LintEater System And Extension Kit
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LintEater System And Extension Kit

Prevent Dryer Fires With a Lint-Removal Vent Cleaning System for Any Size Vent
  • Save money on your heater electric or gas bill every month
  • Read what our customers say about their savings!
  • Vent cleaning system eliminates excess lint
  • System works with metal, foil and white vinyl dryer vents
  • Includes brushes, extra extension rods and adapters

Item #: 92308

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LintEater System And Extension Kit

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  • Over time, your dryer vent fills with accumulated lint, which makes your dryer work harder than necessary to dry your clothes. You can save money every month on your electricity bills if you keep your vent system lint-free. The lint eater generally pays for itself in cost savings after the first initial use. In addition, it will help avoid fires than can occur from lint buildup blocking air flow, which causes excessive heat buildup and damage to your dryer. Designed by a leading manufacturer of professional duct-cleaning equipment, the LintEater Dryer Vent Cleaning System effectively removes dangerous lint build-up in almost every type of dryer vent system, and it's easy to use with a shop vac or cordless drill (sold separately), or even your dryer's air.

    The LintEater Dryer Vent Cleaning System comes with a variety of brushes, extension rods and adapters to clear your ducts thoroughly, regardless of whether you have a metal, foil or white vinyl dryer vent. The rotating action of the auger brush and flexible rods will traverse the multiple turns that are common in most vent systems. The included adapters allow you to use the air from your dryer or a shop vacuum/blower to remove the lint from the vent completely while rotary brushing.

    Eight 36-inch flexible rods screw together to reach into dryer vents up to 24 feet from one end. The self-feeding 4" auger brush attaches to the flexible rods, and its high-quality bristles retain their shape for repeated use. A blockage-removal tool removes heavy blockages, like animal nests, or attaches to several rods and a cordless drill to clear out clogged downspouts from the ground level. The 2.5-inch-diameter lint-trap brush can reach 42 inches when connected to one rod — all the way to the bottom of your lint trap. This exceptional reach also makes it a snap to clean intake vents as well as underneath and all around your dryer.

    Connect the standard hose shop vacuum or blower to the included vacuum adapter to remove lint completely while rotary brushing. The dryer adapter uses the dryer air to remove lint while rotary brushing if you don't have a shop vac or blower.

    If your vent is 12 feet or under you can purchase the LintEater Dryer Vent Cleaning System instead. A 12-foot extension rod kit is also sold separately.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Gardus
    Manufacturer Product No.: D1203615+ D3203612
    Dimensions: 24 feet

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    Review of 92308 Review by JOHN
    Review of 92308

    A very good value for the money. It works as advertised and was the best buy I could find.

    Posted on 4/30/2014

    Review of 92308 Review by EILEEN
    Review of 92308

    This was my best purchase of 2013. We looked online on Youtube and saw a video on how to use it. My hard-to-please husband was very impressed with it's excellent performance. Best of all, after applying my Amazon Visa card reward credits, the LintEater only costs me twenty eight cents!

    Posted on 12/10/2013

    Review of 92308 Review by JAMES
    Review of 92308

    I have a long duct running under the floor in house with concrete floors. Keeping the duct clear has been a real hassle in the past. With this kit, I cleaned the duct in about 20 minutes, including set up time. Great product.

    Posted on 10/23/2013

    Review of 92308 Review by DALE
    Review of 92308

    Never saw anything like this but for our needs, it does the job. You need a cordless drill with it and a lot of room to stand back to use the extensions as well as 2 people. But glad I found it.

    Posted on 10/20/2013

    Review of 92308 Review by NOEL
    Review of 92308

    Work just fine. Some rods would not screw into others but I found a pattern that worked and was able to use all of them on my very long vent tube.

    Posted on 10/19/2013

    Review of 92308 Review by TIM
    Review of 92308

    I was quite pleased with the LintEater w/ extension kit. We needed ever inch of length and it performed perfectly. Shipping was also very prompt

    Posted on 4/12/2013

    Review of 92308 Review by JILL
    Review of 92308

    This product worked exactly like we expected it to! Our vent duct is about 20' horizontal and has been difficult to clean (the birds have built nests in the past). We have tried various methods in the past and just haven't been able to get all the lint out so more builds up quickly. It seems to finally be cleaned out.

    I would note that you will need some room to stretch out so the line doesn't try to coil on you. We also found that this was a 2 person job.

    Posted on 3/13/2013

    Review of 92308 Review by ARTHUR
    Review of 92308

    It worked as advertised and has many uses. Just be certain to read all of the instructions and warnings before using.

    Posted on 3/6/2013

    Review of 92308 Review by RICHARD
    Review of 92308

    Very good tool.

    Posted on 2/13/2013

    Review of 92308 Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 92308

    The LintEater System worked fantastic. I did not believe the amount of dryer lint that was located on the metal pipe walls! My dryer works 200% better and it may reduce my electric bill since my wife was having to restart the dryer a number of times per load. Money well spent!

    Posted on 2/3/2013

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    • 1x - 8 36" rods
    • 1x - Self-feeding 4" auger brush
    • 1x - Blockage removal tool
    • 1x - Lint trap brush
    • 1x - Vacuum adapter
    • 1x - Dryer adapter
    • 1x - Demo DVD
    • 1x - Manual
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