MiLocks QKK-01SN 3-in-1 Keyless Entry Doorknob with RF Remote Control - Satin Nickel
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MiLocks QKK-01SN 3-in-1 Keyless Entry Doorknob with RF Remote Control - Satin Nickel

3-in-1 Doorknob can be Unlocked or Secured Using a Keyfob Remote, Keypad or Key
  • 3 way lock can allow access via RF remote, keypad code or traditional key
  • Up to 10 RF keyfob remote controls with a 30 foot range can be used
  • Up to 10 different keypad codes can be used
  • Includes 2 standard keys
  • Backlit keypad for ease of use in dark
  • Can be integrated into an INSTEON network

Item #: 51893SN

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  • It's hard enough to fumble through a dozen keys to find the one that opens your front door; but doing so while holding your child or an armload of groceries can feel like a Herculean task. The 3-in-1 Keyless Entry Doorknob solves this typical problem in a number of ways. By replacing your standard doorknob with this lock, you'll have the choice to unlock the door with the press of a button on a keyfob remote, a custom pin code that has programmed into the keypad, or with a traditional a key. The keypad can even be temporarily illuminated in the dark to make punching in your secret code a breeze. The 3-in-1 Keyless Entry Doorknob has a heavy duty, satin nickel finish and requires no drilling or running of power cords during installation. The unit uses four AA batteries, sold separately, which provide enough power for 18,000 successful activations per set of batteries.

    For the ultimate in convenience, integrate this lock as part of an Insteon home control system with the Insteon Lock Controller (sold separately).

    Remote Access
    You'll receive one remote control keyfob with this lock. It comes complete with anti-scan code-hopping technology. Additional features include distinct audible tones for locking, unlocking, jams, and low battery. Since it utilizes radio-frequency technology, you won't even need to aim the remote at the lock for it to release the lockset. Your entire family or small business can take advantage of the easy security of the RF Remote Door Knob, which accepts up to 15 different RF remote controls, each sold separately.

    Keypad Access
    You set the entry codes yourself, the only people that will know the codes are the ones you give it to. Codes can be anywhere from 2 to 8 digits. You can program as many as six different entry codes, each of which can be added or deleted individually. This feature makes it easy to enter temporary codes for houseguests, maids or repairmen. Programming is a simple push-button process, and takes only minutes. And don't even think about anyone trying to figure out your code as each unit sounds a warning alarm after four failed attempts.

    Key Access
    Each system includes two conventional keys for standard operation.

    The locksets are also incredibly secure. They're built with a 5 Pin SC1 Keyway, solid brass cylinder and a gear with clutch drive system to prevent wear-out.

    No wiring is involved in installation, and this keyless door lock will fit in most doors, since it comes with an adjustable backset (2 3/8" to 2 3/4").

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: MiProducts
    Manufacturer Product No.: QKK-01SN
    UPC: 632898800358
    Style: Doorknob
    Access Type: Radio Frequency (RF) keyfob remote, coded Keypad, standard key
    Maximum Remotes: 10; 1 is included
    Maximum Codes: Ten
    Finish: Satin nickel
    • Outside mount: Approximately 6 1/4" T x 2 7/8" W x 2 5/8" D
      Inside mount: Approximately 6 1/2" T x 2 1/2" W x 3 3/8" D
    Compatibility: Adjustable for doors with 2 3/8" or 2 3/4" backsets
    Power Supply: 4 AA batteries, not included
    Warranty: 25 Years Mechanical Warranty; 1 Year Limited Electrical Warranty

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    Highly unreliable! Review by Val
    Highly unreliable!

    I purchased a QKK-01SN deadknob from Smarthome. It worked fine for a few days until the lock started exhibiting issues whereby it cannot be unlocked from the first attempt. It usually takes more than 10 attempts before it fully unlocks. The problem got even worse as often I’m unable to unlock the deadknob using keypad at all, and am forced to use the key. This renders the use of this product completely impossible as per advertised feature set. All attempts to resolve this issue directly with the manufacturer have proven themselves useless. The manufacturer was not willing to exchange the faulty unit, and kept blaming INSTEON for protocol interop issues even though the problem is clearly of a mechanical nature. The whole experience with this deadknob and its manufacturer/distributor (MiProducts Corp) has been very frustrating!

    Posted on 11/9/2015

    51893sn works but wonder about long term Review by Mike
    51893sn works but wonder about long term

    Lock works but does not feel as substantial as other locks by kwikset and Schlage

    Posted on 11/7/2015

    MiLocks Review by Le Controlleur

    Good lock. Nice finish and built. Easy to install, Already had another one in my system, so I use the same insteon interface (smartlab adaptor).

    If It was my only e-lock, I might have gone with a Zwave lock that offers a status feedback.

    Posted on 5/5/2015

    Review of 51893sn Review by TIMOTHY
    Review of 51893sn

    Works Great

    Posted on 5/29/2014

    Review of 51893sn Review by TIMOTHY J
    Review of 51893sn

    Works Great

    Posted on 5/29/2014

    Review of 51893sn Review by Craig
    Review of 51893sn

    Works great with via the rf remote, and also the MorningLinc controlled by my 2412u. It works every time, wher I'm using the keypad, the remote, and my Insteon network.

    One thing to note, and why this is getting 3 stars from me...

    This does not fit into any door of the 4 external doors in my home without swapping the location of the deadbolt and the knob. The keypad outside is not an issue, but the battery compartment and electronics that go inside are about 3/4 too tall to allow for the knob on the bottom and deadbolt on top like it should be. This is a SERIOUS design flaw.

    If possible, I would highly recommend getting either the deadbolt QF by itself or the deadbolt/level BQF combo. I just got the BQF version on sale here at Smarthome and will be selling this knob on eBay for whatever I can to help offset the cost.

    Wish I had just got the deadbolt to begin with.

    Posted on 6/15/2013

    Review of 51893sn Review by RONALD
    Review of 51893sn

    I am very happy with my purchase with smarthome. quality and price

    Posted on 2/22/2013

    Review of 51893sn Review by Mike
    Review of 51893sn

    The keypad is the only part of this unit that I have not had a problem with after 2 months.

    The lock tab center of door knob frequently sticks and will not turn by hand without turning the knob several times to free it. It does work via remote in this condition though... that is when the remote works.

    I have this on a painted metal-clad hollow door and the RF range is horrible, even with a piece of insulation stuck behind the antenna as recommended in the instructions, and even with routing the antenna outside of the housing. The RF key fob and Insteon MorningLinc only work around 12 inches away!!

    Wish I had gotten around to returning it in time.

    Posted on 12/15/2012

    Review of 51893sn Review by Giorgio
    Review of 51893sn

    Solid lock. Looks clean and feels substantial and precise when installed. Almost commercial grade.
    The install instructions are not the best but you can figure things out pretty quick if you can use a screwdriver.
    Watch out for the indications engraved or printed on the parts themselves like this side upwhen assembling.

    Posted on 10/16/2012

    Review of 51893sn Review by KATHY
    Review of 51893sn


    Posted on 8/29/2012

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    • Inside doorknob lockset
    • Outside doorknob lockset
    • Adjustable backset
    • Two backup keys
    • Strike plate
    • Mounting hardware
    • One remote control
    • Mounting plate
    • Battery cover
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