
    Review of 75240

    The buttons are inconsistently clunky. Sometimes requiring multiple pressings for device activation and recording. Device also records in segments, that is, if you were recording for 30 minutes, then turn off, then record you next 45 minute segment then turn off- from then on, it wants to record on those segments, with weird little gaps. Also, randomly turns off after initial recording of the day begins. You have to watch for that or it won't record for you. After you restart it a couple of times, it's good to go.

    Posted on 2/23/2008

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  • Portable DVR
  • 12V DC Power Cord
  • Dash Mount with double-sided foam tape
  • Manual

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