Motion-Activated Lighting Control
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Motion-Activated Lighting Control

Outdoor Motion Detector Triggers an Indoor Lamp To Turn On From 100 Feet Away

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  • The Motion-Activated Lighting Control alerts you when someone enters its detection zone. The signal passes through doors, walls and floors. This sensor is weather-sealed for outdoor use and long life. The light will shut off after 6 seconds, 3 minutes or 10 minutes after motion has stopped, user adjustable, and an activation switch is included to specify day or nighttime operation.

    A remote control is included with the Motion-Activated Lighting Control to trigger the lights to turn on whenever you want, but this motion sensor won't miss a beat with its wide, 140-degree by 60-foot detection zone.

    You can protect another area of your property by installing an Add-On Motion Sensor (sold separately). As long as it's within the 100-foot range, this extra sensor will trigger your Motion-Activated Lighting Control to turn on.

    To trigger an existing outdoor light fixture to illuminate when visitors arrive, install the Motion-Activated Light Adapter, which simply screws in to an existing socket.

  • Specifications

    Carlon Product No.:HS3605
    Dimensions:Receiver: 2 5/8" x 3 7/8" x 1 3/8"; motion sensor: 3 3/8" x 3 1/8" x 3"
    Maximum Load:600 watts, incandescent lighting
    Power:Remote: 1 AA battery; motion sensor: 4 AA batteries
    Lighting Length:6 seconds, 3 minutes or 10 minutes, user adjustable
    Motion Sensor Range:Activates receiver from up to 100 feet away
    Detection Zone:140
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    Review of 25507l Review by ANN
    Review of 25507l

    This product works great to notify me of someone entering my garage. Also, I use one to light up a room, when I enter.

    Posted on 12/5/2013

    Review of 25507l Review by David
    Review of 25507l

    Bought two units, neither work out of the box. The motion dector does not work in one, and the other the motion detector works but the lights never turned off irrespective of the 12 second, 3 minute, or 10 minute off settings. Complete trash!

    Posted on 7/23/2012

    Review of 25507l Review by LORRAINE
    Review of 25507l

    The first control would not operate correctly. It would randomly turn the inside light on but never turn it off. This would happen regardless of which setting I used or even if the sensor was turned to a blank wall.
    I called and got another package and returned the first one. Unfortunately the second one operates in the same fashion. therefor, I would hesitate to purchase other products from this source. and would rate the product as completely useless.

    Posted on 9/5/2009

    Review of 25507l Review by STEVE
    Review of 25507l

    This product has the option of being used for daytime and night time, or night time only; however, sometimes the sensor will active during daylight hours, even though it is set to night time only. And sometimes, the whole system would not work at all.

    Posted on 8/29/2008

    Review of 25507l Review by MAURICE
    Review of 25507l

    The Product is Great!!!

    Posted on 4/16/2008

    Review of 25507l Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 25507l

    Says it works up to 100ft. UP TO are the operative words here. We found it was less than 50. But it does work well within that boundry.

    Posted on 4/1/2008

    Review of 25507l Review by ROBERT
    Review of 25507l

    Light is operating as described on an inside location.

    Posted on 12/5/2007

    Review of 25507l Review by RON
    Review of 25507l

    Both (1st unit RMA) of the units I received would only motion detect up to 30' not the 60' the specs stated, so it did not work for my application. The unit is easy to install and works well as long as you don't need detection beyond 30'.

    Posted on 9/23/2007

    Review of 25507l Review by SERGIO
    Review of 25507l

    The control does not have the stated range (100ft). I installed two units in a wood/sheet rock residence and they works only up to 30ft!
    They also have a high false motion detection rate. I had to remove the control and get new ones at Home Depot
    I am a professional with more than 25 yrs in the field.
    I am not happy at all with the product.

    Posted on 9/18/2007

    Review of 25507l Review by TOM
    Review of 25507l

    Works great! I love them. I used to be driving to work and wondering if the lights would be wasting energy all day. Now I don't have to worry about it at all. They are on when I'm there, there off when I leave.

    Posted on 6/20/2007

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  • Instructions
  • Motion sensor mounting base
  • Motion sensor mounting materials
  • Remote control with installed battery
  • Motion sensor
  • Plug-in receiver
  • Norton McAfee
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