Lutron MIR-LFQMT-WH Maestro 300 Watt Dual IR Dimmer and Fan Speed Control Switch, White
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Lutron MIR-LFQMT-WH Maestro 300 Watt Dual IR Dimmer and Fan Speed Control Switch, White

Independently Control a Ceiling Fan's Brightness and Fan Speed from One Convenient Switch or Wireless Remote
  • Adjust both fan speed and light level from a single switch
  • Recall your favorite fan speed and light level with the touch of a button or via remote
  • LEDs indicate light level, as well as glow softly, so you can find the dimmer in the dark
  • Includes wall-mounted fan/light control with IR sensor, fan-mounted canopy module and IR remote control
  • Dim from up to 3 locations and control up to 4 fans, companion dimmers and fan controls sold separately
  • Power failure memory - remembers your settings even after a power interruption
  • No neutral wire required

Item #: 6615WH


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  • The Lutron MIR-LFQMT-AL Maestro 300 Watt Dual IR Dimmer and Fan Speed Control Switch, Ivory is a combination controller that incorporates the operations of a celing light/fan into the space of one wall mounted switch. Additionally, the switch has a built-in IR sensor that allows you to use the included remote control to adjust your settings wirelessly from the comfort of your couch or bed. Now you can change the fan speed and adjust light level with one wall control or a remote control - eliminating inconvenient pull chains. 7 quiet fan speeds provide enhanced range of comfort. Lights fade up and down smoothly, allowing your eyes to adjust to changing light levels. One-touch control recalls your favorite fan speed and light level. LED's indicate light level on top control and fan speed on bottom control. Ideal for new and remodeling applications.

    This product uses a Canopy Module (included) to integrate with the fan. You can control up to four fans; each fan must have a Canopy Module, additional modules sold sold separately. The Canopy Module installs above the fan for independent control of your fan. For remote lighting and fan control from multiple locations (up to three), a Companion Fan and Light Switch is also available. This Maestro fan/light control works with virtually all existing wiring, including two wire systems, no neutral is required for switch installation. Features a clean, flush, stylish appearance. Coordinate using Lutron Claro Wallplates, sold separately.

    Please Note: This product is designed for use with a ceiling fan only; it should not be used with exhaust fans or with mechanical switches.

    Switch Operation:
    Light Level Tap Button
    • Tap once when lights are off - Lights brighten smoothly to preset intensity
    • Tap once when lights are on - Lights dim smoothly to off
    • Tap twice quickly - Lights brighten rapidly to full intensity
    • Press and hold when lights are on - Activates delayed fade to off mode. As the tap button is held, the LEDs will begin to flash. The first flashing LED represents a 10 second fade to OFF. Each additional flashing LED represents an additional 10 seconds of delay before lights fade to OFF (up to 60 seconds of delay).
      Fan Speed Tap Button
    • Tap once when fan is off - Fan speed increases to preset level
    • Tap once when fan is on - Fan speed slows to off
    • Tap twice quickly - Fan speed increases to full speed
      Light Level LEDs
    • Indicate approximate light level - LEDs may not change with each press
    • Press to increase light level
    • Press to decrease light level
      Fan speed LEDs
    • Indicate exact fan speed
    • LEDs will change with each press
    • Press to increase fan speed
    • Press to decrease fan speed

    • IR Wireless Remote Control Operation:
      LIGHT ON FULL: Tap once: lights brighten smoothly to full intensity
      FAN ON FULL: Fan speed increases to full speed
      LIGHT OFF: Tap once: 3 second fade to off. Press and hold: 10-60 second
      delayed fade to off
      FAN OFF: Fan speed slows to off
      LIGHT RAISE: Press to increase light level
      LIGHT LOWER: Press to decrease light level
      LIGHT FAVORITE LEVEL: Tap once to recall your favorite light level. To store your favorite speed, press and hold for about 3 seconds until the wall control LED begins to flash. ("Off" is a valid preset level)
      FAN RAISE: Press to increase fan speed
      FAN LOWER: Press to reduce fan speed

      Please Note: This IR Wireless Remote Control is compatible with most learning remote controls. Please see the learning remote control manufacturer's instructions for programming information.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer: Lutron
    Manufacturer Product No.: MIR-LFQMT-WH
    UPC: 027557291163
    Maximum Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
    Maximum Load (Dimmer): 300 Watt Maximum Load for Incandescent / Halogen lights
    Maximum Amperage (Fan Control): 1A for fans
    Application Type: Single-Pole/Multi-Location
    Wiring: No neutral wire required
    Certifications: UL, CSA
    Warranty: Manufacturer 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 4 Reviews

    Review of 6615wh Review by ROBERT
    Review of 6615wh

    This item was easy to install, customer service was eager to help when I called in for assistance. Great product with excellent features. Perfect
    Rob. El Paso, Texas.

    Posted on 6/21/2013

    Review of 6615wh Review by DAN
    Review of 6615wh

    This item worked very well for my customer. It has a few "hiccups" with dimmable LED lamps, but that was resolved by changing the lamp to another companys.

    Posted on 7/24/2012

    Review of 6615wh Review by NELSON
    Review of 6615wh

    I absolutely love this product. Theres no other product like it on the market. Programmed it into my Harmony One universal remote which already recognizes it and has all the fan and light commands. Can precisely control the fan and light individually via the remote and wall switch with no humming or flickering. Easy to install for someone who's a DIY. Thanks Lutron for this great product.

    Posted on 9/22/2011

    Review of 6615wh Review by JOHN
    Review of 6615wh

    Very cool item. I used these switches to control the ceiling fan's with built in lights throughout the house. The switches come with built in IR control (remotes included) as well as manual control at the switch. I purchased these so I could use my universal remote to control the fans and the lights without having to use a proprietary RF remote that came with the fans. Now the fans and lights can turn off and on (as well as dim) based on activity's programed with my universal remotes that also control the audio video equipment in each room. One really cool add on for this item would be to setup an IR blaster in each room and tie it into an IR receiver so that you could control all the lights and fans from a single location. Xantech and Insteon have some nice blasters and IR receivers that can be used to integrate these switches with your whole house automation system. (keep in mind that without using a blaster you will need to point your remote at the general area of the switch in order to control it. Other than that the switches had good detailed instructions and were installed in about 30 minutes for each switch. The hardest part was stuffing the canopy module unit into the fan housing where it meets the ceiling (some of these can be very tight so you may have to get creative). Also if you currently have more than one switch (3 way switching) that controls the light or the fan you will also need to purchase an accessory control switch (MA-ALFQ35) for each switch you still want to be active after you install this product. Otherwise you will need to uninstall the other switches so you do not interfere with the operation of this unit.

    Posted on 9/19/2011

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