Passive CCTV Hub, Cat 5 to Coax
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Passive CCTV Hub, Cat 5 to Coax

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CCTV Hub Converts to 16 Cat 5 Video Feeds into Coax Outputs

Item #: 7805CCT

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  • Mount the space-efficient Passive CCTV Hub in an equipment rack if desired. Connect each surveillance camera to a balun, then its Cat 5 cable to the Passive CCTV Hub. On the monitoring end, you can connect via coax directly to the hub or add a second balun to transmit over longer cat. 5 distances. For each surveillance camera, select power-thru or pass-thru mode.

    Baluns are small transformers that convert audio and video signals from unbalanced to balanced and vice versa, making the necessary impedance adjustments for A/V signal transmission between different wiring systems. This means that you can run these surveillance video signals over inexpensive cat. 5 wiring, rather than coax, in order to send signals from room to room. Cat 5 is also able to transmit over greater distances than coax.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:500130
    Dimensions:19" W x 1.75" H x 1.5" D (48.26cm W x 4.4cm H x 5.1cm D)
    Weight:2.3 lbs. (1.1kg)
    Environment:Composite video; NTSC, PAL, SECAM
    Devices:CCTV cameras, DVRs, monitors, switchers, multiplexers and other CCTV equipment
    Transmission:Transparent to the user
    Video Bandwidth:DC to 8 MHz
    Maximum Input:1.1Vp-p
    Insertion Loss:Less than 2 dB per pair over the frequency range from DC to 8 MHz
    Return Loss:Greater than 15 dB over the frequency range from DC to 8 MHz
    Common Mode Rejection:Greater than 40 dB @ 8 MHz
    Maximum Distance - Color:Cat. 3: 1,200' (365m); cat. 5: 2,200' (670m)
    Maximum Distance - B&W:Cat. 3: 1,500' (457m); cat. 5: 2,500' (762m)
    Remote Power Twisted Pairs:Pass-thru mode: 2; power-thru mode: 3
    Remote Power Maximum Distance @ 24V AC:Pass-thru mode: 5 VA: 350' (107m)/10 vA: 175' (53m)/20 VA: 90' (30m)/30 vA: 60 ft (20m); power-thru mode: 5 VA: 518' (170m)/10 VA: 259' (85m)/20 VA: 130' (43m)/30 VA: 86' (28m)
    Remote Power Maximum Input Voltage:50 Volts (AC RMS/DC)
    Remote Power Maximum Current Rating:4.5A (AC RMS/DC)
    2-Wire PTZ Control:Wiring: remote 2-wire PTZ control supported via one (1) twisted pair; maximum distance: 4,000' (1.2km); maximum power rating: 50 Volts (AC RMS/DC); 3A (AC RMS/DC)
    UTP Cable:24 AWG or lower solid copper twisted pair wire; impedance: 100 ohms at 1 MHz; maximum capacitance: 20 pf/foot; attenuation: 6.6 dB/1000' at 1 MHz
    RG59 Coax Cable:Impedance: 75 ohms at 1 MHz; max. 25' of coax allowed end to end
    Connectors:Video: 16 BNC-F; power: 16 2-pole screw terminals; control: 16 2-pole screw terminals; combined signals: 16 RJ45 jacks
    Port Configuration Switch:Sets each port as Pass-Thru (500022) or as Power-Thru (500024/500029)
    Enclosure:Black, anodized aluminum
    Operating Temperature:32
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