MSC-400 Master System Controller
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MSC-400 Master System Controller

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Add RF Capabilities to Universal Remote Controls for Maximum Reliability

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  • Radio Frequency Signals Ensure Reliability
    Instead of separately turning on the TV, turning on the DVD player, changing the input, and turning on the receiver, these commands are chained together in the proper sequence in a macro, and it works seamlessly with hardware from multiple vendors. The macros are programmed into the MSC-400 and triggered by digital RF (Radio Frequency) from an MX-900, TX-1000, MX-950 or MX-3000 remote control instead of being haphazardly broadcast in the direction of the device. Once triggered, the commands execute without interruption and without further interaction with the remote. No pointing necessary! As a result, the system responds perfectly to your command. Add video and/or voltage sensors (sold separately), and the MSC-400 Master System Controller can test the status of the devices it controls and issue commands accordingly. In other words, it finds out whether your TV is on or off before sending a signal. If you're just getting started, a starter kit is available that contains 6 sleeved IR emitters, 2 video sensor cables, 2 voltage sensors, and 2 serial cables.

    Control IR, RS-232, & Relay-Triggered Devices
    High-performance audio/video systems can include IR (infrared-controlled devices such as satellite and cable set-top boxes, and DVD players), RS-232 (serial-controlled devices such as projectors, surround-sound receivers and media servers), relay (contact/voltage-triggered devices such as lights, drapes, curtains and blinds) and even USB keyboard commands. The MSC-400 Master System Controller is designed to automate all of these types of devices seamlessly, so it can be used to operate sophisticated home theater equipment, audio components, lighting, Media Center PCs, even motorized screens and drapes. The MSC-400 Master System Controller will control up to 12 devices via IR (or 6 IR and 6 RS-232); six IR emitters are included with the MSC-400, additional emitters can be purchased separately. male DB9 and female DB9 RS-232 cables are sold separately.

    Expandable System Allows Control Over Large Properties
    Up to three RF receivers can be connected to the MSC-400 Master System Controller. Since each RFX-250 typically gives 50-100 feet of range, huge estates can be given robust, reliable RF via a network of wired RF receivers. Master/slave programming options enable installers to combine two MSC-400 controllers into one equipment location with complete integration of all macros in one Master MSC-400.The two MSC controllers are slaved together with a Master/Slave RS232 Cable (sold separately) to create a combined system that controls 22 components.

    Installation and Programming Notes
    Installing and programming the MSC-400 Master System Controller is sped enormously by a combination of hardware and software design features. When programming is required, the installer simply connects a laptop via USB cable (sold separately) to the front panel programming port. MRF Editor software offers extensive control options, RS232 Two Way Diagnosis, IF/ELSE nesting logic and elaborate speed options, like the channel favorites tool, which enables installers to program dozens of numeric keypad macros in seconds. The required MSC Editor Software can only be downloaded from the URC Dealer Only website.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer:Universal Remote Control
    Manufacturer Product No.:MSC-400
    Dimensions:17.25" x 8.5" x 2.5"
    Weight:77.6 oz.
    Radio Frequency:418 MHz
    RF Range:50 to 100 feet, depending upon the environment
    Macro Capability:Supports up to 32,640 macros of 255 steps in each macro
    Memory:32 Megabytes of SDRAM and 64 Megabytes of NAND Flash Memory
    Learning Capability:Standard frequencies (15kHz to 460kHz)
    Relay Compatibility:<30V, .5 amp
    IR Devices:12 max.
    On/Off Status:6 devices max.
    RS-232 Devices:6 max.
    Relay Devices:2 max.
    Microprocessor:Advanced ARM7TDMI microprocessor enables the MSC-400 to perform sophisticated logic, with nested IF ELSE statements and tests of sensors and variables
    Approvals:FCC compliant



    Smarthome Design Product No.:2384i2
    Voltage & Frequency:125VAC, 60Hz
    Dimensions:1.73"w x 4.14"h x 1.73"d (front bracket)
    1.74"w x 2.71"h x 1.40"d (main body)
    Maximum Load:600 watts (see manual for multi-gang ratings)
    Minimum Load:40 watts
    Circuit Types:Single pole / 3, 4 and 5-way ready
    Operating Temperature:40°F to 104°F
    Neutral Connection:Not required
    Controllable Device Types:Incandescent loads
    Warranty:2 years (7-year warranty available for purchase) and then some other things that might be of considerable interest but should be ignored immediately.

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  • Controller
  • Quick-reference sheet
  • Tutorial CD
  • AC adapter
  • Power cord
  • RF sensor
  • 6 IR emitters
  • USB cable
  • RF sensor connecting cord
  • 5 screw terminal blocks
  • 4 screws
  • 6 adhesive pads
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