LockState Connect LS-90i Wi-Fi Touch Screen Thermostat
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LockState Connect LS-90i Wi-Fi Touch Screen Thermostat

Monitor and Control the Heating and Cooling of a Home from Anywhere in the World
  • Internet connection allows for control anywhere in the world
  • Perfect for primary home and rental properties
  • Large touch screen with stylus
  • Compatible with nearly all HVAC systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers
  • 3 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling
  • 7-day programming

Item #: 53279

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  • Convenience in life, no matter how big or small is a great thing and with the LockState Connect LS-90i Wi-Fi Touch Screen Thermostat regulating the temperature of a home has never been easier. This internet enabled thermostat can be controlled anywhere in the world from a tablet, Smartphone, laptop or computer as long as there is a valid internet connection. Being able to control this thermostat remotely via the internet also makes it an ideal choice for use with rental properties and additional homes. Owners of rental properties can now have further control by setting heating and cooling programs that will save energy and monitor if settings are being adjusted or abused. Rental property owners also have the convenience of activating the thermostat for their guests, or themselves, just prior to arrival rather than allowing the thermostat to run when vacant. The Wi-Fi Touch Screen Thermostat can also be setup to send alerts to notify when specified settings are either met or exceeded for further control. This will let you know if the device is being adjusted when it shouldn't be or if there is a problem. Being alerted right away to a potential air-flow issue allows for it to be tended to quickly rather than letting the thermostat overcompensate and leav a large electricity bill in its wake.

    The LS-90i model Touch Screen Thermostat is compatible with nearly all HVAC systems which includes traditional furnaces and heat pumps, external air baffles, humidifiers and de-humidifiers. This model control's up to 3 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling as well as 7-day programming for further customizing. The thermostat has a "True Auto" mode which allows it to switch automatically between cooling and heating depending upon environmental factors plus a "Save Energy" automatic setting button. The LS-90i allows for monitoring and controlling of an HVAC system based on humidity as well as temperature. The thermostat is powered by either a C-Wire (Common wire) connection, 24 VAC transformer (sold separately) or 3 AA batteries (sold separately). A Wi-Fi router with minimum B, G or N standard will also be required for installation. Available wired connections to the thermostat are C, H, B, O, W, W2, Y, Y2, RH, RC, G, A, DH and EX.

    An EPA approved setting comes pre-programmed into the thermostat and is recommended for energy efficiency. Though this setting is recommended, a custom program can be easily created should it not fit desired needs.

    The USNAP radio port allows for the thermostat to connect wirelessly to a network. Connection of the USNAP module is done on the backside of the thermostat and must be done with the thermostat powered-off. Follow the instructions that come with the USNAP module for connecting the LS-90i Thermostat to a network. The LS-90i Thermostat comes with two radio ports. Contact your local Power Company to find out if any programs are available to connect your thermostat to power grid status information to help make it easier to moderate energy usage at peak hours when it is more expensive.

    The touch screen display is backlit and when on will display the time of day, current room temperature, fan status, message area, target temperature setting, temperature increase and decrease button, humidity percent, radio indicator, mode, home screen, power, day of the week and thermostat mode.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer LockState
    Manufacturer Product No. LS-90i
    UPC 892721002421
    Dimensions L 1.50in x W 5.75in x H 4.00in
    Weight 2 lbs
    Controllable Devices Nearly all popular residential HVAC systems including heat pumps and auxiliary heating, external air baffle, humidifier and de-humidifier
    Heating Stages 3
    Cooling Stages 2
    Auto Heat / Cool Change Over Yes
    Consumable Indicators Air filter, humidifier pads and UV bulbs
    Available Schedules 2
    Full Lock Yes
    Partial Lock Yes with temp variance limit
    Touch Screen Stylus Yes
    Target Temperature Range 47°F to 95°F
    Available Connections C, H, B, O, W, W2, W3, Y, Y2, RH, RC, G, A, DH and EX
    Power Source C-Wire, 24 VAC transformer or 3 AA batteries
    Wi-Fi Router B, G or N standard

    Wire Reference Chart
    Possible Wires What They Control
    R or V or VR RH and RC Single power for HEAT and COOL
    RH or 4 RH Power for HEAT (RH not connected to RC jumper clip)
    RC RC Power for COOL (RH not connected to RC jumper clip)
    W Heat control
    W2 W2 2nd stage HEAT or heat pump auxiliary heat
    W3 W3 3rd stage HEAT or 2nd stage of 2 stage auxiliary heat
    Y Y COOL control or 1st stage compression for heat pump
    Y2 Y2 2nd stage COOL control or 2nd stage compression for a heat pump
    G or F G FAN control
    C or X C 24 VAC power (to power thermostat)
    H H External Humidifier
    DH DH External De-Humidifier
    EX EX external fresh air baffle
    B B Heat pump changeover (cool to heat, powered in heat)
    O O Heat pump changeover (heat to cool, powered in cool)
    B and O IMPORTANT: if there are both B and O wires (Trane pump products) DO NOT CONNECT B to B terminal, connect B to C terminal. If not a Trane product tape off B
  • 2 Reviews

    Review of 53279 Review by Lucas
    Review of 53279

    I felt compelled to write a few words given this item has served me well and it appears a fellow Coloradan had trouble. I travel a lot and this is a great solution. When I leave, I can lower the heat and within 1 hour of my return, I crank it up via the free Apple app. I had no problem with installation. I did however, need to call customer service to clarify this does require a comm C wire. This is constant 24v power- Touch screen is relatively easy to use. Smart program wizard took me all of 5 minutes to create a weekly schedule. Looking forward to adding the Wi-Fi door lock so I can see who is coming and going.

    Posted on 8/6/2013

    Review of 53279 Review by Unhappy
    Review of 53279

    If you enjoy wasting time and being frustrated, then this is the product for you. The manuals are misleading and incomplete!

    Even the simple physical installation of this device is difficult because the screw access locations are poorly located and difficult to get to. I had to leave one of teh four mounting screws out.

    After spending hours installing and setting this device up the first time, it finally worked. However, I recently had to change my home network password. In turn I am currently trying to re-setup this device with absolutely no success. I am 30 minutes from writing off the $300 and replacing this with a NEST.

    Posted on 2/8/2013

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