Light Show Master 2.0 Holiday Lighting Control Software
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Light Show Master 2.0 Holiday Lighting Control Software

Set Your INSTEON Lighting System to Music

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  • Compatible With Most Smarthome INSTEON ProductsThe Light Show Master software communicates with INSTEON devices through the INSTEON PowerLinc Controller to control Switches and Keypads, Plug-in Modules and Wire-in/Outlet Modules.

    New Features
    • Replaced PLC support with faster, more capable PLM Support
    • Supports sending up to 20 commands per second sustained
    • Removed sluggish SDM library from software. No longer needed
    • Added user-adjustable tempo control. Sequence tempo can now be set anywhere from 16 bpm to 220 bpm
    • Sequences are now divided into 64-cell blocks representing a measure of 4 beats. Column markers now denote 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4 beats.
    • Complete overhaul of sequence graphics display
    • Fade representations greatly improved. Now fades will dynamically "stretch" and "shrink" in real-time as you adjust the tempo of the sequence
    • Complete overhaul of the channel properties screen. Now setting up your Insteon devices is a piece of cake! Just type in the device id for each device you want to add to a channel, and let Light Show Master manage all the link programming for you
    • Channel properties screen now allows you edit all channels without having to bring up the channel properties separately for each channel
    • Added automated support for deleting/removing links from your Insteon devices
    • As you add/remove devices and select/unselect fade intervals, Light Show Master now queues up all the changes that need to be written to your Insteon devices. When you're ready, you can just sit back and relax while Light Show Master programs all of the link changes for you. You don't even have to think about it! No more hand-written group tables or tedious manual programming of links one at a time!
    • Now supports 20 different fade intervals (versus the 7 intervals supported in version 1.x)
    • Automatically sends a command to shut off all Insteon devices simultaneously when stopping playback
    • New feature automatically shows you errors in your sequence where you have overlapping commands that can't be sent
    • Fade-up optimization eliminates the need for a useless "ON" command that you used to have to add at the end of a fade-up sequence
    • New command: Force Off. Can be used to force a channel off wherever it is needed. Useful for turning off a channel in the middle of a fade, or after a channel was turned on with a fade up
    • Added "Chan" and "Seq" buttons to sequence window for additional ways to get to the channel and sequence property windows
    • Auto-scans for PLM on all serial ports
    • Added button on Sequence Properties screen that will erase everything in a sequence but keep all of the channel programming
    • Added audio file "preview" functionality to the sequence properties screen. Now you don't have to play the sequence in order to see if you selected the right file
    • Demo-mode now allows you to work on a full-length sequence, but you'll only be able to play the first minute of the sequence
    • Added volume control to toolbar
    • Media files can now be saved as relative paths if the media file is in the same directory as the sequence file. This makes it much easier to share sequences with others
    • Optimized real-time channel display so only the channel "flashers" are rendered during playback, and not the entire channel box
    • Added the ability to load the link programming from another existing sequence. You can choose whether you want to load just the links or load the links + channel names and channel colors
    • Added button in channel properties that allows you to clear and reset all link programming from the sequence. This allows you to replace the link programming from somebody else's sequences
    • Added button in channel properties to wipe a single channel clean of all sequence commands
    • Trigger your show to play automatically whenever a specific Insteon device sends a signal to the PLM
    • Added automatic check for newer versions of Light Show Master

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: JLTSOFT
    Manufacturer Product No.:LIGHTSHOWMASTER 2.0.0
    INSTEON Interface Support:INSTEON PowerLinc Modem (PLM), Serial
    System Requirements:
  • 1.7 Ghz or faster CPU
  • Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista 32/64
  • INSTEON PowerLincModem (PLM)
  • 1 or more INSTEON LampLinc V2 modules or other INSTEON responder devices, 2 AccessPoints or 2 SignalLincs recommended

  • 2 Reviews

    Review of 14251 Review by Jason
    Review of 14251

    This person who claims the interface is bug ridden and clunky does not know what he is talking about. I have never once had the application crash, and the interface could not be more intuitive. In fact, I haven't seen any bugs. I've run my Christmas show using Light Show Master for the past 4 weeks and I have never even had to restart the application once! I have gotten tons of compliments from my neighbors as well.

    Posted on 1/4/2009

    Review of 14251 Review by MARK
    Review of 14251

    Interface is clunky and bug ridden. All I can say about this product is save your work very frequently. Better yet dont buy it and invest instead in Light-O-Rama controllers and software and use its supplemental X10 functionality for anything else you want controlled on LampLinc.

    Posted on 12/22/2008

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  • Light Show Master 2.0 Holiday Lighting Control Software

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