One2Flush 200 Dual Flush Conversion Kit
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One2Flush 200 Dual Flush Conversion Kit

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Converts Standard-Flush Toilets to Dual-Flush to Save 40 Percent of Water Flushed Daily

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  • An eco-friendly, green product
    Because the One2flush requires less water, it takes in less water and sends less wastewater to area treatment plants and septic systems. Imagine if entire communities installed the One2flush! And because the One2flush gives new life to older non-degradable porcelain toilets, landfills across the country will require less space. That's good news for America.

    No need to buy a new toilet
    You'll find plenty of dual-flush toilets on the market starting at $200. But with One2flush, you can retrofit 7 toilets for the same price. So hold onto that porcelain toilet - it's about to work harder than ever for you.

    Superior over traditional toilet repair systems
    Until now, toilet repair options were limited to individual flapper, gasket, fill valve and flush valve kits, with the homeowner as detective, trying to decide which part needed to be replaced. The One2flush is an all-in-one product, eliminating any guesswork. And traditional manufacturers use flimsy propylene for their housings, and rubber for their flappers and seals, which eventually break down from constant exposure to water and common household cleaning agents placed in the tank. One2flush uses tough, recycled ABS plastic and longer-lasting silicon seals for strength and wear. Once you install our unit, you can forget it's even there.
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