Minotaur Engineering WSI2 Water/Moisture Sensor with Audio
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Minotaur Engineering WSI2 Water/Moisture Sensor with Audio

Water/Moisture Sensor Closes Contacts to Trigger INSTEON® I/O Linc Unit and Sound Audio Alert
  • Sensor detects moisture or leaks using 2 probes
  • Water sensor sends signal to INSTEON I/O Linc unit
  • Audio alert sounds when moisture is detected
  • Only one I/O Linc is needed for multiple water sensors

Item #: 71947


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  • Catch leaks as soon as they start with a water-sensor system that triggers I/O Linc-connected lamps to flash and sounds an audio warning tone. The Water/Moisture Sensor with Audio for INSTEON I/O Linc can detect moisture on any non-conductive surface and send a signal to any INSTEON receiver in range via an I/O Linc (sold separately).

    This product is also available without audio.

    The INSTEON Water/Moisture Sensor connects to the I/O Linc unit via three leads on a 5-foot cable. The sensor should be placed such that the two probes firmly touch the surface to be protected. It is recommended to use the included self-adhesive wire tie and holder to correctly position the sensor and hold it in place. Care should be taken such that the sensor is in a position so that if moisture occurs in the area, it does not "run" or drip away from the sensor.

    1) Plug your I/O Linc into an un-switched outlet near your Water Sensor. (The I/O Linc LED will come on.)

    2) Place the sensor such that the two screw "legs" are on a common wet surface.

    3) Press and hold the I/O Linc Set button until it beeps (about 3 seconds.)

    4) Plug in your INSTEON Responder (receiver) in to an un-switched wall outlet.

    5) Now Press and hold the Set button on your INSTEON Responder (the device you wish to control) for at least 3 seconds. (The I/O Linc will beep and its Status LED will return to steady "on" to confirm linking.)

    6) Plug devices you wish to control in to your INSTEON Responder unit as required.

    7) Test the water sensor by removing and replacing the unit on the wet surface. Controlled devices will turn on and off respectively.

    8) Attach the wire tie and holder to the surface and verify that the wire cannot inadvertently injure anyone. Placing the sensor on a wet wash cloth will trigger the unit and allow a user to test the system.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Minotaur Engineering
    Manufacturer Product No. WSI2
    Cable Length 5'
    Dimensions 1.31" dia x 1.25"
  • 4 Reviews

    Review of 71947 Review by Kalykan
    Review of 71947

    Nice to have the additional tone feature...

    Posted on 11/21/2012

    Review of 71947 Review by S
    Review of 71947

    Works well. I first thought it wasn't loud enough, but as I walked around my home with it triggered, I could hear it virtually everywhere. Small and seems rugged.

    Posted on 10/24/2012

    Review of 71947 Review by Gary
    Review of 71947

    Works well. Interchangeable with those without audio. I like the added feature. I use these in spots where I don't often have visibility under water heater. The tone will get your attention regardless of the status of the Insteon system.

    Posted on 5/25/2012

    Review of 71947 Review by Michael
    Review of 71947

    I have a few water sensors, but I wanted one that would also alert me if I didn't notice the Insteon signal. This appears just like my other water sensors but has some type of alarm in it. It isn't smoke-detector-loud, but it is very piercing. I could hear it around my house and it did get my attention. Otherwise it appears to be the same bullet-proof PVC kind of unit like my others. I have sensors under sinks and behind a fridge so I will eventually replace those with one of these. Overall satisfied and does what it says. Will update later with more history.

    Posted on 4/3/2012

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