Millennium Lock, Inc. UL-3000SN Residential Ultimate Lock 3000, Satin Nickel
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Millennium Lock, Inc. UL-3000SN Residential Ultimate Lock 3000, Satin Nickel

Fortified Door Lock Brings Premium Security to Your Home's Door, Virtually Impossible to Pick
  • Patented technology prevents bumping and lock picking
  • Works with right and left hand swing doors.
  • Mounts to interior doors and fits repaired, remodeled, or original construction doors
  • Integration with door frame and jamb helps prevents breakage
  • Adaptable to existing alarm systems and is paintable

Item #: 5175SN


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  • When a door is forced open it is most commonly due to a weak section of the door frame closest to the deadbolt. The Ultimate Lock UL-3000SN eliminates this common problem with its specially engineered steel strike plate. It's designed to withstand extraordinary force and is virtually unbreakable. One of the major advantages of the Ultimate Lock is that it marries the door jamb and door frame using extra long screws drilled in at opposite directions at 30 degree angles. In essence, your door becomes a solid brick wall. In instances where your door is being kicked in, these extra long screws will dig deep into the door's frame and increases the amount of force your door can handle in the event of a kick-in.

    The Ultimate Lock utilizes two deadbolts that work in unison; a mortise deadbolt and a rim deadbolt. When coupled together you'll have an unprecedented defense against home invasions. The secondary security lock protrudes slightly across the door frame so that you can see from up to 40 feet away that your door is locked. Most standard locks only offer 4-pin bump protection. However, with six high security pins, the Ultimate Lock makes picking virtually impossible. The Ultimate Lock has 6-pin tumblers, and three of the six tumbler sets are bump-pin arrangements making it difficult to pick or bump. The Ultimate Lock comes with additional extra long screws to be used for your hinges. By using these longer screws in place of your existing hinge screws you will increase the amount of force your door can withstand.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Millennium Lock, Inc.
    Manufacturer Product No. UL-3000SN
    UPC 0089345001118
    Paintable Yes
    Color Satin Nickel

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    Review of 5175sn Review by Smity
    Review of 5175sn

    Great deadbolt. Clearly the best on the market. There are other 200$ deadbolts, usually cost even more, that offer half of what the Ultimate Lock does and they are supposed to be 'premium'. The Ultimate Lock is the only high end lock worth the money. This is for a home, my home, so it doesnt need fancy electrics, it needs to survive brute force which it does. Definitely suggest getting at least one for your back door.

    Posted on 9/25/2012

    Review of 5175sn Review by Steve
    Review of 5175sn

    Recently got 2 of these premium locks from smarthome. I did the install myself, I do most of the hardware work on my house. I am very impressed by their design and by its durability. I registered my lock online through their website and just got a discount on my home insurance! After a year and a half I'll have saved more money from buying these locks than I spent on them. I doubt these locks will ever go bad and buying these once I get to take this with me when I move out. Good investment.

    Posted on 9/4/2012

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