Minotaur Engineering IHS Humidity Sensor/Controller
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Minotaur Engineering IHS Humidity Sensor/Controller

Trigger INSTEON® Enabled Devices by Humidity Level
  • Trigger devices based on high or low humidity level (set by user)
  • Self-contained unit
  • Uses a sold state transducer
  • Great for keeping your home comfortable and safe

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  • Be aware of humidity problems as soon as they start with this humidity sensor that triggers I/O Linc-connected lamps to flash. The Minotaur Engineering IHS Humidity Sensor/Controller for INSTEON I/O Linc triggers based on a humidity level that you set (15% to 95%) and sends a signal to any INSTEON receiver in range via an I/O Linc (sold separately). The sensor is completely self contained and uses a solid state transducer preset at the factory. There are three leads extending from the sensor. The sensor should be placed in a location that will protect it from moisture and direct sun to accurately reflect the ambient humidity.

    The INSTEON Humidity Sensor/Controller connects to the I/O Linc unit via three leads on a 5-foot cable. The IHS senses the ambient room humidity using a sophisticated semiconductor device. It draws power from the I/O Linc module and triggers based on a user setting. Humidity will vary from room to room and from one area of a room to another. Ventilation and airflow will affect relative humidity. The IHS has a delay/ spread of about 3% RH. Always allow enough time for the sensor to acclimate to current room conditions before expecting it to trigger accurately.

    NOTE: Observe polarity in connecting to the I/O Linc. Incorrect wiring to the I/O Linc can destroy the device. If the I/O Linc and/ or INSTEON Responder have been used previously, they need to be set back to their factory settings prior to use. For residential use only. Do not submerge. Best operating temperature range is 55°F to 95°F.

    1) Connect the Shiny Metal sensor wire to the I/O Linc "GND" Terminal (2nd from the left screw terminal.)

    2) Connect the Black wire to the I/O Linc "SENSOR" Terminal (3rd from the left screw terminal.)

    3) Connect the Red wire to the I/O Linc "5v" Terminal (1st from the left screw terminal.)

    4) Plug your I/O Linc into an un-switched outlet. (The I/O Linc LED will come on.)

    5) Using a small screwdriver on the blue trimmer potentiometer located on the exterior of the sensor, turn the dial all the way to the left (counterclockwise) to get the humidity to trigger a device ON at or above the set humidity (Or OFF below a set humidity).

    6) Press and hold the I/O Linc Set button until it beeps (about 3 seconds.)

    7) Plug your INSTEON Responder (receiver) into an un-switched wall outlet.

    8) Now Press and hold the Set button on your INSTEON Responder (the device you wish to control) for at least 3 seconds. (The I/O Linc will beep and its Status LED will return to steady "on" to confirm linking.) The INSTEON device will be "triggered" based on being at a higher humidity than selected.

    9) Plug devices you wish to control into your Insteon Responder.

    10) Set your trigger humidity based on the instructions on the next page.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Minotaur Engineering
    Manufacturer Product No. IHS
    Cord Length 5'
    Dimensions 1.3" dia x 1.25"
  • 7 Reviews

    Review of 71945 Review by Van
    Review of 71945

    Good. Would order again. I have a long good history with these and Smarthome in general.

    Posted on 1/18/2014

    Review of 71945 Review by Vic
    Review of 71945

    After a few days of slight adjustments, I have it working quite well.

    Posted on 3/26/2013

    Review of 71945 Review by Tony
    Review of 71945

    Works well. More sensitive than I thought it would be which in the end was better for what I wanted to do.

    Posted on 1/1/2013

    Review of 71945 Review by Keith
    Review of 71945

    I tried one of these to sense conditions in a portion of my attic. It had been up there at least 5 months and I had forgotten about it. Suddenly it triggered exactly as planned. Good device and would order again.

    Posted on 12/6/2012

    Review of 71945 Review by Lawrence
    Review of 71945

    Works well, a day to get the setting just right, and then it has been perfect since.

    Posted on 11/21/2012

    Review of 71945 Review by T
    Review of 71945

    Hard to "set" a%

    Posted on 11/2/2012

    Review of 71945 Review by Anthony
    Review of 71945

    My buddy and I installed one of these this weekend. The unit is smaller than I thought would be, only a couple of inches across, with a small clear cap on the top. The instructions were fine, just remember you have to clear out the programming of your I/O linc if you have used it before. After we had the unit plugged in and set up, we went about setting the humidity. It took us a couple of tries to have it where we wanted it, but then it worked perfectly. In fact, at its most sensitive setting, just by breathing on the device, we could have it detect the higher humidity of our breath! That's cool.. Anyway, we have only had it for a few days but we have it turning on a fan as the humidity gets high. I may get one myself to turn on a humidifier in my wife's office when it gets too dry in there. So far, it has worked well.

    Posted on 3/3/2012

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