Microsystems Development CHIME-1 iChime Customizable Doorbell
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Microsystems Development CHIME-1 iChime Customizable Doorbell

Completely Customize Your Doorbell Sounds with the "Play Anything Doorbell"
  • Can be customized to play anything you want
  • Records live or from your smartphone
  • Includes more than 50 pre-programmed chimes
  • Easy 2-wire replacement of existing chimes

Item #: 5069IC


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  • This iChime Doorbell replaces your current chime and gives you a choice of sounds to announce your visitors. Choose from the pre-programmed selection, record your own tune with the built-in microphone, or record using an CD Player, PC, MP3 player, or Smartphone with the integrated line-in input jack.

    Note: The iChime Doorbell is powered by 4 AA batteries, sold separately.
    Sounds included for the iChime:
    Fun Sounds
    Special Occasions

    Announce your visitors in style, to custom music or sounds that you create yourself, or choose from six built-in catergories of songs, sound effects, and even voice phrases. This electronic door chime is designed to replace the normal wired mechanical door bell in your home. It supports a front door button (both lighted and non-lighted) as well as a back door button (optional). It can be setup to play any particular song or sound, or for more variety, it can sequence through any one of six different groups: Chimes, Holiday, Halloween, Favorites, Fun Sounds, and Special Occasions. The real versatility of this doorbell comes with its unique programmable feature. Using the built-in microphone or the audio input jack, you can easily record or download up to six different songs or sounds - whatever you want! Total recording time is 60 seconds using state of the art flash memory. Program songs for family events such as birthdays or anniversaries and witch it to Holiday songs for your guests at your Christmas party. Have it scream or howl for Halloween or record your favorite TV theme or movie catch phrase.

    Doorbell has six terminal connections, as follow:
    F = Front Door
    T = Transformer
    B = Back door
    P = Pushbutton
    SPK 1 = Auxiliary Speaker One
    SPK 2 = Auxiliary speaker Two

  • Specifications

    Brand: iChime
    Manufacturer: Microsystems Development, Inc.
    Manufacturer Product No.: CHIME-1
    Power: 4 AA batteries
    Speaker: 8 ohms, 3 watts
    Mounting: Horizontal or Vertical
    Preprogrammed Sounds: 51
    Warranty: 2 years, limited

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    Review of 5069ic Review by JUSTIN
    Review of 5069ic

    Nice product with an adequate number of available sound effects. I was able to connect a I/O Linc
    to the rear doorbell feature for some of my ISY programs, for additional duty.

    Posted on 7/17/2014

    Review of 5069ic Review by Paulb
    Review of 5069ic

    Very fun doorbell. The programmability is decent in that it can record at ok quality via the built-in microphone or headphone jack from your computer or phone as it is fully removable from the installed back-plate which is also great. Very small memory so you can't load up all the custom slots with anything more than a few seconds. I added the secondary chime outside so the people ringing the bell could hear it and that has been the primary fun we've had as visitors, mail delivery folk, etc have enjoyed it. I even had our mail delivery person ask if he could still ring the doorbell even though he gave me the mail outside as I was coming home at the time. We also like the appearance as it basic and doesn't draw attention to itself with some poor attempt at 'style' most all doorbells look ugly and cheap imo
    Negatives: The speaker is very weak and distorts at the highest setting. If you have small, single story house and use one of the standard 'chimes' the volume might be ok but if you play music or dialog you will likely not hear it unless it is all the way up and which point it will distort audio. Other challenges is that this has been out for a number of years and hasn't been improved at all. I wouldn't buy this if you are hoping for a upgrade that you can just drop onto the already-installed back plate to one that has better speaker, wifi/zigbee etc.

    Posted on 1/16/2014

    Review of 5069ic Review by Tre
    Review of 5069ic

    Really great unit. Easy to install. The only addition which would have been nice is an added blue tooth capability so I could transmit the sound to wireless outdoor blue tooth speakers. Would be great for the trick or treaters to hear the spooky sound after ringing the door bell.

    Posted on 10/31/2013

    Review of 5069ic Review by TUOMAS
    Review of 5069ic

    Very good sounds installed originally and you can add them more. We played those Halloween sounds with kids enough to drive my wife mad

    Posted on 10/16/2013

    Review of 5069ic Review by ARTHUR
    Review of 5069ic

    I was pleased to discover that the unit operates with or without a transformer.

    Posted on 8/23/2013

    Review of 5069ic Review by ALI
    Review of 5069ic

    Sounds good. Hooked up 2 8ohm speakers and the amp worked fine

    Posted on 5/26/2013

    Review of 5069ic Review by Frankie
    Review of 5069ic

    Great unit -- only negative, they could have designed more to look like a standard door chime rather than a piece of electrical equipment; aesthetically it is lacking. My girlf is so diappointed in the look that I may just go out and buy a fancy unit with the tubular bells that hand down from the box and see if I can gut it and hide this unit inside it.

    Posted on 12/16/2012

    Review of 5069ic Review by Henry
    Review of 5069ic

    I was very interested in this product until I learned that it required wired buttons. If they made a wireless model for the right price, I would have bought it.

    Posted on 12/14/2012

    Review of 5069ic Review by CESAR
    Review of 5069ic

    iChime is easy to install and to use.The fist one I received was defective and I sent it back. The response was fast and good and I am using my iChime with a lot of satsfaction.

    Posted on 10/20/2012

    Review of 5069ic Review by MEHUL
    Review of 5069ic

    This is very nice doorbel.. I send this bell to my friend to india.. he is so appriciate..

    Posted on 10/4/2012

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