PAPAGO P3 Driving Video Recorder Safety System Dashcam
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PAPAGO P3 Driving Video Recorder Safety System Dashcam

The Car Camera that Witnesses Every Part of Your Drive
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  • The P3 Driving Video Recorder Safety System Dashcam P3-US from Papago is a new high-definition (HD) driving camera targeted at providing everyday drivers with a safe driving experience. The P3 camera records in HD-1080p quality at 30 frames per second (FPS), and is coupled with a wide 130° lens that sees almost everything ahead of your car, even the letters and numbers on a license plate. Once the camera is turned on, it automatically starts a continuous loop of filming that overrides previous files if the memory fills up from an 8GB to 32GB sized SD memory card for 90 minutes to 360 minutes of footage. The camera includes an "emergency recording" feature that ensures up to 2GB of footage captured under this setting is safe from being overwritten.

    Other Additional Features

    Built-in Speed Camera Alert
    • Pre-installed with known speed camera locations which will alert you when you're nearby

    • Front Collision Warning System (FCWS)
    • A beep alert will warn the driver when you gets too close to the car in front and collision seems imminent. Reduce the possibility and severity of an accident. It will be activated when moving above 37 mph.

    • Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
    • A warning alert will prompt you if you move away from the lane. Minimize accidents and ensure safe driving.

    • Street Name and District Info
    • Built-in digital map, street name, district information, and coordinates will be displayed in the video recorded by P3 in real-time

    • Speeding Alert
    • Reminds you to slow down when you're driving above the preset speed limit

    • Driver Fatigue Alert
    • A timer can be set to remind you to rest after certain hours of driving

    • Stop and Go Alert
    • Alerts you when to go when the front vehicle is a safe distance away. This feature is activated when you stop driving for 10 seconds.

    • Light Reminder
    • The Light Reminder reminds you to turn on your headlights when driving in low-lit or dark areas

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer PAPAGO
    Manufacturer Product No. P3-US
    UPC 840494116302
    Dimensions 3.75 inches x 2.50 inches x 2.40 inches
    Weight 0.3 pounds
    Storage Temperature -4°F - 176°F
    Operating Temperature 32°F - 158°F
    Power Consumption 4.75 Volts - 5.25 Volts / 1A
    Power Supply 12-24 Volt DC input / 5 Volts / 1A output
    LED Instruction Light Red and green indicator light
    USB USB 2.0
    HDMI HDMI 1.3
    Storage Memory SDHC card (32GB Maxima)
    Video Format 1080p30 / .TS (AVC/H.264)
    G-Sensor Yaw


    Roll G-Sensor
    GPS Receiver U-blox 6 latest GPS module Ceramic antenna

    0.98 inches x 0.98 inches x 0.16 inches (25 millimeters x 25 millimeters x 4 millimeters)
    Lens Structure Composed with 6 piece glasses and 1 piece IR filter
    Lens 130° wide viewing angle
    LCD Display 2.4 inch LCD panel

    320 x 240 pixels resolution
    Manufacturer Warranty 1-year warranty
  • 4 Reviews

    Review of 40092 Review by GERRY
    Review of 40092

    Great compact system that worked perfectly right out of the box. It came with an SD card which was a real plus. The instructions in English and Russian are really amusing but at least give you the gist of the features. Recommended.

    Posted on 6/15/2014

    Review of 40092 Review by CHRONIC
    Review of 40092

    Every car in America should have this camera factory installed, it is so amazing! The safety features are so incredible and the video is smooth, not jittery as one might expect due to the g-sensor. I cant wait until October when the factory will release a firmware update so the P3 will read speed post signs and adjust automatically. As for all the present features, they work great. Never drive without one. Whether your going cross country or just to the shopping center you are safer! Now those hit and run drivers can be caught. 5+ Stars. I drove my motorcycle cross country and had my P3 running all the way. Lane drifting, speeding, driver fatigued, coffee break.......and more. All caught on video. Dont forget the HD camera, you can also take great pics.

    Posted on 6/14/2014

    Review of 40092 Review by JESSE
    Review of 40092

    While, so far, I like the device,,, it came from Smarthome in used condition. There was no packaging in the box and the unit was clearly used before.

    Posted on 6/7/2014

    Review of 40092 Review by Frank
    Review of 40092

    Notes: Some websites say this camera has Traffic Sign Recognition TSR, the US version does not have it yet. Message in to manu. to see if this will be made available via a firmware update and how soon. No response yet.
    If your looking through the User Manual you will see a cable shown on the last page with minor instruction to connect to accesory and battery. The cable you get cigarette lighter to mini usb can be used for this alternate hookup as the 24/12-5 vdc regulator is built inline and not in the cigarette adapter.
    The sdcard requires an sdcard adapter like those used with card readers. I used a 32gig sdcard, put in adapternot supplied and popped it right in.
    The camera has an online mapping program so you can see what the camera sees on you laptop or computer.
    The camera itself is excellent, easy to setup and control with just a few button presses. You can take individual pictures and they go into picture album. Continuos recording creates a video file every 5 minutes. You can also hit a bump and those images go into an emergency folder and are protected from being overwritten. The view screen is sharp and easy to read whether monitoring speed, maps, etc. 6 stars if TSR is added.

    Posted on 5/19/2014

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