Mini Remote Wall Mount Bracket
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Insteon Mini Remote Control Wall Mount Bracket

Mount a Mini Remote on Any Wall in Your Home
  • Wall mount your Mini Remote anywhere
  • Gang two or more together for more control
  • Can be installed adjacent to existing wired-in switches
  • Mini Remote can easily be removed for portability or recharging
  • Use with any decorator wallplate


REWARDS: 5 points
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  • Wall mount your Mini Remote switch or keypad on any wall. Simply mount the wall bracket with included screws and cover with a decorator wallplate (sold separately), then snap-in your Mini Remote. Works with any decorator wall plate although we recommend the Insteon Screwless Wall Plates.

    Multiple brackets can be mounted side-by-side, allowing you to have 2, 3 or more Mini Remotes in a single location.

    Want to mount Mini Remote next to an existing switch? No problem! Just purchase a multi-gang wallplate and mount the bracket to the back of it, screw the wallplate in place and snap Mini Remote into the opening.

    Note: the Mini Remote is not rated for placement directly over open junction boxes.

  • Brand: Insteon
    Manufacturer Product No.: 2444B4
    Dimensions: 1.8"W x 4.2"L x 0.125"H
    Weight: 0.02 lbs.
    UPC: 813922012170
    Warranty: 2 years, limited

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    Great Solution Review by JPR
    Great Solution

    I actually used this to flush-mount a mini-remote on a cabinet - but oriented it horizontally so it behaves like 4 mini toggle switches which I use to control 2 lights, a power outlet and a scene. In another room, I used to flush mount a remote switch on a new wall because the old wired switch was blocked by a pinball machine. Fantastic product.

    Posted on 2/23/2017

    Mini Remote Wall Mount Review by Matt
    Mini Remote Wall Mount

    I mounted the Mini Remote Wall Mount directly to the wall. (I do not have any experience with mounting it to a outlet box). It works well and is easy to get out to take with you to other locations.

    Posted on 1/28/2017

    Mounting the bracket upside down works better! Review by JP
    Mounting the bracket upside down works better!

    Mounting the remote on the wall is a great idea, especially if it can be ganged together with an existing in-wall switch. But like many other reviewers, even installing it as per the instructions, the remote is VERY loose - felt like it was floating in the bracket. Yes, the back of the wall is supposed to help stabilize the unit, but it was still loose.

    (Note - only mount this flush on a wall, NOT in an switch box. It is only intended to work for surface mount applications.)

    After experimenting with the orientation of the bracket, I found a simple solution - MOUNT IT UPSIDE DOWN! I mounted it with the "top" printing pointing down (and with the printing facing into the room, not against the wall) and, for whatever reason, this worked much better. The switch is more secure this way, and since there are no electrical connections, there's no danger of doing it "wrong".

    Still, Smarthome needs to redesign this bracket to assure a tight fit the way it was supposed to be. In its present form, it is a good idea that is poorly executed.

    Posted on 12/24/2016

    Good enough Review by Andrew
    Good enough

    I've read so many reviews giving this accessory bracket low stars because the remote "falls through the back into the junction box". Well DUH, it's not supposed to be used over an open junction box. C'mon people, read the description and think a second... this is supposed to be used adjacent to the existing box, against the drywall.
    That said, the remote does wiggle a bit in the bracket, but it's never fallen out. Overall it does what it is advertised to do and doesn't deserve the low rating it's received.

    Posted on 12/15/2016

    Very loose fit and no back - but hackable to make good enough Review by Jason
    Very loose fit and no back - but hackable to make good enough

    The remote fits very loose in this bracket and will fall through the back into a wall box - but it is hackable to make good enough.

    I bought a piece of Lexan and had the home improvement store cut it to fit just over the electrical box, then I made screw holes through the Lexan using a Dremel tool. I then used foil tape to gradually decrease space between the Lexan and the bracket until the fit was better. I installed the bracket, then used small pieces of foil tape on the inside top and bottom edges of the bracket until the remote fit well without jiggle.

    Smarthome note on product page: the Mini Remote is not rated for placement directly over open junction boxes.

    Posted on 10/26/2016

    Bracket fits too loose to the mini remote. Review by John
    Bracket fits too loose to the mini remote.

    This unit is worthless. The remote fits so loosely in the bracket that it giggles around in the bracket, and any button push will easily push the remote out of the bracket. Come on SmartHome, you need to redesign this bracket. It's a needed product, but not in it's current form.

    Agree with all other reviews that complain about the loose fit of the bracket.

    Smarthome Reply: Note: The Mini Remote is not rated for placement directly over open junction boxes.

    Posted on 10/18/2016

    Am I missing something? Review by Tristan
    Am I missing something?

    Like many of these other reviews, my remote is very, very loose in this bracket. If you try to press a button on the remote, it just pops out the back of the bracket and into the gang box. Can't imagine that anyone at Insteon actually tried this in a real world application. Totally worthless!

    Smarthome reply:

    Per the product page:
    Note: The Mini Remote is not rated for placement directly over open junction boxes.

    Posted on 7/3/2016

    Too Loose Review by Mark
    Too Loose

    I agree with all of the other reviews. This bracket is far too loose to securely hold the remote. It's very floppy inside the bracket. I mounted the bracket to the back of a double gang Decora style wall plate, which I then mounted over a single gang box with another SwitchLinc. With the remote in place, it looks like a double switch. The remote does have sheetrock behind it. To correct the floppy issue, I cut a thin strip of gaffer's tape and put it on one side of the remote, covering the back half of the edge of the remote (where the grooves are that engage the small dots on the bracket). When I returned the remote to the bracket, I found that this little strip of tape was just enough to cause the remote to snap into the bracket. Now, it's very secure, but still easily removable, and you can't see the tape.

    Posted on 11/9/2015

    Doesn't fit snugly Review by oktane
    Doesn't fit snugly

    Too loose, falls out easily, must be glued, which makes charging a disaster. How hard could this be to design properly?

    Posted on 6/7/2015

    2444B4 Review by Bob

    Product works well until you push a button. Great idea, but terrible design. Remote presses into the wall box if you push the button with anything more than a very light touch.

    I hope interesting on comes up with an upgrade.

    Posted on 1/14/2015

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