OutletLinc Dimmer - Insteon Remote Control Outlet (Dual Band), White
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Insteon Remote Control Dimmer Outlet - White

World's First Remote Controllable Dimmable Receptacle!
  • Winner of the 2012 Electronic House Products of the Year Award
  • Elegant, built-in, clean and professional look for remote control of lamps
  • One remotely controllable outlet and one standard (always on) outlet
  • Tamper-resistant shutter mechanism for protection against improper object insertion and electric shock
  • Controllable outlet supports "load sense" - manually switching load on (at load) will turn outlet on
  • Auto-off, Over temp sensor
  • Insteon Hub Pro enables this device to work with HomeKit techonolgy
  • This product is an Insteon Dual-Band device
  • Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control (Insteon Hub required; Alexa device and Insteon Hub each sold separately)
  • Also available in Ivory, Almond, Light Almond, Brown, Black and Gray
  • Wall plate is not included – this product will work with any standard paddle-style wall plate, however, Smarthome recommends using Insteon Screwless Wall Plate for a more professional finish


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  • Invisible Control

    Say goodbye to bulky remote control modules - with the Dimmer Outlet, everything you need for remote control is built-in and completely invisible for a clean, elegant look.

    Individual Control

    The bottom outlet is always on. Whether you need an outlet in the hallway for the vacuum, or an outlet behind the living room couch for an Insteon tabletop controller, you'll never have to worry about the outlet being switched off.

    Tamper Resistant

    Automation shouldn't place your family in jeopardy. That's why the Dimmer Outlet features tamper resistant receptacles, preventing your young ones from possible accidental electric shock.

    Limitless Control Options

    There's never been a more flexible outlet when it comes to remote control. Control directly at the outlet, use any Insteon device or even your smartphone with the Insteon Hub.

    The power of remote control.

    With the Insteon Dimmer Outlet, you can control the upper outlet independently - from a wireless remote in the same room - or from your smartphone on the other side of the world.

    From your Smartphone

    From any Insteon Device

    At the Outlet

    Control from your smartphone.

    With the Insteon Hub, you can remotely control either outlet from your smartphone or tablet. And not only that, you can create schedules, receive alerts and configure scenes, too. There's no need to buy a new, internet-connected crock pot.

    Remote Control

    It doesn't matter if you're controlling his and her nightstand lamps, you can turn on the Dimmer Outlet on and off from your smartphone or tablet.


    Schedule the Dimmer Outlet with an adjustable ramp rate that slowly brings the lamp on off at any time of the day on any day of the week.



    With the power of Insteon, Dimemr Outlet integrates perfectly with your Insteon scenes for one tap "All Off" or more engaging lighting moods for "Movie Time" and "Entertaining."

    Control from any Insteon device.

    The power of Insteon means remote control of either outlet from any Insteon device throughout your home.

    Wall Switch

    Looking for a switched-outlet without looking to hire an electrician? Make any Insteon switch control the Dimmer Outlet from anywhere in your home.

    Learn More →

    Wall Keypad

    Any Insteon Keypad button can control the Dimmer Outlet for convenient control. You can even see if the outlet is on or off from the Keypad button.

    Learn More →

    Mini Remote

    Add a Mini Remote and you can control your Dimmer Outlet without wires, anywhere in your home. Great for night stands, end tables and more.

    Learn More →


    Insteon sensors automatically control you outlet using motion, doors, windows, water leaks or even detection of smoke.

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    Control at the outlet.

    Remote control shouldn't be inconvenient. If you find yourself needing to turn on Dimmer Outlet with no remotes in sight, you can always switch the Dimmer Outlet on and off with just a tap.

    Local Control Button

    You're never too far from control with Dimmer Outlet. Just tap the button between the two outlets and you can turn it on and off.


    With LoadSense technology, your Dimmer Outlet can detect when you turn on a connected lamp and automatically turn on other Insteon devices throughout your home; your table lamp just became an Insteon switch.

    Choose any color.

    Don't be limited to only one color option - match any home décor. For a truly custom look, you can change out the switch frame, paddle and wall plate for a total of 343 unique combinations.


    Light Almond






    Feature rich.

    A remote control outlet is pretty cool, but we didn't stop there. Dimmer Outlet is packed with features that make it a fantastic addition to your home's automation repertoire.

    300W Load Capacity

    The power to control your
    lamp needs

    Tamper Resistant Outlets

    Keep little fingers safe
    from electric shock


    Powerline & Wireless Signal for
    maximum reliability

    Indivdual Control

    Control the upper
    outlet independently

    Load Sense

    Automatic control from
    your controlled lamp

    Remote Control

    Control from another Insteon device, sensor, smartphone or tablet with the Insteon Hub


    Control multiple devices
    with a single button

    7 Colors

    Color-matched to your home's
    unique decor

    Insteon Outlets Compared



    Outlet Type

    Outlet Type


    Intended Load

    Depth into
    Junction Box

    Maximum Load

    Dimmer Outlet

    2 Prong

    3 Prong

    Tamper Resistant

    Lamps Only

    1.42 in


    On/Off Outlet

    3 Prong

    3 Prong


    Lamps + Appliances

    1.32 in

    600W Incandescent
    15A All Other Loads


  • General
    Manufacturer Insteon
    Manufacturer Product No. 2472DWH
    UPC 813922010251
    Patent No. U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, Foreign Patents Pending (See Insteon.com)
    Warranty 2 Years
    Insteon Features
    Insteon ID 1
    Insteon 256 responder groups & 1 controller group
    Brightness Levels 32 (256 with software)
    Maximum Scene Links 400
    Scene Commands Supported as Controller On | Off
    Fast On | Fast Off
    Scene Commands Supported as Responder On | Off
    Press & Bright | Press & Hold Dim
    Incremental Bright | Incremental Dim
    Fast On | Fast Off
    Software Configurable Yes
    Ramp Rates (full-On to full-Off) 0.125 to 9 seconds if programmed locally, 0.125 seconds to 8 minutes if programmed remotely via software
    RF Range 150' ft. (depending on your home’s construction)
    Insteon Device Category 0x01 Dimmable Lighting Control
    Insteon Device Subcategory 0x21
    Insteon Product Key (IPK) 0x000068
    Mounting Standard, single gang wall box
    Wires Black - Hot
    White - Neutral
    Bare Copper - Ground
    Color White
    Mounting Standard, single gang wall box
    Plastic UV Stabilized Polycarbonate
    Beeper Yes
    LED Dual Color, Green & Red
    Dimensions 4.1"H x 1.73"W x 1.73"D
    Weight 120 grams / 0.26 pounds
    Operating Environment Indoor
    Operating Temperature Range Indoors, 32 to 104° F, up to 85% relative humidity
    Thermal Overlaod Protection Disabled controlled outlet until condition resolved and operated with ON command or front button push
    Voltage 120 VAC +/- 10%, Split, Single Phase
    Frequency 60Hz
    Maximum Dimmer Load 300 Watts
    Load Type(s) Incandescent
    Surge Resistance Up to 500 VAC
    Retains All Setting's Without Power Yes, all saved in Non-volatile EEPROM
    Standby Power Consumption < 1 Watt
    Safety Approved Intertek (ETL)
    Certifications FCC, IC Canada, ETL
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    LED and Insteon 2472 Outlet Review by Bob
    LED and Insteon 2472 Outlet

    I have a 2472 outlet and recently tried to plug in a LED lighted curio cabinet. The Insteon outlet started oscillating on/off very quickly. Ended up solving the problem by adding a 22ohm resistor that I had used with old X-10 modules and compact fluorescents for flickering. Essentially this just added a load to the module along with the almost non-existent load from the LED and it took care of the problem. Also, solving the short prongs when using the magnetic adapter, I used a 2 prong with ground adapter that added longer prongs and then added the cabinet light plug to the adapter. Works great.

    Posted on 2/14/2017

    Key causes plug to pop out Review by Thomas
    Key causes plug to pop out

    The OutletLinc LED is
    blinking red even though I
    haven’t put it into unlinking
    The Outlet Dimmer Key may not be
    properly installed.
    Be sure the protruding magnet of the Outlet Dimmer
    Key faces away from OutletLinc and towards the
    plug of the load. See Installing OutletLinc Dimmer.
    Be sure the Outlet Dimmer Key lies completely flush
    against OutletLinc.
    If you have tried these solutions, reviewed this Owner’s Manual, and still cannot resolve .................... so I'm writing this review. I have 4 of these receptacles. Three work but the plug with key attached will pop out of receptacle.

    Posted on 8/14/2016

    2 years and running Review by TimMcD1
    2 years and running

    I've had 4 of these installed and operating for at least 2 years each with no problems. I really prefer these for their discreet appearance. My only suggestion would be that without the key the unit would act as a relay (on/off) device rather than simply not working. I'm sure this would eliminate many complaints regarding lost keys and just makes more sense.

    Posted on 5/13/2016

    Works well Review by Newbully
    Works well

    After many years of using X10 Modules I started with two Insteon Modules and an ISY99 controller. I bought five of the outlet dimmers which turn on lights and now all my Christmas lights throughout the hose. They keys were a surprise but as it turns out to be no issueI have had the modules for a year now and they work as expected. They are surely a more elegant solution then modules sticking out the wall.

    Posted on 12/20/2015

    Review of 2472DWH Review by GERALD
    Review of 2472DWH

    easy to install. after a couple of months one the outlets stopped responding. had to get a repalcement from smarthome and reinstall. the other two are still working after 5 months.

    Posted on 8/19/2014

    Review of 2472DWH Review by ROBERT
    Review of 2472DWH

    Device too complicated to program with poorly written documentation - tech support guy was nearly useless - product appears to be for hobbyists only - my son and I could not figure it out and we both have advanced EE degrees with combined 50+ years work experience in the field

    Posted on 4/19/2014

    Review of 2472DWH Review by JAMES
    Review of 2472DWH

    I was nudged toward the dimmer outlet because it was on sale and the more expensive "dimmable" feature was roughly the same price as the non dimmable outlet. I wish I was informed that the dimmable outlet requires a special "key" and cannot accept grounded devices and it seemed to be a bit finicky and ultimately stopped receiving commands, thankfully within the warrantee and you made it easy to return

    Posted on 4/18/2014

    Review of 2472DWH Review by DALE
    Review of 2472DWH

    Doesn't dimm with my dimmable cfl, but works great for just on and off.

    Posted on 3/7/2014

    Review of 2472DWH Review by ROSS
    Review of 2472DWH

    I did not do my research good enough and have just put this in my parts box after purchasing a Micro On/Off module to use in a single gang box with a standard Decora receptacle with the hot buss cut. The external key is a warranty call back waiting to happen and I did not want an unhappy customer and non-paid time to keep my reputation good. I love the 2443-222 and I am glad that I found it for a previous customers job. I ordered 2 of these because I needed 1 for another job. My backup extra got installed today as a replacement for the 2472DWH that was a poor choice by me for my customer's need. This is good under some circumstances, but not for my application. It operated as it should and the setup is easy, but the external key is a liability.

    Posted on 2/25/2014

    Review of 2472DWH Review by KENNETH
    Review of 2472DWH

    Works as advertized, easy to install if you are comfortable with replacing an outlet in your home.

    Posted on 2/8/2014

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    • 1x - Quick Start Guide
    • 1x - Outlet Dimmer Key
    • 3x - Wire Nuts
    • Wall plate is not included – this product will work with any standard paddle-style wall plate, however, Smarthome recommends using Insteon Screwless Wall Plate for a more professional finish.

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