Omnipro II Controller
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Omnipro II Controller

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Our Top-of-the-Line Omni Family Automation Controller!

Item #: 110604

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  • The OmniPro II is the Omni family's most connectable system. In addition to connections for security devices, thermostats, light switches, telephone and backup battery, the OmniPro II features three built-in serial ports for connection to additional control devices. With the optional Web-Link II Web interface, the OmniPro II's control and monitoring features are available to any device on the home or business data network via a standard web browser, such as computers, PDAs, web-enabled TVs and web-tablets. Control your system remotely: Snap-Link software comes with a USB thumb drive that you can insert into any Internet-connected computer to monitor or control your HAI system remotely.

    Whole-House Scenes at the Touch of a Button
    The OmniPro II controller comes with several standard modes, such as Day, Night, Away and Vacation, and can accept customized scenes such as "Good night", "Good morning" or "Entertainment" that set temperatures, lights and security to the desired levels with one touch. Security and temperature sensors can be used to adjust lights, appliances and thermostats, monitor activity and track events. The premises can be controlled and programmed on-site or from a remote location. Easy to read LCD consoles show status and allow control and scheduling of lighting, security, temperatures and accessories.

    Built-In Telephone Accessibility
    OmniPro II also features telephone accessibility, a built-in digital communicator for use with a central station and can dial up to 8 additional phone numbers chosen by the owner for voice notification. OmniPro II has an expanded vocabulary for voice notifications and announcements. A built-in high speed modem allows programming and control from a remote location using HAI's PC Access program.

    Wireless Capable
    Connect the HAI 64-Zone Wireless Receiver to your OmniPro II panel, and you'll be able to use wireless transmitters to control or trigger your automation and security system. The receiver and all wireless accessories are sold separately.

    Rigorously Tested for Reliability
    Now in its sixth generation, the OmniPro II has passed the most rigorous product testing for reliability and resistance to surges and interference of any HAI product manufactured to date. It supports numerous Omni family accessories, including a complete line of fully communicating thermostats.

    • Controls up to 392 different lights, appliances or groups; 256 via powerline carrier control modules
    • Temperature control for 64 HAI Omnistat thermostats
    • Temperature control for other items or existing thermostats using up to 176 temperature sensors or 136 PESMs
    • Two-way X10 allows OmniLT to receive signals for use as program triggers; features collision detection and retry for reliability
    • Lights can be set to scenes of varying brightness, with direct dim and scene support for advanced home theater lighting control
    • Lights, control outputs, temperature and security modes can be scheduled by time, sunrise, sunset and date or day of week and various system events
    • 1,500 lines of non-volatile ACP program storage
    • Everything can be programmed using HAI PCAccess software for personal computers
    • Text and voice descriptions for all zones, units, codes, macros temperatures, messages and areas
    • 500+ word speech vocabulary plus user-recordable phrases
    • Ethernet port built-in for connection to network

    • 16 zones, expandable to 176
    • All zones support 4-wire smoke detectors; zones 1-4 support 2-wire smoke detectors
    • 8 hardwire outputs, expandable to 136
    • Supports 16 LCD consoles for independent operation (available in surface, flush and universal models)
    • True partitions: security and automation can be portioned into 8 areas
    • 99 user codes with selectable authority levels
    • All lights on when alarm is tripped to frighten intruders away
    • Outdoor lights flash when alarm is tripped to alert neighbors and police
    • System announces type and location of alarm with optional 2-way voice module
    • Trouble conditions indicated in English on display for: zone and system trouble, AC power off, battery low and phone line dead
    • Phone line monitor
    • Optional wireless receiver is fully supervised for complete reliability
    • Dials up to 8 user-programmable numbers and reports type and location of alarm

    • Works with touchstone phones inside or away from the premises with access codes
    • Compatible with answering machines and answering services
    • From any phone you can change modes, change temperatures, arm/disarm security, bypass and restore zones and much more

    • UL Residential Fire and Burglary
    • UL Commercial Burglary
    • FCC
    • ICCS-03 (Canada)
    • California State Fire Marshall
    • CE (European Standard)

    Note: LCD Consoles are sold separately, except where noted.

    Please note: The HAI Omni series of products is professional grade and should only be installed by a licensed professional. All tech support inquiries and product return requests must be made by a licensed professional directly to the manufacturer at 1-800-229-7256.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:20A00-2
    Support Capability:64 Omnistat thermostats, 176 temperature sensors, 99 individual user codes and 1,500 lines of programming
    Power Supply:24V AC and back-up battery (sold separately)

    Omni Comparison Chart

    Model OmniPro II Omni II OmniLT
    Household Size 3000+ 1000-3000 up to 2000
    Thermostats 64 4 2
    Consoles 16 8 4
    Scenes 128 64 16
    Lighting 256 64 16
    Security 16 16 8
    Expanded Security 176 48 24
    User Codes 99 16 8
    Programming Line 1500 500 100
    Warranty 3 Years 2 Years 2 Years

    The above figures are systems maximums.  To achieve these figures, additional accessories and expansions modules may be required.

    Expansion Options for HAI Systems

    HAI OmniTouch Touchscreen

    Graphically control your OmniLT automation controller with this colorful, plug-and-play touchscreen interface.

    Omnistat Thermostats & Accessories

    Get complete control of your home's temperature both locally and remotely with the RC Series family of electronic communicating thermostats!

    Expansion Enclosures for
     Omni II and OmniPro II

    Increase the Capacity of Your Omni II & OmniPro II Systems!

    Two-Way Audio/Voice Alarm Module

    Expand the power and scope of HAI automation controllers with two-way voice communications between the home or business and any phone during an alarm event.

    Web-Link II Software & Serial Interface

    Make setting up, programming and monitoring your OmniLT, Omni II or OmniPro II automation controllers easier than ever with HAI PC Access software.

    PC Access Software

    Make setting up, programming and monitoring your OmniLT, Omni II or OmniPro II automation controllers easier than ever with HAI PC Access software.

    HAI Temperature Sensors

    Expand the power and scope of OmniLT, Omni II or OmniPro II automation controllers with the ability to detect and respond to temperature changes!

    HAIX10 Transmitter Kits

    Improve X10 performance with a dual transmitter kit (110709 manufacturer part#10A09-1) that will increase X-10 signal strength.

    Split Signal Kit (110710 manufacturer part#10A09-2) is a kit that separates the receive and transmit function of transceivers.


    This cable (#110505) connects the built in serial port of an OmniLT, Omni II or OmniPro II controller to personal computers for HAI Web-LinkII, HAI Windows PC Access, and other systems DB-9F connector.

    Enclosure Lock and Key

    Works with all HAI cabinets to secure the contents. Order #110506 (manufacturer part#21A06).

    OmniPro II Upgrade Chip, Version 2.5

    If you have the OmniPro II version 2.4 or before, and want to expand with the OmniTouch, you'll need this upgraded firmware chip. Order #1103825 (manufacturer part#20A04-2).

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  • OmniPro II Automation Controllers 20A00-2
  • Lock set with two keys
  • Two-way X10 transceiver
  • RJ-31X cord and jack
  • Manuals
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